Ultra-Wideband Antennas and Propagation for Communications, Radar and Imaging

Author : B. Allen, M. Dohler, E.E. Okon, W.Q. Malik, A.K. Brown, D.J. Edwards
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ISBN 13 : 9788126540600
ISBN 10 : 8126540605
Pages : 508
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Despite previous books on UWB systems for radar systems and more recently, communications, no book exists that deals with the antennas and propagation of UWB for both communication and radar systems. This text provides up-to-date material on fundamental design concepts and principles for UWB antennas and arrays. In addition, the propagation of UWB radiation is addressed and gives a better understanding of the nature of propagation of UWB waves including interference, coexistence, diversity and MIMO

Part I Fundamentals.

•    Introduction
•    Fundamental Electromagnetic Theory
•    Basic Antenna Elements
•    Antenna Arrays
•    Beamforming
•    Antenna Diversity Techniques

Part II Antennas for UWB Communications.

•    Introduction
•    Theory of UWB Antenna Elements
•    Antenna Elements for Impulse Radio
•    Planar Dipole-like Antennas for Consumer Products
•    UWB Antenna Elements for Consumer Electronic Applications
•    Ultra-wideband Arrays
•    UWB Beamforming

Part III Propagation Measurements and Modelling for UWB Communications.

•    Introduction
•    Analysis of UWB Signal Attenuation Through Typical Building Materials
•    Large- and Medium-scale Propagation Modelling  
•    Small-scale Ultra-wideband Propagation Modelling  
•    Antenna Design and Propagation Measurements and Modelling for UWBWireless BAN  
•    Ultra-wideband Spatial Channel Characteristics  

Part IV UWB Radar, Imaging and Ranging.

•    Introduction to Part IV
•    Localization in NLOS Scenarios with UWB Antenna Arrays  
•    Antennas for Ground-penetrating Radar
•    Wideband Antennas for Biomedical Imaging
•    UWB Antennas for Radar and Related Applications

Dr. Ben Allen
Dr. Mischa Dohler
Dr. Ernest Okon,
Dr. Wasim Q. Malik
Prof. A.K. Brown
Prof. David Edwards