Statistical Models in Engineering

Author : Hahn, Shapiro
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Pages : 376
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A detailed treatment on the use of statistical models representing physical phenomena. Considers the relevance of the popular normal distribution models and the applicability of exponential distribution in reliability problems. Introduces and discusses the use of alternate models such as gamma, beta and Weibull distributions. Features expansive coverage of system performance and describes an exact method known as the transformation of variables. Deals with techniques on assessing the adequacy of a chosen model including both graphical and analytical procedures. Contains scores of illustrative examples, most of which have been adapted from actual problems.
• Probability and Random Variables. • Continuous Statistical Distributions. • Discrete Statistical Distributions. • The Transformation of Variables. • Approximation by Empirical Distributions. • Drawing Conclusions about System Performance from Component Data. • Probability Plotting and Testing of Distributional Assumptions. • Tables. • Categorized Bibliography. • Index.