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Linear Models

Author : Searle
Price INR : ₹.995.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126547012
ISBN 10 : 8126547014
Pages : 556
Type : Paperbound
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9788126547012 LINEAR MODELS


• Generalized Inverse Matrices.

• Distributions and Quadratic Forms.

• Regression or the Full Rank Model.

• Introducing Linear Models: Regression on Dummy Variables.

• Models Not of Full Rank.

• Two Elementary Models.

• The 2-Way Crossed Classification.

• Some Other Analyses.

• Introduction to Variance Components.

• Methods of Estimating Variance Components from Unbalanced Data.

• Variance Component Estimation from Unbalanced Data: Formulae.

• Literature Cited.

• Statistical Tables.

• Index.