Principles & Applications of Imaging Radar, Manual of Remote Sensing, 3ed

Author : Floyd M. Henderson, Anthony J. Lewis
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ISBN 10 : 8126539925
Pages : 896
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Remote Sensing refers to information about the earth's land forms, climate, vegetation and other features acquired by the use of satellite techniques. This book deals with satellites that are sensitive to radiation in the radar microwave range, a region of the spectrum where observation is unimpeded by clouds and rich with information for: (1) agricultural applications, such as identifying crops and monitoring their growth, (2) soil science applications such as estimating moisture content and temperature, (3) forestry applications such as inventory mapping, (4) applications in geology such as land form mapping, oil exploration, hydrology, (4) oceanographic applications such as detecting currents and waves and (5) many other applications from studies of land use and urban analysis to archaeological research.

·    Radar Fundamentals: Technical Perspective (R. Raney)
·    Radar Fundamentals: The Geoscience Perspective (A. Lewis & F. Henderson).
·    Radargrammetry (F. Leberl).
·    Polarimetry in Radar Remote Sensing: Basic and Applied Concepts (W.-M. Boerner, et al.)
·    Imaging Radar Interferometry (S. Madsen & H. Zebker).
·    Agricultural Applications With Radar (B. Brisco & R. Brown).
·    Mapping Soil Moisture Distribution With Imaging Radar (M. Dobson & F. Ulaby).
·    Forestry Applications Using Imaging Radar (D. Leckie).
·    Radar Geology (J. Ford).
·    Geomorphic and Hydrologic Applications of Active Microwave Remote Sensing (A. Lewis).
·    SAR for Oceanography (M.-C. Mouchot & R. Garello).
·    Remote Sensing of Snow and Ice Using Imaging Radar (D. Hall).
·    Applications of Imaging Radar to Land Use and Land Cover Mapping (C. Lo).
·    Radar Applications in Urban Analysis, Settlement Detection and Population Estimation (F. Henderson & Z.-G. Xia).
·    Applications of Imaging Radar to Archaeological Research (D. Holcomb).
·    Radar Education, Data Sources and Data Collection (A. Lewis, et al.).
·    Glossary of Selected Terms.
·    Index.
·    Color Illustrations

Academic Researchers and Libraries in: Natural Resources (forestry, agriculture, soil science), Geology, Geophysics, Geography, and technical fields such as Aerospace, Civil and Electrical, Engineering, Professional Practitioners Industry: Petroleum Exploration, Applied Geography, Highway and Transportation Industry, Cartography, Government Officials involved in: land use planning and zoning, economic development, water resources and environmental protection, Military and Defense Personnel and Industries.

Floyd M. Henderson, Phd, is Professor and Chairman, Department of Geography and Planning, State University of New York-Albany.

Anthony J. Lewis, Phd, is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Anthropology at Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge.