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Public Health Nutrition

Author : Michael J. Gibney, Barrie M. Margetts, John M. Kearney, Lenore Arab
Price INR : ₹.3,495.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126540624
ISBN 10 : 8126540621
Pages : 392
Type : Hardbound
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Public Health Nutrition


As an academic subject, nutrition has grown enormously in recent years and with it the need for specialist textbooks on the subject. In response to this need, a decision was taken by The Nutrition Society to produce a ground-breaking series of four textbooks of which Public Health Nutrition is the third. The books in the series:

 Provide students with the required scientific basis in nutrition in the context of a systems and health approach.


 Enable teachers and students to explore the core principles of nutrition and to apply these throughout their training to foster critical thinking at all times.


 Each chapter identifies the key areas of knowledge that must be understood and also the key points of critical thought that must accompany the acquisition of this knowledge.


 Are fully peer reviewed to ensure completeness and clarity of content, as well as to ensure that each book takes a global perspective and is applicable for use by nutritionists and on nutrition courses throughout the world.



An Overview of Public Health Nutrition.

Nutritional Epidemiology.

Assessment of Nutritional Status in Individuals and Populations.

Assessment of physical activity.

Public Health Nutrition Strategies for Intervention at the Ecological Level.

Public Health Nutrition Strategies for Intervention at the Individual Level.

Dietary Guidelines.

Food Choice.

Public Health Aspects of One nutrition.

Public Health Aspects of Under nutrition.

Vitamin A Deficiency.

Iodine and Iodine-deficiency Disorders.

Iron-deficiency Anemia.

Fear of Fatness and Fad Slimming Diets.

Nutrition and Child Development.

Infant Feeding.

Adverse Outcomes in Pregnancy: The Role of Folate and Related B-Vitamins.

Maternal nutrition, Fetal Programming and Adult Chronic Disease.

Cardiovascular Disease.

Diabetes Mellitus.

Cancer and Diet.

Disease Prevention: Osteoporosis and Hip Fracture.

Further reading.