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EngineeringOnline BookBuilding Science - concepts and applications
EngineeringOnline BookManaging the Professional Practice
EngineeringOnline BookArchitectural Design and Regulation
EngineeringOnline BookPlanning in Divided Cities
EngineeringOnline BookThe Basics of Troubleshooting in Plastics Processing: An Introductory Practical Guide
EngineeringOnline BookHeat Transfer Applications for the Practicing Engineer
EngineeringOnline BookConvert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion
EngineeringOnline BookGraph Partitioning
EngineeringOnline BookJava For Dummies(R), 5th Edition
EngineeringOnline BookModel-based Visual Tracking: the OpenTL Framework
EngineeringOnline BookProfessional JavaScript for Web Developers 3rd Edition
EngineeringOnline BookQualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
EngineeringOnline BookStatic Analysis of Software: The Abstract Interpretation
EngineeringOnline BookThe Art of Software Testing, Third Edition
EngineeringOnline BookData Mining: Concepts, Models, Methods, and Algorithms, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookCompiler Construction Using Java, JavaCC, and Yacc
EngineeringOnline BookGlobal Software and IT: A Guide to Distributed Development, Projects, and Outsourcing
EngineeringOnline BookCloud Computing Principles and Paradigms
EngineeringOnline BookOracle Database Performance and Scalability: a quantitative approach
EngineeringOnline BookAdobe Acrobat X PDF Bible
EngineeringOnline BookDesign of Multithreaded Software: The Entity-Life Modeling Approach
EngineeringOnline BookDistibuted Systems: Design and Algorithms
EngineeringOnline BookEnergy Security - An Interdiscinplinary Approach
EngineeringOnline BookInteroperability for Enterprise Software and Applications: Proceedings of the Workshops and the Doctorial Symposium of the I-ESA International Confer
EngineeringOnline BookModels and Analysis for Distributed Systems
EngineeringOnline BookObjective-C
EngineeringOnline BookPresentation Secrets
EngineeringOnline BookSolidWorks 2011 Parts Bible
EngineeringOnline BookSystems and Software Engineering with Applications
EngineeringOnline BookThe Dark Side of Software Engineering: Evil on Computing Projects
EngineeringOnline BookComputer System Design: System-on-Chip
EngineeringOnline BookDrupal 7 Bible
EngineeringOnline BookInformation Security: Principles and Practice, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookCompetitive Intelligence and Decision Problems
EngineeringOnline BookCyberwar and Information Warfare
EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to Fire Dynamics 3e
EngineeringOnline BookDesign of Buildings for Wind, Second Edition: A Guide for ASCE 7-10 Standard Users and Designers of Special Structures
EngineeringOnline BookConstruction Management for Industrial Projects: A Modular Guide for Project Managers
EngineeringOnline BookCivil Engineer's Handbook of Professional Practice
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Concrete Technology
EngineeringOnline BookAirport Engineering: Planning, Design, and Development of 21st Century Airports
EngineeringOnline BookStructural Performance: Probability-Based Assessment
EngineeringOnline BookSelf Compacting Concrete
EngineeringOnline BookRisk Management for Design & Construction
EngineeringOnline BookBuilding Surveys and Reports 4e
EngineeringOnline BookSteel Structures - Design using FEM
EngineeringOnline BookProbability Concepts and Theory for Engineers
EngineeringOnline BookAccelerated Reliability and Durability Testing Technology
EngineeringOnline BookMulti-Mode/Multi-Band RF Transceivers for Wireless Communications: Advanced Techniques, Architectures and Trends
EngineeringOnline BookDesign for Embedded Image Processing on FPGAs
EngineeringOnline BookBroadband Optical Access Networks
EngineeringOnline BookRF and Microwave Transmitter Design
EngineeringOnline BookMicrostrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Design of Signal Processing Systems - A Practical Approach
EngineeringOnline BookMPLS-Enabled Applications - Emerging Developmentsand New Technologies 3e
EngineeringOnline BookModulation and Coding Techniques in Wireless Communications
EngineeringOnline BookNonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers
EngineeringOnline BookPractical Lighting Design with LEDs
EngineeringOnline BookCMOS Biomicrosystems: Where Electronics Meet Biology
EngineeringOnline BookEngineering Quantum Mechanics
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Signal Processsing Using MATLAB for Students and Researchers
EngineeringOnline BookSingle Event Effects in Aerospace
EngineeringOnline BookFree Space Optical Networks for Ultra-Broad Band Services
EngineeringOnline BookEmbedded SoPC Design with Nios II Processorand VHDL Examples
EngineeringOnline BookLocal Networks and the Internet: From Protocols to Interconnection
EngineeringOnline BookElectrical Machines Diagnosis
EngineeringOnline BookNonlinear Distortion in Wireless Systems - Modeling and Simulation with MATLAB (R)
EngineeringOnline BookPervasive Computing and Networking
EngineeringOnline BookTransients of Modern Power Electronics
EngineeringOnline BookCooperative Networking
EngineeringOnline BookVHDL for Logic Synthesis - 3e
EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics by Example
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Finite Element Analysis - Formulation, Verification and Validation
EngineeringOnline BookTRIZ for Engineers - Enabling Inventive Problem Solving
EngineeringOnline BookCritical Component Wear in Heavy Duty Engines
EngineeringOnline BookStructural Dynamics of Electronic and Photonic Systems
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Dynamics: Rigid Body, Multibody, and Aerospace Applications
EngineeringOnline BookBiobased Lubricants and Greases - Technology and Products
EngineeringOnline BookVibration-based Condition Monitoring - Industrial, Aerospace and Automotive Applications
EngineeringOnline BookThe Duffing Equation - Nonlinear Oscillators andtheir Behaviour
EngineeringOnline BookNoise and Vibration Analysis - Signal Analysis and Experimental Procedures
EngineeringOnline BookCase Studies in Mechanical Engineering - Decision Making, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
EngineeringOnline BookDesign for Thermal Stresses
EngineeringOnline BookPhysics of Solar Energy
EngineeringOnline BookComputational Mechanics of Discontinua
