Mac OS X and iOS Internals: To the Apple's Core

Author : Jonathan Levin
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ISBN 13 : 9788126540426
ISBN 10 : 8126540427
Pages : 864
Type : Paperback

Mac OS X and iOS Internals: To the Apple's Core


With the rise of Mac OS and iOS platforms and their prevalence, especially in the mobile market, there exists a need for a book that illuminates their internal workings. This book provides a detailed exploration of the Mac OS and iOS environments, examining the OS from user mode to kernel mode while focusing on the structure of various components along the way.

Part I: For Power Users

Darwinism: The Evolution Of OS X

E Pluribus Unum: Architecture of OS X and IOS

On The Shoulders of Giants: OS X

Parts of the Process: Mach-O

Non Sequitur

Alone in the Dark

The Alpha and the Omega - Launched


Part II: The Kernel

Some Assembly Required

From the Cradle to the Grave

The Medium is the Message: Mach Primitives

Tempus Fugit -- Mach Scheduling

Commit to Memory

BS"D -- The BSD Layer

Something Old, Something New

FEE, FI-FO, File: File Systems and the VFS

To B (-Tree) or not to be

Adhere to Protocol: The Networking Stack

Modu(Lu)S Operandi -- Kernel Extensions

Driving Force -- I/O Kit


An in-depth look into Mac OS and iOS kernel, it bridge gap between hardware and software just in time for Mac OS X Lion!

Jonathan Levin is a veteran trainer/consultant on kernel and security related topics like OS X, Linux and Windows. In his 15+ years' experience, he has designed and delivered courses for many leading companies like Microsoft, EMC, Adobe, Checkpoint and others on various subjects including certification for engineers.