Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens, 3ed

Author : John A. Lucas
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ISBN 10 : 8126542101
Pages : 288
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Plant Pathology and Plant Pathogens, 3ed


This established textbook continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to plant diseases and the bacterial, fungal and viral agents that cause them. Aimed at undergraduate students in both the biological and agricultural sciences, the book covers all aspects of plant pathology, from a description of the diseased plant and the various pathogens, to the way in which disease epidemics are caused and are controlled.

Part I: Plant Disease:
•    The Diseased Plant.
•    The Microbial Pathogens.
•    Pathogen Structure and Function.
•    Disease Assessment and Forecasting.
•    Plant Disease Epidemics.

Part II: Host-Pathogen Interactions:
•    Entry and Colonization of the Host.
•    The Physiology of Plant Disease.
•    Microbial Pathogenicity.
•    Plant Defense.
•    Host-Pathogen Specificity.

Part III: Disease Management:
•    Disease Management by Chemicals.
•    Disease Management by Host Resistance.
•    Biological Control of Plant Disease.
•    An Integrated Approach to Disease Management

Undergraduate students in the agricultural / biological sciences (plant pathology, botany, plant science