Microsoft SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Fundamentals

Author : Itzik Ben-Gan
Price : Rs 499.00
ISBN 13 : 9789350045909
ISBN 10 : 9350045907
Pages : 440
Type : Paperbound



Gain a solid understanding of T-SQL and write better queries. Master the fundamentals of Transact SQL and develop your own code for querying and modifying data in Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Led by a SQL Server expert, you’ll learn the concepts behind T-SQL querying and programming and then apply your knowledge with exercises in each chapter. Once you understand the logic behind T-SQL, you’ll quickly learn how to write effective code whether you’re programmer or database administrator.

·    Chapter 1 Background to T-SQL Querying and Programming
·    Chapter 2 Single-Table Queries
·    Chapter 3 Joins
·    Chapter 4 Sub queries
·    Chapter 5 Table Expressions
·    Chapter 6 Set Operators
·    Chapter 7 Beyond the Fundamentals of Querying
·    Chapter 8 Data Modification
·    Chapter 9 Transactions and Concurrency
·    Chapter 10 Programmable Objects

Gain a solid understanding of T-SQL and write better queries.

Itzik Ben-Gan, Microsoft MVP for SQL Server since 1999 is a cofounder of SolidQ, where he teaches and consults internationally on T-SQL querying, programming and query tuning. He’s a frequent contributor to SQL Server Pro and MSDN Magazine and speaks at industry events such as Microsoft TechEd, DevTeach, PASS and SQL Server Connections.