Theories and Applications of Plate Analysis, w/cd

Author : Rudolph Szilard
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"Plates" are considered to be any essentially flat, two-dimensional structural component such as a floor slab, a flat roof, the steel plates on a ship or aircraft, or any flat support or connection to other structural elements such as columns, beams, walls and so on. The "Analysis" of a plate entails studying how the combined effects of various forces and weights (Loads) affect the overall behavior and performance of a particular kind of plate of specific dimensions, materials, strengths, and geometric configuration. Those forces and loads, in turn, are usually divided be-tween fixed, constant forces (static), and moving or continuously changing forces (dynamic).

Plate Theories and Analytical Solutions of Static, Linear-Elastic Plate Problems.
• Elastic Plate Theories and Their Governing Differential Equations.
• Exact and Series Solutions of the Governing Differential Equations.
• Further Plate Problems and Their Classical Solutions.
• Energy Methods for Solution of Lateral Deflections.

Numerical Methods for Solutions of Static, Linear-Elastic Plate Problems.
• Finite Differences Methods.
• Grid work and Framework Methods.
• The Finite Element Method.
• Classical Finite Strip Method.
• The Boundary Element Method.

Advanced Topics.
• Linear Considerations.
• Nonlinear Aspects.

Engineering Solution Procedures.
• Practical Design Methods.
• Yield-Line Method.

Dynamic Analysis of Elastic Plates.
• Classical and Energy Methods in Dynamic Analysis.
• Numerical Methods in Plate Dynamics.

Buckling of Plates.
• Fundamentals of Stability Analysis.


Primary: Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Materials Engineers; Aerospace Engineers; Students in these disciplines at the graduate level

Secondary: Structural Fabricators, Steel Erectors; Welders

Rudolph Szilard is Emeritus Professor of Structural Mechanics at the University of Hawaii, and retired chairman of the Structural Mechanics Department at the University of Dortmund, Germany. His long and illustrious career in both academia and in the professional practice of engineering includes serving as a senior structural engineer with the noted firm of Ammann and Whitney, as well as authoring numerous scientific papers and eight books on structural mechanics.