EngineeringOnline BookGas Turbine Propulsion Systems
EngineeringOnline BookThe Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and Processes
EngineeringOnline BookBasic Helicopter Aerodynamics 3e
EngineeringOnline BookHybrid Electric Vehicles - Principles and Applications with Practical Perspectives
EngineeringOnline BookHow Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Your Home, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookSolomon's Temple: Myth, Conflict, and Faith
EngineeringOnline BookEcosystem Services Come To Town - greening citiesby working with nature
EngineeringOnline BookThe Challenges of the Housing Economy - aninternational perspective
EngineeringOnline BookRace, Housing and Community - Perspectives on Policy & Practice
EngineeringOnline BookCyber Security Policy Guidebook
EngineeringOnline BookMemory Allocation Problems in Embedded Systems / Optimization Methods
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Transport Protocols
EngineeringOnline BookAssembly Language Programming: ARM Cortex-M3
EngineeringOnline BookComputer Science and Ambient Intelligence
EngineeringOnline BookComputer, Network, Software, and Hardware Engineering with Applications
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Color: Acquisition, Perception, Coding and Rendering
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Holography
EngineeringOnline BookEnergy-Efficient Distributed Computing Systems
EngineeringOnline BookEnterprise Software Architecture and Design: Entities, Services, and Resources
EngineeringOnline BookInformation Overload: An International Challengefor Professional Engineers and Technical Communicators
EngineeringOnline BookModel-Driven and Software Product Line Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookProgram Specialization
EngineeringOnline BookReliability and Availability of Cloud Computing
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Internet Protocols, Services, and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookPractical Database Programming with Visual Basic.N ET, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookThe Death of the Internet
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Color Imaging
EngineeringOnline BookComputer Architecture
EngineeringOnline BookIvor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2012
EngineeringOnline BookCase Study Research in Software Engineering: Guidelines and Examples
EngineeringOnline BookGame Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Software Testing
EngineeringOnline Book101 Ready-To-Use Excel Macros (Mr. Spreadsheet)
EngineeringOnline BookCloudonomics + Website: The Business Value of Cloud Computing
EngineeringOnline BookSolving Enterprise Applications Performance Puzzles: Queuing Models to the Rescue
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Mobility and Transport Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookCyber Conflict: Competing National Perspectives
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Audiovisual Archives
EngineeringOnline BookManaging Complexity of Information Systems: The value of simplicity
EngineeringOnline BookTextual Information Access: Statistical Models
EngineeringOnline BookIntroductory Bioelectronics - For Engineers and Physical Scientists
EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to Thermogeology - Ground Source Heating and Cooling
EngineeringOnline BookBuilding Physics- Heat, Air and Moisture 2e - Fundamentals and Engineering Methods with Examplesand Exercises
EngineeringOnline BookMWH's Water Treatment:rd Edition
EngineeringOnline BookBasic Structural Dynamics
EngineeringOnline BookBridge Design and Evaluation: LRFD and LRFR
EngineeringOnline BookPhysical Properties of Concrete and Concrete Constituents
EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to Audio Content Analysis: Applications in Signal Processing and Music Informatics
EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to LTE - LTE, LTE-Advanced, SAEand 4G Mobile Communications
EngineeringOnline BookColor: An Introduction to Practice and Principles, Third Edition
EngineeringOnline BookFrequency Stability: Introduction and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Adaptive Lenses
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Audiovisual Archives
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Laser Technology, Fourth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Wireless Localization: With iPhone SDK Examples
EngineeringOnline BookA Guide to the Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge (WEBOK), Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookA Practical Guide to Optical Metrology for Thin Films
EngineeringOnline BookGuide to Mitigating Spacecraft Charging Effects
EngineeringOnline BookNanostructured and Subwavelength WaveGuides - Fundamentals and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookStreamlining Digital Signal Processing:of the Trade Guidebook, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookThe ComSoc Guide to Passive Optical Networks: Enhancing the Last Mile Access
EngineeringOnline BookPractical Guide to the MIMO Radio Channel with MATLAB Examples
EngineeringOnline BookAntenna Theory and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookNear Field Communication (NFC) - From Theory to Practice
EngineeringOnline BookNon-Gaussian Statistical Communication Theory
EngineeringOnline BookTelecommunications System Reliability Engineering, Theory, and Practice
EngineeringOnline BookColor in Computer Vision: Fundamentals and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookDesigning Platform Independent Mobile Apps and Services
EngineeringOnline BookESD Basics: From Semiconductor Manufacturing to Use
EngineeringOnline BookFormal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems: A Survey of Applications
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Optical Fiber Sensors
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Microwave Component Measurements -with Advanced VNA Techniques
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Optical Systems - V5 - Optical Components and Systems
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Ultra-Wideband Short-Range Sensing
EngineeringOnline BookHarnessing Green IT - Principles and Practices
EngineeringOnline BookImportance Measures in Reliability, Risk and Optimization - Principles and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookNonlinear Optical Borate Crystals - Principles and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookNumerical Analysis in Electromagnetics: The TLM Method
