The Art of Being Brilliant

Author : Andy Cope, Andy Whitaker
ISBN 13 : 9788126542062
ISBN 10 : 8126542063
Pages : 216
Type : P

The Art of Being Brilliant


Transform your business and personal life with a dose of good advice, good humor and using six common-sense principles. Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker are experts in the art of happiness and positive psychology. This totally accessible primer to happiness, positivity, flourishing and wellbeing is free of nonsense and academic jargon, and populated instead with the simple stuff you need; a few case studies, some funny stuff and some questions to make you think about your work, relationships and life. The Art of Being Brilliant is a great read but the underlying message is deadly serious. We're talking about you and your life. Read it. Do what it says.

Chapter 1. Fishing for Life

Chapter 2. Shiny Happy People

Chapter 3. Some of the People, Some of the Time

Chapter 4. Glowing on the Outside

Chapter 5. Can God Do a Handstand?

Chapter 6. Business as usual

Chapter 7. Pants on the Outside

Chapter 8. Your Beautiful Mind

Chapter 9. Nellie Breaks Free

Chapter 10. Life Through a Lens

Chapter 11. The 90/10 Principle

Chapter 12. Tigger is a Trigger

Chapter 13. Beware of the Garbage Trucks

Chapter 14. Chumbawumba

Chapter 15. Share a Hug

Chapter 16. Strengthening your Strengths

Chapter 17. Omnipotent Handstands


Success is not about becoming a different person. It's a matter of finding out what really works for you, and doing more of it! This book shows you how to be brilliant by doing exactly that.

 Andy Cope is a teacher, trainer, speaker and author with 10 years in higher education.

Andy Whitaker is a businessman; NPL trainer and part time standup comic.

Together they run Art of Brilliance, a training company which works with businesses such as DHL, LloydsTSB, Pirelli, Ginsters, Alton Towers, Toyota, Waitrose, West Midlands Police, IKEA and Astra Zeneca.