Wiley’s Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude

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Wiley's Reasoning Ability and Quantitative Aptitude


The structured approach of the book, organised in form of a training module, promises an insight into basic and typical Problem Types, followed by Strategies and a series of questions in form of a Practice Exercise. The Challengers, a set of five tricky questions, conclude each exercise. While Problem Types address the scope and level of problems characteristic to the titled topic, Strategies hint on tips and tricks to handle typical and often confusing problems. Each question is backed by answer and solution – provided in the shortest or quickest method – never compromising the explanation in the process.


A Note to the Students

Section A: Reasoning Ability


Part I: Verbal Reasoning

Set I: General Aptitude

Chapter 1: Number and Letter Series

Chapter 2: Coding–Decoding, Number Operations

Chapter 3: Digit Sequence and Word Formation

Chapter 4: Blood Relations and Direction Sense


Set II: Analytical Reasoning I

Chapter 5: Sitting Arrangement: Linear/Circular


Set III: Analytical Reasoning II

Chapter 6: Selection and Matching

Chapter 7: Comparison, Ranking and Sequencing


Set IV: Analytical Reasoning III

Chapter 8: Logical Connectives

Chapter 9: Syllogisms/Deductions

Chapter 10: Input–Output Analysis

Chapter 11: Decision Making


Set V: Critical Reasoning

Chapter 12: Statement and Assumptions

Chapter 13: Statement–Conclusion, Statement–Course of Action, Strong and Weak Argument

Chapter 14: Cause and Effect, and Critical Reading

Chapter 15: Principal and Immediate Cause, Assertion and Reason


Set VI: Arithmetical Reasoning

Chapter 16: Mathematical Puzzles


Part II: Non-Verbal Reasoning

Chapter 17: Visual Reasoning

Chapter 18: Cubes and Dice


Section A: Reasoning Ability – Answers

Section B: Quantitative Aptitude


Set I: Arithmetical Ability

Chapter 19: Number System, HCF and LCM

Chapter 20: Mathematical Operations and VBODMAS

Chapter 21: Averages, Mixture and Alligation and Ages

Chapter 22: Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 23: Percentage

Chapter 24: Time, Speed and Distance

Chapter 25: Profit and Loss

Chapter 26: Time and Work

Chapter 27: Simple and Compound Interest


Set II: Algebra

Chapter 28: Equations


Set III: Geometry

Chapter 29: Lines, Angles, Triangles and Circles


Set IV: Mensuration

Chapter 30: Area and Volume


Set V: Modern Mathematics

Chapter 31: Set Theory

Chapter 32: Counting Techniques

Chapter 33: Probability


Set VI: Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

Chapter 34: Table and Line Graph

Chapter 35: Bar Graph

Chapter 36: Combined Data Sets

Chapter 37: Pie Charts

Chapter 38: Caselets

Chapter 39: Data Sufficiency


Section B: Quantitative Aptitude – Answers

Section C: Practice Tests


Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2

Practice Test 3

Practice Test 4

Practice Test 5

Practice Test 6

Practice Test 7

Practice Test 8

Practice Test 9

Practice Test 10

Answer Key

Answers to Practice Tests

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