EngineeringOnline BookOLED displays Fundamentals and applications
EngineeringOnline BookOptical CDMA Networks - Principles, Analysis and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookPhotonic Sensing: Principles and Applications for Safety and Security Monitoring
EngineeringOnline BookPublish/Subscribe Systems - Design and Principles
EngineeringOnline BookService Availability - Principles and Practice Cloth
EngineeringOnline BookSilicon Photonics - Fundamentals and Devices
EngineeringOnline BookSpace Antenna Handbook
EngineeringOnline BookTactical Wireless Communications and Networks - Design Concepts and Challenges
EngineeringOnline BookEssentials of Computational Electromagnetics
EngineeringOnline BookQuantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineers
EngineeringOnline BookEngineering the CMOS Library: Enhancing Digital Design Kits for Competitive Silicon
EngineeringOnline BookNext Generation Wireless Communications Using Radio over Fiber
EngineeringOnline BookEmbedded SoPC Design with NIOS II Processorand Verilog Examples
EngineeringOnline BookRF Circuit Design, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookCognitive Radio Communication and Networking - Principles and Practice
EngineeringOnline BookHybrid Control and Motion Planning of Dynamical Legged Locomotion
EngineeringOnline BookMicrowave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Systems - Emerging Design, Technologies and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookElectrical, Electronics, and Digital Hardware Essentials for Scientists and Engineers
EngineeringOnline BookDirect Eigen Control for Induction Machines and Synchronous Motors
EngineeringOnline BookEmbedded Systems: Hardware, Design and Implementation
EngineeringOnline BookElectromagnetism: Maxwell Equations, Wave Propagation and Emission
EngineeringOnline BookElectricity Production from Renewables Energies
EngineeringOnline BookPredictive Control of Power Converters and Electrical Drives
EngineeringOnline BookSignal Processing & Integrated Circuits
EngineeringOnline BookHigh Performance Control of AC Drives with MATLAB/ Simulink Models CL
EngineeringOnline BookAntennas for Global Navigation Satellite Systems
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Nanoscopy
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Humans in Engineered Systems
EngineeringOnline BookFormal Method: Industrial Used from Model to the Code
EngineeringOnline BookIndustrial Used of Formal Method: Formal Verification
EngineeringOnline BookThe PDMA Handbook of New Product Development, Third Edition
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Fourth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookAtmospheric Pressure Plasma for Surface Modification
EngineeringOnline BookTheory of Lift: Introductory Computational Aerodyamics in MATLAB (R)/Octave
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Finite Strain Theory for Continuum Elasto-Plasticity
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to UAV Systems 4e
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Thermo-Fluids Systems Design
EngineeringOnline BookGuided Waves in Structures for SHM - The Time-domain Spectral Element Method
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Turbulent and Multi-Phase Combustion
EngineeringOnline BookOptimal Control, 3rd Edition
EngineeringOnline BookSystem Dynamics: Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Mechatronic Systems, Fifth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookEngineering Your Future: The Professional Practice of Engineering, Third Edition
EngineeringOnline BookExperimental Mechanics of Solids and Structures
EngineeringOnline BookSystem Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookAircraft Design - A Systems Engineering Approach
EngineeringOnline BookPerformance-Based Gear Metrology - Kinematic- Transmission- Error Computation and Diagnosis
EngineeringOnline BookElements of Structural Dynamics - A New Perspective
EngineeringOnline BookThe Elements of Continuum Biomechanics
EngineeringOnline BookFinite Elements - Computational Engineering Sciences
EngineeringOnline BookNonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Structures, 2nd edition
EngineeringOnline BookFractional Order Motion Controls
EngineeringOnline BookGears and Gear Drives
EngineeringOnline BookHeat Conduction, 3rd Edition
EngineeringOnline BookXFEM Fracture Analysis of Composites
EngineeringOnline BookUnderstanding Aerodynamics - Arguing from the Real Physics
EngineeringOnline BookDesign and Development of Aircraft Systems 2e
EngineeringOnline BookMechanical Engineering Education
EngineeringOnline BookLaser Velocimetry in Fluid Mechanics
EngineeringOnline BookLaser Metrology in Fluid Mechanics: Granulometry,temperature and concentration measurements
EngineeringOnline BookOptimization in Engineering Sciences: Exact Methods
EngineeringOnline BookAdvances in Computational Dynamics of Particles, Materials and Structures
EngineeringOnline BookEngineers' Data Book 4e
EngineeringOnline BookExperimental Mechanics of Solids
EngineeringOnline BookLow Impact Building - Houses Using Renewable Materials
EngineeringOnline BookPerformance-Oriented Architecture - Rethinking Architectural Design and the Built Environment
EngineeringOnline BookInside Smartgeometry - Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design
EngineeringOnline BookOrnament - The Politics of Architecture and Subjectivity - AD Primer
EngineeringOnline BookProject Control: Integrating Cost and Schedule in Construction
EngineeringOnline BookSolar Energy: Technologies and Project Delivery for Buildings
EngineeringOnline BookPlace-making and Policies for Competitive Cities
EngineeringOnline BookThe City as a Tangled Bank - urban design versusurban evolution - AD Primer
EngineeringOnline BookThe Urban Masterplanning Handbook
EngineeringOnline BookRisk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks, Fifth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookVisual Intelligence: Microsoft Tools and Techniques for Visualizing Data
EngineeringOnline BookMacrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry - How Izatt-Christensen Award Winners Shaped the Field
EngineeringOnline BookService Quality of Cloud-Based Applications
EngineeringOnline BookAgile Contracts: Creating and Managing Successful Projects with Scrum
