Understanding Microwaves

Author : Allan W. Scott
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ISBN 13 : 9788126540969
ISBN 10 : 8126540966
Pages : 560
Type : Hardbound
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Understanding Microwaves covers all the important microwave terminology, devices, and systems, and provides an understanding of how everything fits together to make communications, navigation and radar equipment. The text is geared toward engineers new to the microwave industry, as well as technicians, managers and students. This field-tested book presents material the author has used in industrial training courses for thousands of students. It is easy to understand and avoids complex mathematics. With extensive exercises at the end of each chapter and answers at the end of the book, it is suitable for self-study or as a text for industrial seminars and college courses.

Part I: Microwave Fundamentals

·    A Survey of Microwave Systems and Devices.
·    Microwave Fields.
·    Microwave Power--dB and dBm.
·    Insertion Loss, Gain and Return Loss.
·    Matching with the Smith Chart.

Part II: Microwave Devices.

·    Microwave Transmission Lines.
·    Microwave Signal Control Components.
·    Microwave Semiconductor Amplifiers.
·    Microwave Oscillators.
·    Low-Noise Receivers.
·    Microwave Integrated Circuits.
·    Microwave Tubes.
·    Microwave Antennas.

Part III: Microwave Systems

·    Introduction to Microwave Systems.
·    Microwave Relay.
·    Satellite Communications.
·    Radar Systems.
·    Electronic Warfare Systems.
·    Navigation and Other Microwave Systems.

For Graduate students of electrical and computer engineering.

Allan W. Scott operates his own engineering consulting and training business. He has forty years' experience in the development and manufacture of microwave equipment for radar, missile guidance, electronic warfare and satellite communications including affiliations with Bell Labs, the U.S. Navy, Hughes Network Systems, Sylvania Electronics and Teledyne Technologies