Voice Compression and Communications: Principles and Applications for Fixed and Wireless Channels

Author : Lajos Hanzo, F.Clare A.Somerville, Jason P.Woodward
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Pages : 672
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Voice Compression and Communications details issues in wireless voice communications and treats compression, channel coding, and wireless transmission as a joint subject. Part I covers background material, whereas Part II provides detailed information on both proprietary and standardized analysis-by-synthesis codecs, including the speech codecs of virtually all existing wireline-based and wireless systems. Parts III and IV discuss mainly research-based wideband, audio, as well as very low-rate schemes likely to find their way into future standards. Voice Compression and Communications describes fundamental concepts in a non-mathematical way early in the book for those with only a background knowledge of signal processing and communications. More advanced readers will find detailed discussions of theoretical principles, future concepts, and solutions to various specific wireless voice communications problems.


Part I: Speech Signals and Waveform Coding.
·Speech Signals and Introduction to Speech Coding.
·Predictive Coding.

Part II: Analysis by Synthesis Coding.
·Analysis-by-Synthesis Principles.
·Speech Spectral Quantization.
·Regular Pulse Excited Coding.
·Forward-Adaptive Code Excited Linear Prediction.
·Standard Forward-Adaptive CELP Codecs.
·Backward-Adaptive Code Excited Linear Prediction.

Part III: Wideband Coding and Transmission.
·Wideband Speech Coding.

Part IV: Very Low-Rate Coding and Transmission.
·Overview of Low-Rate Speech Coding.
·Linear Predictive Vocoder.
·Wavelets and Pitch Detection.
·Zinc Function Excitation.
·Mixed-Multiband Excitation.
·Sinusoidal Transform Coding Below 4 kbps.
·Conclusions on Low-Rate Coding.
·Comparison of Speech Codecs and Transceivers.

Appendix A: Constructing the Quadratic Spline Wavelets.
Appendix B: Zinc Function Excitation.
Appendix C: Probability Density Function for Amplitudes.
Author Index.

Excellent book for communications engineers, IT professionals and systems designers

Lajos Hanzo has coauthored five books on mobile radio communications and published more than 300 research papers on a variety of topics in wireless multimedia communications. He holds a chair in telecommunications at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK and he is an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer.

F. Clare A. Somerville is with the Global Wireless Systems Research Department, Bell Laboratories, Swindon, UK. His current research involves real-time techniques for transmission of voice over GPRS and the resultant speech quality attained.

Jason P. Woodard is with UbiNetics Ltd. where he is responsible for the development and implementation of various algorithms for third-generation mobile communications products.