EngineeringOnline BookBalanced Scorecards & Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookLarge Scale Network-Centric Distributed Systems
EngineeringOnline BookMusic Navigation with Symbols and Layers: Toward Content Browsing with IEEE 1599 XML Encoding
EngineeringOnline BookSoftware War Stories: Case Studies in Software Management
EngineeringOnline BookCrowdsourcing
EngineeringOnline BookInformation Centric Networks: a new paradigm for the Internet
EngineeringOnline BookKnowledge Needs and Information Extraction / Towards an Artificial Consciousness
EngineeringOnline Book3D Video
EngineeringOnline BookGuide to Building Control for Domestic Buildings
EngineeringOnline BookTheory of Structures - Fundamentals, Framed Structures, Plates and Shells
EngineeringOnline BookDesign and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants
EngineeringOnline BookMegaproject Management: Lessons on Risk and Project Management from the Big Dig
EngineeringOnline BookProject Scheduling and Management for Construction, Fourth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookRecommendations on Excavations 3e
EngineeringOnline BookRecommendations on Piling (EA Pfähle)
EngineeringOnline BookRisk Pricing Strategies for Public-Private Partnership Projects
EngineeringOnline BookThe Engineer's Manual of Construction Site Planning
EngineeringOnline BookBrown's Boundary Control and Legal Principles, Seventh Edition
EngineeringOnline BookRetrofitting of the Built Environment
EngineeringOnline BookDesign of Highway Bridges: An LRFD Approach, Third edition
EngineeringOnline BookThe Design Manager's Handbook
EngineeringOnline BookGeotechnical Engineering: Unsaturated and Saturated Soils
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Tunnel Engineering I - Structures and Methods
EngineeringOnline BookGuide to the IET Wiring Regulations - 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008 incorporating Amendment No. 1:2011) 2e
EngineeringOnline BookPractical Guide to RF-MEMS
EngineeringOnline BookGuide to State-of-the-Art Electron Devices
EngineeringOnline BookCMOS Sigma-Delta Converters - Practical Design Guide
EngineeringOnline BookWavelength Division Multiplexing: A Practical Engineering Guide
EngineeringOnline BookUltra-Capacitors in Power Conversion Systems - Analysis, Modeling and Design in Theory and Practice
EngineeringOnline BookAcoustic Array Systems: Theory, Implementation, and Application
EngineeringOnline BookAdaptive Filters - Theory and Applications 2e
EngineeringOnline BookBistatic SAR/ISAR/FSR Theory Algorithms and Program Implementation
EngineeringOnline BookObject Detection and Recognition in Digital Images- Theory and Practice
EngineeringOnline BookTransformers and Inductors for Power Electronics - Theory, Design and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookElectromagnetic Simulation Using the FDTD Method, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookPerspectives on Complex Global Challenges: Education, Energy, Healthcare, Security and Resilience
EngineeringOnline Book3G, 4G and Beyond - Bringing Networks, Devices And The Web Together 2e
EngineeringOnline BookComplex-Valued Neural Networks: Advances and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookElectrochemical Components
EngineeringOnline BookInternet Protocol-based Emergency Services
EngineeringOnline BookMagnetic Resonance Imaging for Groundwater
EngineeringOnline BookMobile Access Safety
EngineeringOnline BookMulti-factor Models and Signal Processing Techniques
EngineeringOnline BookNumerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanicsand Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookProduct and Systems Development: A Value Approach
EngineeringOnline BookWireless Mobile Internet Security 2e
EngineeringOnline BookAcoustic Microscopy and Ultrasonic Imaging - From Principles to Advanced Applications
EngineeringOnline BookAlgorithmic and Artificial Intelligence Methods for Protein Bioinformatics
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Pervasive Information Management Systems
EngineeringOnline BookHomePlug AV and IEEE 1901: A Handbook for PLC Designers and Users
EngineeringOnline BookLasers and Optoelectronics - Fundamentals, Devices and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookMethod of Moments for 2D Scattering Problems: Basic Concepts and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookThe Inverse Method / Parametric Verification of Real-time Unbedded Systems
EngineeringOnline BookUser-Centered Agile Method
EngineeringOnline BookWireless Networking: Understanding Internetworking Challenges
EngineeringOnline BookModern Lens Antennas for Communications Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookPower Electronics and Energy Conversion Systems - Fundamentals and Hard-switching Converters V1
EngineeringOnline BookElectrical Installation Designs 4e
EngineeringOnline BookControl of Power Inverters in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Integration
EngineeringOnline BookFoundations of Fuzzy Control - A Practical Approach, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookWiFi, WiMAX, and LTE Multi-hop Mesh Networks: Basic Communication Protocols and Application Areas
EngineeringOnline BookAC Electric Motors Control - Advanced Design Techniques and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookWireless Communications - Algorithmic Techniques
EngineeringOnline BookEmerging Technologies for 3D Video - Creation, Coding, Transmission and Rendering
EngineeringOnline BookAdaptive Processing of Brain Signals
EngineeringOnline BookWireless Telecommunication Systems
EngineeringOnline BookActive Plasmonics and Tuneable Plasmonic Metamaterials
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Microwave Communication:t-to-Point Microwave Systems
EngineeringOnline BookPower Systems Signal Processing for Smart Grids
EngineeringOnline BookElectrical Overstress (EOS) - Devices, Circuitsand Systems
EngineeringOnline BookMetamaterials and Wave Control
EngineeringOnline BookEnterprise Interoperability: IWEI'13 Proceedings
EngineeringOnline BookSystem-level Modeling of MEMS
EngineeringOnline BookProject Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards: A Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Project Performance
EngineeringOnline BookMicro-Cutting - Fundamentals and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Tribology 2e
