Object Oriented Programming Methodology

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ISBN 10 : 9351191842
Pages : 264
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This book introduces the Java programming language and explains how to create Java applications and applets. It also discusses various Java programming concepts, such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP), interface, inheritance, collections, multithreading programming and applets. Moreover, the book also helps you to learn how to use the super and final keywords in Java.

Chapter 1: Fundamental Concepts of OOP
1.1 Overview of Programming
1.2 Principles of OOP
1.3 Exception Handling
1.4 Differences and Similarities between C++ and Java

Chapter 2: Fundamental Concepts of Programming
2.1 Introducing Java
2.2 Introducing the Java Environment
2.3 Structure of Java Program
2.4 Basic Programming Elements in Java
2.5 Control Statements in Java
2.6 Type Casting
2.7 Input Output using Scanner Class

Chapter 3: Classes and Objects
3.1 Declaring Classes
3.2 Creating Objects
3.3 Working with Methods in a Class
3.4 Constructor and finalize() method
3.5 Arrays

Chapter 4: Inheritance, Interface, and Package
4.1 Introducing the Access Modifiers in Java
4.2 Understanding Inheritance in Java
4.3 Using the super Keyword
4.4 Methods Overriding
4.5 Declaring Abstract Classes
4.6 Using the final Keyword
4.7 Interfaces
4.8 Packages

Chapter 5: Multithreading
5.1 Defining Threads
5.2 Instantiating a Thread
5.3 Starting Threads
5.4 Starting and Running Multiple Threads
5.5 Life Cycle of Thread
5.6 Thread Priorities
5.7 Exploring the Thread Mechanisms
5.8 Implementing the Thread Synchronization Mechanism
5.9 Implementing Thread Interaction

Chapter 6: Applet
6.1 Overview of Applets
6.2 Creating Applets
6.3 Working with the Graphics Class
6.4 Working with the Color Class
6.5 Working with the Font Class

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