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Soil Mechanics

Author : T. William Lambe, Robert V. Whitman
ISBN 13 : 9788126539918
ISBN 10 : 8126539917
Pages : 568
Type : P

Soil Mechanics


·               Introduction

·               Soil Problems in Civil Engineering

·               A Preview of Soil Behavior

·               The Nature of Soil

·               Description of an Assemblage of Particles

·               Description of an Individual Soil Particle

·               Normal Stress between Soil Particles

·               Shear Resistance between Soil Particles

·               Soil Formation

·               Dry Soil

·               Stresses within a Soil Mass

·               Tests to Measure Stress-Strain Properties

·               General Aspects of Stress-Strain Behavior

·               Shear Strength of Cohesion less Soil

·               Stress-Strain Relationships

·               Earth Retaining Structures and Slopes

·               Shallow Foundations

·               Dynamic Loading of Soil

·               Soil with Water-No Flow or Steady Flow

·               Effective Stress Concept

·               One-Dimensional Fluid Flow

·               Two-Dimensional Fluid Flow

·               Soil Permeability and Filter Requirements

·               General Aspects of Drained Stress-Strain Behavior

·               Drained Shear Strength

·               Stress-Strain Relations for Drained Conditions

·               Earth Retaining Structures with Drained Conditions

·               Earth Slopes with Drained Conditions

·               Shallow Foundations with Drained Conditions

·               Soil with Water-Transient Flow

·               Pore Pressures Developed During Undrained Loading

·               Consolidation Theory

·               Drained and Undrained Stress-Strain Behavior

·               Undrained Shear Strength

·               Stress-Strain Relations for Undrained Conditions

·               Earth Retaining Structures and Earth Slopes with Undrained Conditions

·               Shallow Foundations with Undrained Conditions

·               Deep Foundations

·               The Improvement of Soil

·               Appendix A Symbols

·               Appendix B Conversion

·               Appendix C References

·               Index