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Hybrid Vehicle System Modeling and Control
EngineeringOnline BookGeometry of Surfaces: A Practical Guide for Mechanical Engineers
EngineeringOnline BookGuide to Load Analysis for Durability in Vehicle Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookMicrofluidics and Nanofluidics: Theory and Selected Applications
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Compliant Mechanisms
EngineeringOnline BookBattery Systems Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookManagement and Engineering Innovation
EngineeringOnline BookModelling and Managing Airport Performance
EngineeringOnline BookReverse Engineering in Control Design
EngineeringOnline BookFiltering, Control and Fault Detection with Randomly Occurring InComplete Information
EngineeringOnline BookNonlinear System Identification - NARMAX Methodsin the Time, Frequency and Spatio-Temporal Domains
EngineeringOnline BookNumerical Methods in Contact Mechanics
EngineeringOnline BookProgramming the Finite Element Method 5e
EngineeringOnline BookControl of Cutting Vibration and Machining Instability - A Time-Frequency Approach for Precision, Micro and Nano Machining
EngineeringOnline BookPractical Residual Stress Measurement Methods
EngineeringOnline BookVibro-impact Dynamics
EngineeringOnline BookMultiscale Simulations and Mechanics of Biological Materials
EngineeringOnline BookPrinciples and Applications of Tribology 2e
EngineeringOnline BookNonlinear Regression Modeling for Engineering Applications - Modeling, Model Validation, and Enabling Design of Experiments
EngineeringOnline BookThe Stochastic Perturbation Method for Computational Mechanics
EngineeringOnline BookNano and Cell Mechanics: Fundamentals and Frontiers
EngineeringOnline BookComputational Fluid-Structure Interaction - Methods and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookGrease Lubrication in Rolling Bearings
EngineeringOnline BookComputational Intelligence - Synergies of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Composite Materials for Automotive Applications - Structural Integrity and Crashworthiness
EngineeringOnline BookCivil Avionics Systems 2e
EngineeringOnline BookAnalysis and Modelling of Non-Steady Flow in Pipeand Channel Networks
EngineeringOnline BookDesign and Analysis of Composite Structures - With Applications to Aerospace Structures, 2nd Edition
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Aircraft Design - Conceptual Design, Analysis and Optimization of Subsonic Civil Airplanes
EngineeringOnline BookStructural Dynamic Analysis with Generalized Damping Models: Analysis
EngineeringOnline BookWater on Earth
EngineeringOnline BookLoop-shaping Robust Control
EngineeringOnline BookMultimodal Transport Systems
EngineeringOnline BookInterdisciplinary Mechatronics: Engineering Science and Research Development
EngineeringOnline BookMathematical Models of Beams and Cables
EngineeringOnline BookFull-Field Measurements and Identification in Solid Mechanics
EngineeringOnline BookSustainable Supply Chain Management
EngineeringOnline BookReinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames: Mechanics and ULS Design
EngineeringOnline BookConvection Heat Transfer Fourth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookIncompressible Flow, Fourth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookTurbulent Multiphase Flows with Heat and Mass Transfer
EngineeringOnline BookStructural Dynamic Analysis with Generalized Damping Models: Identification
EngineeringOnline BookA Practitioner's Guide to Effective Maritime and Port Security
EngineeringOnline BookBiosecurity: Understanding, Assessing, and Preventing the Threat
EngineeringOnline BookMedical and Dental Space Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Equipment, and Clinical Procedures, Fourth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookForty Ways to Think about Architecture - Architectural History and Theory Today
EngineeringOnline BookDrawing and Reinventing Landscape AD Primer
EngineeringOnline BookLandscape Site Grading Principles: Grading with Design in Mind
EngineeringOnline BookGardens and Landscapes in Historic Building Conservation
EngineeringOnline BookEuropean Building Construction Illustrated
EngineeringOnline BookDrawing - The Motive Force of Architecture 2nd Edition
EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to Bioreactor Hydrodynamics and Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer
EngineeringOnline BookComputer Security Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume1
EngineeringOnline BookComputer Security Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume2
EngineeringOnline BookData Center Handbook
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Backend Optimization
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Content Delivery, Streaming, and Cloud Services
EngineeringOnline BookComparable Corpora and Computer-assisted Translation
EngineeringOnline BookData Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication
EngineeringOnline BookEvolutionary Algorithms for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
EngineeringOnline BookJavaScript and jQuery for Data Analysis and Visualization
EngineeringOnline BookMathematical Programming Solver Based on Local Search
EngineeringOnline BookProfessional Java EE Design Patterns
EngineeringOnline BookPython Projects
EngineeringOnline BookCybercrime and Cyber Warfare
EngineeringOnline BookDiscovering Knowledge in Data: An Introduction to Data Mining, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookArchitecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Computing Service Models (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS)
EngineeringOnline BookCloud Computing and Electronic Discovery + Website
EngineeringOnline BookSoftware Architecture
EngineeringOnline BookSoftware Architecture 2
EngineeringOnline BookSoftware Evolution and Maintenance: A Practitioner's Approach
EngineeringOnline BookSoftware Quailty Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach
EngineeringOnline BookBuilding Dependable Distributed Systems
EngineeringOnline BookFormal Languages, Automata and Numeration Systems Volume 1
EngineeringOnline BookFormal Languages, Automata and Numeration Systems Volume 2
EngineeringOnline BookHigh-Performance Computing on Complex Environments
EngineeringOnline BookRapid Prototyping Software for Avionics Systems: Model-oriented Approaches for Complex Systems Certification
