Sociology, 7ed

Author : Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton
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ISBN 13 : 9788126542215
ISBN 10 : 8126542217
Type : Paperbound
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The seventh edition of this indispensable resource continues from strength to strength to provide a vibrant, engaging and authoritative introduction to sociology. Revised and updated throughout, it provides a commanding overview of recent global developments and new ideas in sociology. Classic debates are also given careful coverage, with even the most complex ideas explained in an engaging way. Written in a fluent, easy-to-follow style, the book manages to be intellectually rigorous but still very accessible. With a strong focus on interactive pedagogy, it aims to engage and excite readers, helping them to see the value of thinking sociologically.  A best-selling textbook for nearly 25 years, the seventh edition sets the standard for introductory sociology.

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•    Preface to the Seventh Edition
•    Introduction
•    What is Sociology?
•    Asking and Answering Sociological Questions
•    Theories and Perspectives
•    Globalization and Social Change
•    The Environment
•    Cities and Urban Life
•    Work and the Economy
•    Social Interaction and Everyday Life
•    The Life Course
•    Families and Intimate Relationships
•    Health, Illness and Disability
•    Stratification and Social Class
•    Poverty, Social Exclusion and Welfare
•    Global Inequality
•    Gender and Sexuality
•    Race, Ethnicity and Migration
•    Religion
•    The Media
•    Organizations and Networks
•    Education
•    Crime and Deviance
•    Politics, Government and Social Movements
•    Nations, War and Terrorism
•    References
•    Glossary

Best-selling masterly and engaging introduction to sociology for nearly 25 years

Anthony Giddens is the former director of the London School of Economics and Political Science and is now a member of the House of Lords. He is a very influential sociologist and social theorist and his many books include The Third Way and The Consequences of Modernity.

Philip W. Sutton is an independent researcher, formerly of the University of Leeds and Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen