John Adair's 100 in Greatest Ideas for Brilliant Communication

ISBN 13 : 9788126532834
ISBN 10 : 8126532831
Pages : 232
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John Adair's 100 Greatest Ideas for Brilliant Communication



Part One. Practical Communication. · Fourteen Greatest Ideas for Understanding Communication. Part Two. Effective Speaking and the Art of Listening. · Twenty-four Greatest Ideas for Effective Speaking. · Six Greatest Ideas for the Art of Listening. Part Three. Develop Your Writing and Reading Skills. · Nine Greatest Ideas for Clear Writing. · Six Greatest Ideas for the Art of Reading. Part Four. The Manager as Communicator. · The Greatest Ideas for Giving Presentations. · Twelve Greatest Ideas for Leading Effective Meetings. · Eight Greatest Ideas for Successful Interviews. Part Five. Communicating in Organizations. · Six Greatest Ideas for Organizational Communication. · Five Greatest Ideas for Delighting Your Customers. About John Adair. Index.

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John Adair is the business guru who invented Action Centred Leadership (ACL) in the 1970s, now one of the best known leadership models in the world. Organisations worldwide use it to develop their leadership capability and management skills. ACL is being successfully applied in engineering companies, retailers, local authorities, financial institutions and universities. The British army even base their training on it. John's company, Adair International, provides ACL development programmes, Accredited Trainer programmes and consultancy around the world, via regional partnerships with training providers in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and India. John is the author of more than 40 books and numerous articles on history, leadership and management development.