Principles of Aquaculture

Author : Robert R. Stickney
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Principles of Aquaculture


Based on the author's previous work, Principles of Warm water Aquaculture, this text updates and expands upon the basic principles of aquaculture. Encompasses a wider diversity of aquatic animals including Coldwater fishes. Focuses on the practical aspects of water quality, feeding and nutrition, reproduction, breeding, diseases and operations. Deals with the environmental, social and economic aspects of aquaculture. Many of the examples feature species of both sport and commercial interest.


Water Sources and Systems.

Neoconservative Aspects of Water Quality.

Conservative Aspects of Water Quality and Physical Aspects of the Culture Environment.

Feeds, Nutrition and Growth.

Reproduction, Selective Breeding and Genetics.

Disease, Predation and Cannibalism.

Harvesting, Hauling and Processing.




Robert R. Stickney