EngineeringOnline BookTime-Predictable Architectures
EngineeringOnline BookGraph-related Optimization and Decision Theory
EngineeringOnline BookInformation Systems for Knowledge Management
EngineeringOnline BookRecommender Systems
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Reliability Engineering: Applications in Multistage Interconnection Networks
EngineeringOnline BookAutomatic Text Summarization
EngineeringOnline BookInformation Evaluation
EngineeringOnline BookScanning the Business Environment and Detecting Weak Signals
EngineeringOnline BookManaging the Profitable Construction Business: The Contractor's Guide to Success and Survival Strategies
EngineeringOnline BookTheory of Nonlinear Structural Analysis: The Force Analogy Method for Earthquake Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookComputational Methods for Reinforced Concrete Structure
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook for Construction Planning and Scheduling
EngineeringOnline BookMethods of Measuring Environmental Parameters
EngineeringOnline BookInterpreting Land Records, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookSustainable Use of Wood in Construction
EngineeringOnline BookValue Management of Construction Projects
EngineeringOnline BookA Two-Step Perturbation Method in Nonlinear Analysis of Beams, Plates and Shells
EngineeringOnline BookThe Gypsum Construction Handbook, Seventh Edition
EngineeringOnline BookSustainable Building Adaptation
EngineeringOnline BookMulti-storey Precast Concrete Framed Structures
EngineeringOnline BookWater Resources in the Built Environment - Management Issues and Solutions
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Tunneel Engineering II - Basics and Additional Services for Design and Construction
EngineeringOnline BookDesign of Steel Structures - Eurocode 3 - Designof Steel Structures. Part 1-1 - General Rules and Rules for Buildings
EngineeringOnline BookRock Mechanics Based on an Anisotropic Jointed Rock Model (AJRM)
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control: Theory and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookFrom GSM to LTE-Advanced - An Introduction to Mobile Networks and Mobile Broadband Revised 2e
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Numerical Electrostatics Using MAT LAB
EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to LTE - LTE, LTE-Advanced, SAE, VoLTE and 4G Mobile Communications 2e
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Ground Penetrating Radar: Inverse Scattering and Data Processing
EngineeringOnline BookCybersecurity for Executives: A Practical Guide
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of the Physical Theory of Diffraction, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookBlind Source Separation: Theory and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookFilamentary Ion Flow: Theory and Experiments
EngineeringOnline BookFringe Pattern Analysis for Optical Metrology - Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookKalman Filtering: Theory and Practice Using MATLAB (R), Fourth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices, 2e
EngineeringOnline BookMobile Satellite Communications Handbook, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookPrinciples of Electrical Safety
EngineeringOnline BookRadio over Fiber for Wireless Communications - From Fundamentals to Advanced Topics
EngineeringOnline BookUnderstanding LTE with MATLAB - From Mathematical Modeling to Simulation and Prototyping
EngineeringOnline Book3D Modeling of Buildings
EngineeringOnline BookAdvanced Power Electronics Converters: PWM Converters Processing AC Voltages
EngineeringOnline BookCloud Management and Security
EngineeringOnline BookDynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
EngineeringOnline BookMobile Clouds - Exploiting Distributed Resourcesin Wireless, Mobile and Social Networks
EngineeringOnline BookMulti-dimensional Imaging
EngineeringOnline BookNetwork Security
EngineeringOnline BookPositioning in Wireless Communications Systems
EngineeringOnline BookPower Magnetic Devices: A Multi-Objective Design Approach
EngineeringOnline BookRadio Frequency Identification and Sensors: From R FID to Chipless RFID
EngineeringOnline BookSignal Integrity: From High Speed to Radiofrequency Applications
EngineeringOnline BookSmart Sensor Systems - Emerging Technologies and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookSystem Design and Control Integration for Advanced Manufacturing
EngineeringOnline BookAcoustic Particle Velocity Measurements using Laser / Principles, Signal Processing and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookCombining Pattern Classifiers: Methods and Algorithms, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Signal and Image Processing using Matlab,2nd edition: V1 - Fundamentals
EngineeringOnline BookElectrical Estimating Methods, Fourth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookFormal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems
EngineeringOnline BookFormal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals and Evolution of MPEG-2 Systems - Paving the MPEG Road
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Silicon Carbide Technology: Growth, Characterization, Devices, and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Digital Games
EngineeringOnline BookMobile Satellite Communications - Principles and Trends 2e
EngineeringOnline BookModel Based Systems Engineering: Fundamentals and Methods
EngineeringOnline BookOptical Devices in Ophthalmology and Optometry - Technology, Design Principles and Clinical Applications
EngineeringOnline BookOptimization in Engineering Sciences: Approximateand Metaheuristic Methods
EngineeringOnline BookRadio Receiver Technology - Principles, Architectures and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookSatellite Technology - Principles and Applications3e
EngineeringOnline BookSpace Electronic Reconnaissance:ories and Methods
EngineeringOnline BookPower Electronic Converters for Microgrids
EngineeringOnline BookArchitectures for Computer Vision: From Algorithmto Chip with Verilog
EngineeringOnline BookFiber Optic Communications - Fundamentals and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookElectromagnetic Modeling and Simulation
EngineeringOnline BookMolecular Imaging in Nano MRI
EngineeringOnline BookCircularly Polarized Antennas
