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Quantum Electronics, 3rd Ed

Author : Amnon Yariv
ISBN 13 : 9788126539406
Pages : 696
Type : P



This Third Edition incorporates material on important new developments in lasers and quantum electronics. Covers phase conjugate optics and its myriad applications, the long wavelength quaternary semiconductor laser and our deepened understanding of the physics of semiconductor lasers especially that applying to their current modulations and limiting bandwidth laser arrays and the related concept of super modes, quantum well semiconductor lasers, the role of phase amplitude coupling in laser noise and free electron lasers. In addition, the chapters on laser noise and third order nonlinear effects have been extensively revised.

·    Basic Theorems and Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
·    Some Solutions of the Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation
·    Matrix Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
·    Lattice Vibrations and Their Quantization
·    Electromagnetic Fields and Their Quantization
·    The Propagation of Optical Beams in Homogeneous and Lenslike Media
·    Optical Resonators
·    Interaction of Radiation and Atomic Systems
·    Laser Oscillation
·    Some Specific Laser Systems
·    Semiconductor Diode Lasers
·    Quantum Well Lasers
·    The Free-Electron Laser
·    The Modulation of Optical Radiation
·    Coherent Interactions of a Radiation Field and an Atomic System
·    Introduction to Nonlinear Optics--Second-Harmonic Generation
·    Parametric Amplification, Oscillation, and Fluorescence
·    Third-Order Optical Nonlinearities--Stimulated Raman and Brillion Scattering
·    Phase-Conjugate-Optics and Photorefractive Beam Coupling
·    Q-Switching and Mode Locking of Lasers
·    Noise and Spectra of Laser Amplifiers and Oscillators
·    Guided Wave Optics--Propagation in Optical Fibers