Photoshop CS6 in Simple Steps

Author : Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.
Price : Rs 299.00
ISBN 13 : 9789350045879
ISBN 10 : 9350045877
Pages : 292
Type : Paperbound

Photoshop CS6 in Simple Steps


This book provides an in-depth and systematic introduction to the latest iteration of Photoshop. The current edition focuses on the key features and explains the core concepts of raster image editing in Photoshop CS6. This book covers a thorough introduction to the new features of Photoshop CS6, such as enhanced cropping options, a new Blur Gallery, and Content-Aware Move Tool. This book explains how to use layers to edit an image non-destructively and introduces techniques, such as cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, correcting and changing color, and retouching and healing images. An easy-to-understand and step-by-step approach to the concepts that starts from the basics, supplemented with practical examples are some of the features that make the book unique. The content of this book is presented in such a way that it will be equally helpful to the beginners as well as the professionals. This book introduces you to the world of graphic design and enhances the skills required for a designer.

·    Chapter 1 Getting Started with Photoshop CS6
·    Chapter 2 Customizing Photoshop CS6
·    Chapter 3 Understanding Colors and Channels
·    Chapter 4 Working with Images
·    Chapter 5 Making Photoshop Selections
·    Chapter 6 Working with Layers and Masks
·    Chapter 7 Working with Text
·    Chapter 8 Painting and Retouching in Photoshop
·    Chapter 9 Using Filters and Automate Commands
·    Chapter 10 Working with 3D Objects
·    Chapter 11 Working with Video and Animation
·    Chapter 12 Saving for Print and the Web

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