The 3 Power Values: How Commitment, Integrity and Transparency Clear The Roadblocks to Performance

Author : David Gebler
Price : Rs 499.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126536450
ISBN 10 : 8126536454
Pages : 240
Type : Hardbound



A healthy corporate culture is the secret to an organization's performance. The good news is that employees already embody the values needed to propel the organization to its goals, but institutional roadblocks get in the way. All too often leaders don't know how to diagnose their culture in order to clear these roadblocks to performance. The 3 Power Values presents a breakthrough model that permits leaders to measure and manage culture. To create a fully aligned high-performing culture, leaders need only focus on nurturing three catalyst values: Commitment, Integrity, and Transparency.

Part 1: Alignment is the Key

  • Culture Drives Performance
  • Behavior Roadblocks
  • Values Drive Culture


Part 2: The Power Values

  • Integrity Aligns Goals and Standards
  • Commitment Aligns Principles and Goals
  • Transparency Aligns Principles and Standards
  • Your Plan for High Performance

Leaders at all levels, MBA students.

David Gebler is an innovator in the field of values-based ethics and culture risk management, with over 20 years' experience advising global organizations on how to reduce people-based risks while improving productivity and corporate reputation. A pioneer in values-based training, David teaches at Suffolk University, hosts the Business Ethics Blog at the Free Management Library, and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and WGBH.