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Nuclear Reactor Analysis

Author : James J. Duderstadt, Louis J. Hamilton
Price INR : ₹.1,195.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126541218
ISBN 10 : 8126541210
Pages : 672
Type : Paperbound
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A classic textbook for an introductory course in nuclear reactor analysis that introduces the nuclear engineering student to the basic scientific principles of nuclear fission chain reactions and lays a foundation for the subsequent application of these principles to the nuclear design and analysis of reactor cores.  This text introduces the student to the fundamental principles governing nuclear fission chain reactions in a manner that renders the transition to practical nuclear reactor design methods most natural.  

Part 1:  Introductory Concepts of Nuclear Reactor Analysis
·    An Introduction to Nuclear Power Generation.
·    The Nuclear Physics of Fission Chain Reactions.
·    Fission Chain Reactions and Nuclear Reactor--An Introduction.

Part 2:  The One Speed Diffussion Model of a Nuclear Reator

·    Neutron Transport.
·    The One-Speed Diffusion-Theory Model.
·    Nuclear Reactor Kinetics.

Part 3:  The Multigroup Diffusion Methord
·    Multi group Diffusion Theory.
·    Fast-Spectrum Calculations and Fast-Group Constants.
·    Thermal Spectrum Calculations and Thermal Group Constants.
·    Cell Calculations for Heterogeneous Core Lattices.

Part 4:  An Introduction to Nuclear Reator Core Design
·    General Aspects of Nuclear Reactor Core Design.
·    Thermo-Hydraulic Analysis of Nuclear Reactor Cores.
·    The Calculation of Core Power Distributions.
·    Reactivity Control.
·    Analysis of Core-Composition Changes.

James J. Duderstadt

Louis J. Hamilton