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Introduction to Perturbation Techniques

Author : Ali Hasan Nayfeh
Price INR : ₹.1,095.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126546824
ISBN 10 : 8126546824
Pages : 536
Type : Paperbound
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Similarities, differences, advantages and limitations of perturbation techniques are pointed out concisely. The techniques are described by means of examples that consist mainly of algebraic and ordinary differential equations. Each chapter contains a number of exercises.

·    Algebraic Equations.
·    Integrals.
·    The Duffing Equation.
·    The Linear Damped Oscillator.
·    Self-Excited Oscillators.
·    Systems with Quadratic and Cubic Nonlinearities.
·    General Weakly Nonlinear Systems.
·    Forced Oscillations of the Duffing Equation.
·    Multifrequency Excitations.
·    The Mathieu Equation.
·    Boundary-Layer Problems.
·    Linear Equations with Variable Coefficients.
·    Differential Equations with a Large Parameter.
·    Solvability Conditions.
·    Appendices.
·    Bibliography.
·    Index.

Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Science and Engineering.