Web Development with jQuery

Author : Richard York
Price : Rs 699.00
ISBN 13 : 9788126555369
ISBN 10 : 812655536X
Pages : 668
Type : Paperbound



Web Development with jQuery offers a major update to the popular Beginning JavaScript and CSS Development with jQuery from 2009. More than half of the content is new or updated and reflects recent innovations with regard to mobile applications, jQuery mobile and the spectrum of associated plugins. Readers can expect thorough revisions with expanded coverage of events, CSS, AJAX, animation and drag and drop.


Part I: The JQuery API
Chapter 1: Introduction to JQuery  
Chapter 2: Selecting and Filtering
Chapter 3: Events
Chapter 4: Manipulating Content and Attributes
Chapter 5: Iteration of Arrays and Objects
Chapter 6: CSS
Chapter 7: AJAX
Chapter 8: Animation and Easing Effects
Chapter 9: Plugins
Chapter 10: Scrollbars
Chapter 11: Html5 Drag and Drop

Part II: JQuery UI
Chapter 12: Draggable and Droppable
Chapter 13: Sortable
Chapter 14: Selectable
Chapter 15: Accordion
Chapter 16: Date picker
Chapter 17: Dialog
Chapter 18: Tabs

Part III: Popular Third-Party JQuery Plugins
Chapter 19: Table sorter
Chapter 21: Working With Html5 Audio and Video
Chapter 22: Creating a Simple Wysiwyg Editor

Part IV: Appendices


Primary audience:  Web Developers with some JavaScript and some CSS knowledge.

Richard York is a Software Engineer with Exact Target, a SalesForce.com company where he is responsible for developing JavaScript-driven UI components for the Exact Target Email Platform.