Response Surfaces, Mixtures and Ridge Analysis, 2ed

Author : George E.P. Box, Norman R. Draper
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ISBN 13 : 9788126547043
ISBN 10 : 8126547049
Pages : 872
Type : Paperbound
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Revising and updating a volume that represents the essential source on building empirical models, George Box and Norman Draper-renowned authorities in this field-continue to set the standard with the Second Edition of Response Surfaces, Mixtures, and Ridge Analyses, providing timely new techniques, new exercises and expanded material. A comprehensive introduction to building empirical models, this book presents the general philosophy and computational details of a number of important topics, including factorial designs at two levels; fitting first and second-order models; adequacy of estimation and the use of transformation and occurrence and elucidation of ridge systems.

·    Introduction to response Surface Methodology.
·    The Use of Graduating Functions.
·    Least Squares for Response Surface Work.
·    Factorial Designs at Two Levels.
·    Blocking and Fractionating 2k Factorial Designs.
·    The Use of Steepest Ascent to Achieve Process Improvement.
·    Fitting Second-Order Models.
·    Adequacy of Estimation and the Use of Transformation.
·    Exploration of Maxima and Ridge Systems with Second-Oder Response Surfaces.
·    Occurrence and Elucidation of Ridge Systems, I.
·    Occurrence and Elucidation of Ridge Systems, II.
·    Ridge Analysis for Examining Second-Order Fitted Models, Unrestricted Case.
·    Design Aspects of Variance, Bias and Lack of Fit.
·    Variance-Optimal Designs.
·    Practical Choice of a Response Surface Design.
·    Response Surfaces for Mixture Ingredients.
·    Mixture Experiments in Restricted Regions.
·    Other Mixture Methods and Topics.
·    Ridge Analysis for Examining Second-Order Fitted Models when there are Linear Restrictions on the Experimental region.
·    Canonical Reduction of Second-Order Fitted Models Subject to Linear Restrictions.
·    Answers to Exercises.
·    Tables.
·    Bibliography.
·    Author Index.
·    Subject Index.

A reference for researchers of the subject-matter; a supplementary text for design of experiments courses at the Upper-undergraduate and beginning-Graduate levels; a primary text for surface methodology courses at the Graduate level; academic and corporate library use.

George E. P. Box is Ronald Aylmer Fisher Professor Emeritus of Statistics and Industrial Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Norman Draper is Professor Emeritus of Statistics in the Department of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.