EngineeringOnline BookNanoscale Microwave Engineering / Optical Controlof Nanodevices
EngineeringOnline BookWide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires for Optical Devices
EngineeringOnline BookBeyond CMOS Nanodevices 1
EngineeringOnline BookBeyond CMOS Nanodevices 2
EngineeringOnline BookManaging Complex Projects and Programs: How to Improve Leadership of Complex Initiatives Using a Third-Generation Approach
EngineeringOnline BookManaging Technology-Based Projects: Tools, Techniques, People and Business Processes
EngineeringOnline BookProject Management: Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence, Third Edition
EngineeringOnline BookProject Recovery: Case Studies and Techniques for Overcoming Project Failure
EngineeringOnline BookCompeting with High Quality Data: Concepts, Tools,and Techniques for Building a Successful Approachto Data Quality
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Sustainable Transports
EngineeringOnline BookLubricants - Introduction to Properties and Performance
EngineeringOnline BookAdsorption Refrigeration Technology: Theory and Application
EngineeringOnline BookControl of Quantum Systems: Theory and Methods
EngineeringOnline BookAsymptotic Methods In The Theory Of Plates With Mixed Boundary Conditions
EngineeringOnline BookHydrodynamic Bearings
EngineeringOnline BookNew Sensors and Processing Chain
EngineeringOnline BookAlgebraic Identification and Estimation Methods in Feedback Control Systems
EngineeringOnline BookAnalytical and Numerical Methods for Vibration Analyses
EngineeringOnline BookFractional Calculus with Applications in Mechanics: Wave Propagation, Impact and Variational Principles
EngineeringOnline BookThe Rayleigh-Ritz Method for Structural Analysis
EngineeringOnline BookElectromechanical Motion Systems - Design and Simulation
EngineeringOnline BookEngineering Risk Assessment and Design with Subset Simulation
EngineeringOnline BookOptimal Modified Continuous Galerkin CFD
EngineeringOnline BookModeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines
EngineeringOnline BookModelling, Simulation and Control of Two-Wheeled Vehicles
EngineeringOnline BookFinite Element Analysis of Structures Through Unified Formulation
EngineeringOnline BookUnderstanding the Discrete Element Method: Simulation of Non-Spherical Particles for Granular and Multi-body Systems
EngineeringOnline BookThermo-Mechanical Industrial Processes
EngineeringOnline BookVehicle Gearbox Noise and Vibration - Measurement, Signal Analysis, Signal Processingand Noise Reduction Measures
EngineeringOnline BookLow-Energy Lunar Trajectory Design
EngineeringOnline BookSliding Mode Control of Uncertain Parameter-Switching Hybrid Systems
EngineeringOnline BookAnalytical Routes to Chaos in Nonlinear Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookToward Analytical Chaos in Nonlinear Systems
EngineeringOnline BookPhysical Form Finding of Lightweight Structures
EngineeringOnline BookMechanics and Uncertainty
EngineeringOnline BookIllustrated Guide to Door Hardware: Design, Specification, Selection
EngineeringOnline BookThe Handbook of Interior Design
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Network Security: Theory and Practice
EngineeringOnline BookAlcatel-Lucent Service Routing Architect (SRA) Self-Study Guide: Preparing for the BGP, VPRN and Multicast Exams
EngineeringOnline BookSecurity Intelligence: A Practitioner's Guide to Solving Enterprise Security Challenges
EngineeringOnline BookThe Network Security Test Lab: A Step-by-Step Guide
EngineeringOnline BookThe Antivirus Hacker's Handbook
EngineeringOnline BookThe Mobile Application Hacker's Handbook
EngineeringOnline BookApplied Microsoft Business Intelligence
EngineeringOnline BookBeginning Java Programming: The Object-Oriented Approach
EngineeringOnline BookBeginning JavaScript, 5th Edition
EngineeringOnline BookBeginning Software Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookBuilding Responsive Data Visualization for the Web
EngineeringOnline BookCommunication Practices in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Research for Food and Water Safety
EngineeringOnline BookData as a Service: A Framework for Providing Reusable Enterprise Data Services
EngineeringOnline BookData Science & Big Data Analytics:nalyzing, Visualizing and Presenting Data
EngineeringOnline BookGraph Analysis and Visualization:iness Opportunity in Linked Data
EngineeringOnline BookJava Programming 24-Hour Trainer, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookMachine Learning in Python:for Predictive Analysis
EngineeringOnline BookNetwork Attacks & Exploitation: A Framework
EngineeringOnline BookPhishing Dark Waters: The Offensive and Defensive Sides of Malicious Emails
EngineeringOnline BookReliable JavaScript: How to code safely in the world's most dangerous language
EngineeringOnline BookThe Kimball Group Reader: Relentlessly Practical Tools for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, 2nd Edition
EngineeringOnline BookWearable Android: Android Wear & Google FIT App Development
EngineeringOnline BookWeb Development with jQuery
EngineeringOnline BookWHOIS Running the Internet: Protocol, Policy, and Privacy
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Lattice Theory with Computer Science Applications
EngineeringOnline BookFrom Photon to Pixel: The Digital Camera Handbook
EngineeringOnline BookSoftware Project Estimation: The Fundamentals for Providing High Quality Information to Decision Makers
EngineeringOnline BookActivity Learning: Discovering, Recognizing, and Predicting Human Behavior from Sensor Data
EngineeringOnline BookBig Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science
EngineeringOnline BookCloud Services, Networking, and Management
EngineeringOnline BookCOBOL Software Modernization
EngineeringOnline BookCognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics
EngineeringOnline BookFoundations of Coding: Compression, Encryption, Error Correction
EngineeringOnline BookGames with a Purpose (GWAPS)
EngineeringOnline BookLarge-Scale Distributed Systems and Energy Efficiency: A Holistic View
EngineeringOnline BookLinux Bible, Ninth Edition
EngineeringOnline BookLinux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, Third Edition
EngineeringOnline BookPractical Microcontroller Engineering with ARM® Technology
EngineeringOnline BookProfessional AngularJS
EngineeringOnline BookFrom Big Data to Smart Data
EngineeringOnline BookBeyond Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Digital Business
