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WROX International IT Certifications

Big Data Analyst | Big Data Developer | Cloud Application Developer | Mobile Application Developer

Get the competitive edge in the job market with world’s first IT Certifications on a range of Emerging Technologies – designed specially to equip you to handle the challenges of new technology and Industry- specific tasks. TheWrox™ International IT Certification most comprehensive vendor and technology neutral qualifications for Students, Professionals, and young entrants to the IT industry.


Career Grid for a WROX Certified Professional

career grid



bullet Complete Solution for IT industry-readiness

Innovative scenario-based learning, effective learningtools, real-life case studies.

Carefully designed outcome-based session plans for maximum skill transfer in minimum time.

bullet Assessments Evaluating Industry Relevant Skills

Integrated assessments, projects & hands-on lab sessions.

Measure industry relevant skills.


Value Propositions of the Certifications

 bullet Detailed instructional resources for trainers to ensure standardized training

 bullet Employability Builder for IT Aspirants

 bullet Hiring-Screen for IT Recruiters

 bullet Complete Training and Certification Solution

 bullet Reskilling Existing Talent on latest Technologies

 bullet All-in-One Integrated Qualifications

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