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Lee's Building Maintenance Management, 4th Ed

Author : Paul Wordsworth
ISBN 13 : 9788126539833
ISBN 10 : 8126539836
Pages : 352
Type : P

Lee's Building Maintenance Management, 4th Ed


This textbook deals in a systematic and comprehensive way with the management of building maintenance. The new edition has been substantially updated to take account of changes in IT and the law and to include a new chapter on conservation and the environment.


Building maintenance now accounts for over half the construction industry's output. Therefore, there has been growing recognition of the role of the building maintenance manager. 


Since it was first written by Reg Lee, this book has played a significant part in developing the framework of the subject, covering in a systematic and comprehensive way a wide range of issues from the legal to the technical and financial.

·               Maintenance system

·               Maintenance standards;

·               Statutory control

·               Maintenance planning

·               Cost control

·               Information management

·               The maintenance organization

·               Maintenance procurement

·               Service delivery

·               Repair diagnosis

·               Conservation and the environment

·               Standard maintenance descriptions

·               Bibliography