Modeling, Analysis and Control of Dynamic Systems, 2ed

Author : William J. Palm, III
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ISBN 10 : 8126541229
Pages : 872
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Modeling, Analysis and Control of Dynamic Systems, 2ed


Modeling, analysis and control of dynamic systems have interested engineers for a long time. Within recent years because of the ability to use high powered computers in calculations and design, need for more detailed models has become prevalent. New control systems are indispensable to the success of many businesses, particularly in optics, robotics, micro machines and precision engineering. This book presents comprehensive coverage dynamic systems, such as mechanical and electrical systems, as well as fluid and thermal systems. 

Modeling and Analysis of Mechanical Systems.

Modeling of Electrical Systems.

Elasticity, Damping and Mechanical Transformers.

Fluid and Thermal Systems.

Frequency Response and Vibration.

Introduction to Feedback Control Systems.

Control System Design: Tuning, Compensation and Digital Control.

The Root Locus Method.

Applications of Graphical Methods to System Design.

State-Variable Methods for Control System Design.