Robot Analysis and Control

Author : Haruhiko Asada, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine
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ISBN 13 : 9788126541133
ISBN 10 : 812654113X
Pages : 280
Type : Paperbound
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Introduces the basic concepts of robot manipulation--the fundamental kinematic and dynamic analysis of manipulator arms and the key techniques for trajectory control and compliant motion control. Material is supported with abundant examples adapted from successful industrial practice or advanced research topics. Includes carefully devised conceptual diagrams, discussion of current research topics with references to the latest publications, and end-of-book problem sets.

•    Kinematics.
•    Instantaneous Kinematics.
•    Statics.
•    Dynamics.
•    Trajectory Control.
•    Compliant Motion Control.
•    Index

H. Asada

J.-J. E. Slotine