Professional Node.JS: Building Javascript-Based Scalable Software

Author : Pedro Teixeria
Price : Rs 799.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126539284
ISBN 10 : 8126539283
Pages : 404
Type : Paperbound
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Node.js is a powerful and popular new framework for writing scalable network programs using JavaScript.  This no nonsense book begins with an overview of Node.js and then quickly dives into the code, core concepts, and APIs. In-depth coverage pares down the essentials to cover debugging, unit testing, and flow control so that you can start building and testing your own modules right away.

·    Introduction and setup
·    Installing node
·    Introducing node
·    Node core api basics
·    Loading modules
·    Using buffers to manipulate, encode, and decode binary data
·    Using the event emitter pattern to simplify event binding
·    Scheduling the execution of functions using timers
·    Files, processes, streams, and networking
·    Querying, reading from, and writing to files
·    Creating and controlling external processes
·    Reading and writing streams of data
·    Building tcp servers
·    Building http servers
·    Building a tcp client
·    Making http requests
·    Using datagrams (udp)
·    Securing your tcp server with tls/ssl
·    Securing your http server with https
·    Testing modules and applications
·    Debugging modules and applications
·    Controlling the callback flow
·    Building web applications
·    Building and using http middleware
·    Making a web application using express.js
·    Making universal real-time web applications using
·    Connecting to databases
·    Connecting to MySQL using node-MySQL
·    Connecting to couchdb using Nano
·    Connecting to mongodb using mongoose
·    Summary
·    Index

Primary audience: Server-side programmers with basic knowledge about Javascript.

Secondary audience: JavaScript front-end programmers that want to jump to the server-side.

Pedro Teixeira is a freelance software engineer, focusing on Ruby and Node programming. He is the author of the Fugue and Alfred.js modules for Node, in addition to the popular Note Tuts tutorial screencasts.