Managing Technological Innovation: Competitive Advantage from Change, 3ed

Author : Frederick Betz
Price : Rs 629.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126539642
ISBN 10 : 812653964X
Pages : 380
Type : Paperbound



Frederick Betz is one of the original creators of "technology management" and was Director of the TM program at the NSF. His first book on Management of Technology published by Prentice Hall 16 years ago has been acknowledged as setting the foundation for the subject.  Betz further helped crystalize the field of technology management and the management of innovation with the first two editions of Managing Technological Innovation.  With this third edition he will bring the subject in line with current business strategy.  

•    Preface.
•    Technology Competitiveness--Business Base of Innovation.
•    Technology Strategy--Technical Base of Innovation.
•    Innovation Handbook.
•    Bibliography.

Third edition of a book that presents broad coverage of technological innovation the process that describes the critical interaction of science and technology and economy.

Frederick Betz is a professor in the Department of Engineering and Technology Management. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the Nile University in Cairo, Egypt.