Process Dynamics and Control, 3ed, ISV

Author : Seborg, Edgar, Mellichamp, Doyle
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ISBN 13 : 9788126541263
ISBN 10 : 8126541261
Pages : 464
Type : Paperbound



This third edition provides chemical engineers with process control techniques that are used in practice while offering detailed mathematical analysis. Numerous examples and simulations are used to illustrate key theoretical concepts. New exercises are integrated throughout several chapters to reinforce concepts. Up-to-date information is also included on real-time optimization and model predictive control to highlight the significant impact these techniques have on industrial practice

Part 1 Introduction to Process Control
Introduction to Process Control 

Theoretical Models of Chemical Processes 

Part 2 Dynamic Behavior of Processes
Transfer Function Models 

Dynamic Behavior of First-Order and Second-Order Processes 
Dynamic Response Characteristics of More Complicated Processes
Development of Empirical Models from Process Data 

Part 3 Feedback and Feed Forward Control
Feedback Controllers

Control System Instrumentation
Process Safety and Process Control 
Dynamic Behavior and Stability of Closed-Loop Control Systems 
PID Controller Design, Tuning, and Troubleshooting 
Control Strategies at the Process Unit Level 
Frequency Response Analysis and Control System Design 
Feed Forward and Ratio Control 

Part 4 Advanced Process Control
Enhanced Single-Loop Control Strategies 

Multiloop and Multivariable Control 
Digital Sampling, Filtering and Control 
Batch Process Control 
Real-Time Optimization 
Model Predictive Control 
Process Monitoring 

Part 5 Applications to Biological Systems
Bio systems Control Design 

Dynamics and Control of Biological Systems 

Appendix A: Laplace Transforms A-1

Appendix B: Digital Process Control Systems: Hardware and Software A-21
Appendix C: Review of Thermodynamic Concepts for Conservation Equations A-34
Appendix D: Control Simulation Software A-36
Appendix E: Process Control Modules A-43
Appendix F: Introduction to Plant wide Control A-45
Appendix G: Plant wide Control System Design A-63
Appendix H: Dynamic Models and Parameters Used for Plant wide Control Chapters A-82
Appendix I: Instrumentation Symbols A-88
Appendix J: Review of Basic Concepts from Probability and Statistics A-90
Appendix K: Contour Mapping and the Principle of the Argument A-93


This third edition presents process control techniques that are used in practice while offering detailed mathematical analysis.