The Little Book That Makes You Rich: A Proven Market - Beating Formula for Growth Investing

Author : Louis Navellier, Steve Forbes
Price : Rs 299.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126565955
ISBN 10 : 8126565950
Pages : 208
Type : Paperbound
Remarks : Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books

The Little Book That Makes You Rich: A Proven Market-Beating Formula for Growth Investing


Louis Navellier has made his living by picking the top 1% actively traded stocks and making money off of them.  In The Little Book that Makes You Rich, Navellier shows you how to find that top tier of companies able to take money and make their earnings climb.  He explains the metrics that you'll need to figure out which stocks will grow their earnings and stock price, as well as how to measure volatility and performance and manage risk.  Navellier gives investors the intuitive markers they'll need for reviewing stock prices based on analysts' moves, profit margins and sales. 




Chapter One: Let's Start at the End.

Chapter Two: Counting On Growth.

Chapter Three: Emotional Rescue.

Chapter Four: Revise, Revise, Revise.

Chapter Five: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

Chapter Six: Sell, Sell, Sell.

Chapter Seven: Expand, Expand, Expand.

Chapter Eight: Let It Flow.

Chapter Nine: It's All Variable.

Chapter Ten: Know Your Alpha Beta.

Chapter Eleven: Don't Be a Deviant.

Chapter Twelve: The Zigzag Approach.

Chapter Thirteen: Putting It All Together.

Chapter Fourteen: Quantum Leap.

Chapter Fifteen: It's the Economy, Stupid.

Chapter Sixteen: It's a Small World After All.

Chapter Seventeen: A Watched Pot Will Boil.

Chapter Eighteen: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Chapter Nineteen: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.

Individual investors.