Professional Android Open Accessory Programming with Arduino

Author : Andreas Goransson, David Cuartielles Ruiz
Price : Rs 649.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126540860
ISBN 10 : 8126540869
Pages : 408
Type : Paperbound



The book will have three kinds of content: explanatory sections, short examples and projects.   The explanatory sections explain the hardware and software concepts behind AOA, the ADK and Arduino.   The short examples provide short but fully-functional code designed to perform exactly one function such as measure external temperature and display it on the screen of the Android device. The projects are longer, more in-depth examples of fully-functional programs with well-commented code along with the narrative.

•    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Accessories
•    Introduction to Android Open Accessory
•    Setting Up the (Arduino) Hardware
•    Understanding Data Communication
•    Setting up Development Environments
•    Creating the Accessory Library
•    Using Your Accessory Library
•    Digital Arduino
•    Analog Arduino
•    Projects
•    Bike Ride Recorder
•    Kitchen Lamp
•    Mr Wiley

Android Open Accessory (AOA) is a new, simple and secure protocol for connecting any microcontroller-empowered device to an Android smartphone or tablet.   In this book, readers will learn how to use their smartphone to control home lights, air conditioning, entertainment systems and more.

Andreas Goransson has lectured in programming at several universities and conferences such as EWSN and Android Only! Andreas is currently developing a visual programming environment for Arduino in collaboration with David Cuartielles.

David Cuartielles Ruiz is the head of the Prototyping Laboratory at K3, Malmö University, Sweden; he is also a Research Fellow at the Media Research Studio there.   In 2005 he co-created the Open Hardware platform Arduino, for which he and his partners won an Honorary Mention to the Ars Electronica Digital Community Prix 2006.