Survival Models and Data Analysis

Author : Elandt-Johnson, Johnson
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Survival analysis deals with the distribution of life times, essentially the times from an initiating event such as birth or the start of a job to some terminal event such as death or pension. This book is having the surveys and analyzes methods that use survival measurements and concepts and helps readers apply the appropriate method for a given situation. Four broad sections cover introductions to data, univariate survival function, multiple-failure data, and advanced topics.

Survival Measurements and Concepts.
•    Survival Data.
•    Measures of Mortality and Morbidity. Ratios, Proportions, and Means.
•    Survival Distributions.

Mortality Experiences and Life Tables.
•    Life Tables: Fundamentals and Construction.
•    Complete Mortality Data. Estimation of Survival Function.
•    Incomplete Mortality Data: Follow-Up Studies.
•    Fitting Parametric Survival Distributions.
•    Comparison of Mortality Experiences.

Multiple Types of Failure.
•    Theory of Competing Causes: Probabilistic Approach.
•    Multiple Decrement Life Tables.
•    Single Decrement Life Tables Associated with Multiple Decrement Life Tables: Their Interpretation and Meaning.
•    Estimation and Testing Hypotheses in Competing Risk Analysis.

Some More Advanced Topics.
•    Concomitant Variables in Lifetime Distributions Models.
•    Age of Onset Distributions.
•    Models of Aging and Chronic Diseases.


Upper-Undergraduate / Graduate Level Text, Reference for Practitioners in industry.

Regina C. Elandt-Johnson has been Professor of Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill since 1964.

Norman L. Johnson is Alumni Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.