Leadership Conversations: Challenging High-Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders

Author : Alan S. Berson, Richard G. Stieglitz
ISBN 13 : 9788126541416
ISBN 10 : 8126541415
Pages : 320
Type : Hardbound
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Leadership Conversations: Challenging High-Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders


The transition from management to leadership is considerably harder than most people expect. A big promotion does not just mean using the same skill set at a higher level--new leaders must master a whole new set of skills, with perhaps none more important than the ability to have conversations that lead to high individual, team and organizational performance.

Preface: Are you Having Leadership Conversations?


Part 1 The High-Potential Challenges

  • Do You Really Want to Be a Leader?
  • What Blend of Management and Leadership Mindsets Is Best?
  • Have You Had Leadership Conversations Today?
  • Where Do You Stand on the Leadership Ladder?


Part 2 Conversations to Build Relationships

  • Learn the New Rules
  • Your Relationships Define You
  • Know Your Strengths and Their Shadows
  • People Aren't Machines
  • Don't Let Them Assume They Know What You're Thinking
  • Embrace Differences


Part 3 Conversations to Develop Others

•     The Battle for Talent 91

•     The Challenge of Leading Other High Potentials

•     Conversations You Must Have

•     What Gets in Your People's Way?

•     Recognition--Making It All Worthwhile


Part 4 Conversations to Make Decisions

•     Develop Your Judgment Gene

•     What You Know Is Irrelevant

•     Be Curious--Ask Great Questions

•     If You Can't Change, Retire


Part 5 Conversations to Take Action

•     Moving Smoothly into Action

•     Planning Successful Actions

•     When Things Change

•     Lessons from Success and Failure

•     Inspiring People in Turbulent Times


Part 6 Your Leadership Conversations

•     Conversations at the Top

•     Conversations for Executive Leaders

•     Conversations for Managers of Managers

•     Conversations for First-Line Managers

•     Your Personal Action Plan





About the Authors


The conversation tools and skills that can turn strong managers into great leaders.

Alan S. Berson is an executive coach, leadership consultant, speaker and adjunct professor at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business. He own PulsePoint Consulting with major clients including NASA, the National Cancer Institute, LexisNexis, KPMG, and others. Previously, he held leadership and marketing roles at Fortune 500 firms including Gillette, Bausch & Lomb, and Marriott

Richard G. Stieglitz is a business consultant and speaker. He was the principal of RGS associates, his successful consulting business, which he sold in 2006.