Production and Operations Management

Author : Prof. K.C. Jain, Dr. P.L. Verma, Mr. Prabhat Kartikey
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ISBN 13 : 9789350045091
ISBN 10 : 9350045095
Pages : 476
Type : Paperbound

Production and Operations Management


The book entitled Production and Operations Management is designed to help managers in making effective production and operations decisions. The concise and accessible style of the book is suitable for students pursuing management and other applied courses. The book effectively blends together the theoretical and practical concepts to make readers comprehend and apply these concepts in their studies and professional life. 

Chapter 1: Overview of Production and Operations Management

  1.1 Introduction

  1.2 Concept of Production and Operations Management

  1.3 Role and Responsibilities of a Productions and Operations Manager

  1.4 Recent Trends in Production and Operations Management


Chapter 2: Operations Strategy

  2.1 Introduction

  2.2 Concept of Strategy

  2.3 Concept of Strategic Management

  2.4 Concept of Operations Strategy

  2.5 Modification of an Operations Strategy


Chapter 3: Forecasting

  3.1 Introduction

  3.2 Concept of Forecasting

  3.3 Techniques of Forecasting

  3.4 Limitations of Forecasting

  3.5 Criteria for Efficient Forecasting 


Chapter 4: Product Analysis

  4.1 Introduction

  4.2 Concept of Product and its Characteristics

  4.3 Product Selection

  4.4 Product Design

  4.5 Concept of Product Development


Chapter 5: Capacity Management

  5.1 Introduction

  5.2 Concept of Capacity

  5.3 Concept of Capacity Management

  5.4 Estimation of Equipment Requirements

  5.5 Concept of Capacity Planning

  5.6 Methods for Measuring Capacity


Chapter 6: Quality Management: Strategic Issues

  6.1 Introduction

  6.2 Quality Management

  6.3 Total Quality Management

  6.4 Cost of Quality

  6.5 International Organization for Standardization


Chapter 7: Facility Location and Layout

  7.1 Introduction

  7.2 Concept of Facility Location

  7.3 Current Trends in Industry Location

  7.4 Concept of Plant Layout


Chapter 8: Productivity

  8.1 Introduction

  8.2 Concept of Productivity

  8.3 Concept of Job Analysis

  8.4 Concept of Job Description

  8.5 Concept of Job Specification

  8.6 Concept of Job Design

  8.7 Concept of Job Evaluation

  8.8 Work Study

  8.9 Method Study

  8.10 Motion Study

  8.11 Work Measurement

  8.12 Solved Illustrations


Chapter 9: Aggregate Planning

  9.1 Introduction

  9.2 Concept of Aggregate Planning

  9.3 Concept of Linear Programming

  9.4 Transportation Model


Chapter 10: Material Requirement Planning

  10.1 Introduction

  10.2 Introduction to Material Requirement Planning

  10.3 Inputs of MRP

  10.4 Lot Sizing

  10.5 MRP Updating

  10.6 Capacity Requirements Planning

  10.7 Enterprise Resource Planning


Chapter 11: Materials Management

  11.1 Introduction

  11.2 Materials Management

  11.3 Materials Planning and Control

  11.4 Purchase Management

  11.5 Stores Management

  11.6 Materials Handling

  11.7 Supply Chain Management


Chapter 12: Inventory Management

  12.1 Introduction

  12.2 Concept of Inventory Management

  12.3 Reorder Point

  12.4 Safety

  12.5 Techniques of Inventory Management

  12.6 Solved Illustrations


Chapter 13: Production Planning and Control

  13.1 Introduction

  13.2 Concept of Production Planning

  13.3 Production Planning- A Part of Corporate Planning

  13.4 Meaning of Production Control

  13.5 Integration between Production Planning and Production Control

  13.6 Concept of Production Planning and Control

  13.7 Concept of Line of Balance


Prof. K. C. Jain is Senior Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering in Prestige Institute of Engineering and Science (PIES), Indore. Dr. Jain has more than four decades of teaching experience in Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering. He has authored a number of books on various subjects related to these fields.


Dr. P. L. Verma is Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering in Samrat Ashok Technological Institute.  He has about 16 years of teaching experience. His research areas are Production and Operations Management, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Statistical Quality Control & Six Sigma.


Mr. Prabhat Kartikey is a young engineer graduated from Jabalpur Engineering College Jabalpur, where he studied industrial production engineering. He has 3 years of teaching experience in the same field. His research area includes innovative, intelligent and creative design and process, Ergonomics in design and Management.