Sewage and Industrial Effluent Treatment, 2ed

Author : John Arundel
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ISBN 13 : 9788126542253
ISBN 10 : 812654225X
Pages : 288
Type : Paperbound
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Legislation is now in place which demands high standards of effluent treatment and waste disposal, both industrial and domestic. This book provides a practical guide for plant managers, operators and consultants to the equipment and techniques available for improving the standard of effluent discharges from factories and treatment plant to comply with the tougher discharge limits that the regulatory bodies now require.

•    Acknowledgements
•    Common Abbreviations used in the Water Industry
•    Introduction
•    Preliminary treatment
•    Suspended solids removal by settlement and flotation
•    Metal removal methods
•    Biological treatment methods
•    Sludge treatment and disposal
•    Cesspools, septic tanks and small sewage treatment plant
•    Developments in wastewater treatment
•    Sampling and analysis
•    Case histories
•    Appendices
•    Index

John Arundel started his career in the water industry in 1972 and subsequently joined Thames Water Authority in 1974. As a scientist in charge of laboratories based at sewage works sites, he acquired much practical operating experience. Trade effluent control, plant commissioning and survey work also came within his remit. In 1988, as a Principal Scientist, he took over the management of Thames Water's second largest laboratory at Reading. This had responsibility for rive and potable water analysis and later the analysis connected with the evaluation of the major refurbishment programme at wastewater plants then in progress.