Working Capital Management, w/cd

Author : Dr. G.V. Satya Sekhar
Price : Rs 499.00
ISBN 13 : 9789350042403
ISBN 10 : 9350042401
Pages : 384
Type : Paperbound



Working Capital Management lays more emphasis on the managerial functions of decision making and forward planning. The scope generally consists of decisions relating to d cash, inventory and liabilities and profit management. This book will also be useful to the working professionals to develop additional confidence in their skills as they come to understand more of the theoretical underpinnings of management. This book is written for both academicians and practitioners who are interested in working capital management.

·    Chapter 1: Introduction
·    Chapter 2: Operating Cycle & Estimation of Working Capital
·    Chapter 3: Cash Management
·    Chapter 4: Marketable Securities/Money Market Instruments
·    Chapter 5: Management of Receivables
·    Chapter 6: Inventory Management
·    Chapter 7: Ratio Analysis for Working Capital
·    Chapter 8: Liquidity & Government Policy
·    Chapter 9: Letters of Credit
·    Chapter 10: Dividend Policy & Working Capital
·    Chapter 11: Logistics Management
·    Chapter 12: Factoring in Small and Medium Enterprises

This textbook is ideal for foundation for Working Capital Management and Finance subjects in a MBA program. It can also be used in senior undergraduate electives.

Dr. G. V. Satya Sekhar Asst. Professor, Department of Finance has 17 years of teaching and research experience at Post Graduate level. Besides this present book on Working Capital Management, he has authored books on Management Information Systems; Managerial Economics; Business Policy and Strategic Management