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  1. 9788126564811

    Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 4ed

    The explanation and implementation of statistical methods for the medical researcher or statistician remains an integral part of modern medical research. This book explains the use of experimental and analytical biostatistics systems. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126564811
  2. 9788126564835

    Bonney's Gynaecological Surgery, 11ed

    Bonney's Gynaecological Surgery has been leading gynecological surgical practice since 1911. Specifically tailored for trainees in obstetrics and gynecology, but of regular use to experienced practitioners, the text focuses on the most commonly performed procedures. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126564835
  3. 9788126563760

    Essential Medical Statistics, 2ed

    The second edition of Essential Medical Statistics has been comprehensively revised and updated to include modern statistical methods and modern approaches to statistical analysis, while retaining the approachable and non-mathematical style of the first edition. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126563760
  4. 9788126561964

    Clinical Anatomy of the Eye, 2ed

    Clinical Anatomy of the Eye has proved to be a very popular textbook for ophthalmologists and optometrists in training all over the world. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126561964
  5. 9788126557523

    Sherlock's Diseases of The Liver and Biliary System, 12ed

    This brand-new edition of this classic textbook, now named Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System after the late Professor Dame Sheila Sherlock, provides clinical guidance from the leading experts in the field. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126557523
  6. 9788126539444

    Happy at Heart

    The book is a story of Doctor and his patients, in real life ! This is the story from the mind-bending, breath holding stress in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Trivandrum. Snippets, stories, comments, e-mails all connected loosely by superglue. Learn More
    Price INR : Rs 359.00
    ISBN 13 : 9788126539444
  7. 9788126539413

    Eye in Systemic Disorders

    The book is useful for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of all branches of medicine, especially ophthalmology. General physicians should have an adequate knowledge of common ocular complications of diseases of central nervous system and adverse effects of the indiscriminate use of corticosteroids, quinine, ethambutol, chlooquine, etc.

    Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126539413
  8. 9788126552634

    Ellis Clinical Anatomy for Medical Students, First Indian Adaptation

    This is a concise textbook and is of particular value today, given that the Medical Council of India has advocated a considerable reduction in time allocated to the teaching of Anatomy. The book is of great value for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, junior doctors and postgraduate surgical trainees. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126552634
  9. 9788126554126

    Anatomy & Physiology with Workbook, 2015 India ed

    The thirteenth edition of the phenomenally successful Principles of Anatomy and Physiology continues to set the standard for the discipline. The authors have maintained a superb balance between structure and function and continue to emphasize the correlations between normal physiology and pathophysiology, normal anatomy and pathology and homeostasis and homeostatic imbalances. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126554126
  10. 9788126550975

    Fundamentals of Esthetic Implant Dentistry

    Esthetic dentistry and implant dentistry continue to grow in patient demand and professional popularity. More now than ever, clinicians are faced with the need to combine form with function, art with science. The considerable scientific and technical leaps that have been made in this field mean that this goal is now more achievable and Fundamentals of Esthetic Implant Dentistry seeks to share these advances with practitioners and students alike. Learn More
    ISBN 13 : 9788126550975

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