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  1. 9788126564446

    Managing Investment Portfolios, 3ed: A Dynamic Process

    Each chapter in Managing Investment Portfolios: A Dynamic Process, Third Edition presents an authoritative, unified and illustrated treatment of a major investment topic. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 1,499.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126564446
  2. 9788126564699

    Quantitative Investment Analysis, 3ed

    This book provides a blend of theory and practice to teach statistics within the context of finance and investments. Several features of this book are tailored specifically to help the reader including learning outcome statements (LOS) that specify the objective of each chapter. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 1,199.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126564699
  3. 9788126564248

    Common Stocks & Common Sense: The Strategies, Analyses, Decisions and Emotions of a Particularly Successful Value Investor

    Ed Wachenheim is one the most well-respected investors on Wall Street as founder, chairman and CEO of Greenhaven Associates for the past 28 years. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 499.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126564248
  4. 9788126564118

    Visual Six Sigma, 2ed: Making Data Analysis Lean

    Visual Six Sigma Second Edition are included a new chapter on data quality and its preparation for analysis, which is perhaps the greatest challenge to analysts. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 999.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126564118
  5. 9788126564132

    Foundations of Financial Risk: An Overview of Financial Risk and Risk-based Financial Regulation

    This book introduces risk professionals to the advanced components and terminology in banking risk and regulation globally. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 699.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126564132
  6. 9788126563470

    Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond

    Value investing is the one investment technique that has proven itself consistently over time. It is the method that everyone returns to in the hard times and has time and again produced extraordinary returns for investors in both good and bad markets. In Value Investing: Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126563470
  7. 9788126564125

    Multinational Finance, 6ed: Evaluating the Opportunities, Costs and Risks of Multinational Operations

    Multinational Finance offers an advanced exploration of international corporate finance concepts and operations. Despite its status as one of the most rigorous texts on the topic Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 799.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126564125
  8. 9788126563401

    The 27 Challenges Managers Face: Step-by-Step Solutions to (Nearly) All of Your Management Problems

    It's not easy to be a manager. With growing resource constraints, relentless change, and high turnover, today's business climate poses many difficulties, but most managers point to the same greatest challenge: time. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126563401
  9. 9788126563371

    The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan, 4ed: How to Take Charge, Build or Merge Your Team and Get Immediate Results

    Your first 100 days in a new leadership position are critical, as they set the foundation for your team's success going forward. The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan helps you start gaining traction even before your first day in a new job. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126563371
  10. 9788126561216

    Accounting Principles, 12ed, ISV (Bangladesh Edition)

    Accounting Principles 12th Edition by Weygandt, Kimmel and Kieso provides students with a clear introduction to fundamental accounting concepts. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126561216

Items 21 to 30 of 397 total

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