EngineeringOnline BookDecision-Making and the Information System
EngineeringOnline BookERP and Information Systems: Integration or Disintegration
EngineeringOnline BookInformation and Knowledge Systems
EngineeringOnline BookInformation and Recommender Systems
EngineeringOnline BookMedical Information Systems Ethics
EngineeringOnline BookMOOCs: Design, Use and Business Models
EngineeringOnline BookPerformance Evaluation by Simulation and Analysiswith Applications to Computer Networks
EngineeringOnline BookConstruction Innovation
EngineeringOnline BookStrengthening of Concrete Structures with Adhesively Bonded Reinforcement - Design and Dimensioning of CFRP Laminates and Steel Plates
EngineeringOnline BookPrecision Surveying: The Principles and Geomatics Practice
EngineeringOnline BookThe Technical Avalanche Protection Handbook
EngineeringOnline BookUltra-High Performance Concrete UHPC - Fundamentals, Design, Examples
EngineeringOnline BookPractical Guide to Machine Vision Software - An Introduction with LabVIEW
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Digital Mobile Communication 2e
EngineeringOnline BookBeam Propagation Method for Design of Optical WaveGuide Devices
EngineeringOnline BookGuided Randomness in Optimization Volume 1
EngineeringOnline BookIndoor Radio Planning: A Practical Guide for 2G,3G and 4G, 3e
EngineeringOnline BookThe Telecommunications Handbook - Engineering Guidelines for Fixed, Mobile and Satellite Systems
EngineeringOnline BookAd Hoc Networks Telecommunications and Game Theory
EngineeringOnline BookWireless Communications - Principles, Theory and Methodology
EngineeringOnline BookCharacteristic Modes: Theory and Applications in Antenna Engineering
EngineeringOnline BookAutomatic Modulation Classification - Principles, Algorithms and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Microwave Photonics
EngineeringOnline BookAutomation for Robotics
EngineeringOnline BookCable Networks, Services, and Management
EngineeringOnline BookDecisions: An Engineering and Management Perspective
EngineeringOnline BookDigital Signal and Image Processing using Matlab,2nd edition: V2 - Advances and Applications: The Deterministic Case
EngineeringOnline BookEmotion Recognition: A Pattern Analysis Approach
EngineeringOnline BookModeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications
EngineeringOnline BookPractical Field Robotics - A Systems Approach
EngineeringOnline BookReliability, Maintainability, and Supportability: Best Practices for Systems Engineers
EngineeringOnline BookApplied Superconductivity - Handbook on Devicesand Applications
EngineeringOnline BookAttosecond Nanophysics - From Basic Science to Applications
EngineeringOnline BookBiologically-inspired Computer Vision - Fundamentals and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookBiomedical Image Understanding: Methods and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookBit-Interleaved Coded Modulation - Fundamentals, Analysis and Design
EngineeringOnline BookEngineering Information Security: The Applicationof Systems Engineering Concepts to Achieve Information Assurance, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of 5G Mobile Networks
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Complex Networks: Models, Structures and Dynamics
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Convolutional Coding, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookFundamentals of Infrared and Visible Detector Operation and Testing, Second Edition
EngineeringOnline BookGreen Communications - Principles, Concepts and Practice
EngineeringOnline BookHandbook of Digital Forensics of Multimedia Dataand Devices
EngineeringOnline BookModern Measurements: Fundamentals and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookPhotonics Volume 1: Fundamentals of Photonics and Physics
EngineeringOnline BookQuantitative Assessments of Distributed Systems: Methodologies and Techniques
EngineeringOnline BookRegularization and Bayesian Methods for Inverse Problems in Signal and Image Processing
EngineeringOnline BookResonant MEMS Fundamentals, Implementation, and Application
EngineeringOnline BookEmerging Nanoelectronic Devices
EngineeringOnline BookAn Introduction to Thermodynamic Cycle Simulationsfor Internal Combustion Engines
EngineeringOnline BookFluid-Structure Interactionv - An Introduction to Finite Element Coupling
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Aircraft Aeroelasticity and Loads2e
EngineeringOnline BookIntroduction to Operational Modal Analysis
EngineeringOnline BookPumping Machinery Theory and Practice
EngineeringOnline BookExtended Finite Element Method - Theory and Applications
EngineeringOnline BookDiscrete Mechanics
EngineeringOnline BookDiscrete Element Method to Model 3D Continuous Materials
EngineeringOnline BookDiscrete-continuum Coupling Method to Simulate Highly Dynamic Multi-scale Problems: Simulation of Laser-induced Damage in Silica Glass
EngineeringOnline BookRemotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - A Human Systems Integration Perspective
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Greek Mythology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Families in the Greek and Roman World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to the Latin Language
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to the Punic Wars
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAncient Egyptian Tombs - The Culture of Life and Death
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookConstantine - Dynasty, Religion and Power in the Later Roman Empire
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEnglish Translation and Classical Reception - Towards a New Literary History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRoman Calendar from Numa to Constantine
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRoman Empire in Context - Historical and Comparative Perspectives
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCult Cinema - An Introduction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Hitchcock Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookUnderstanding Richard Hoggart
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookExplorations in New Cinema History - Approachesand Case Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFrench Animation History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHairspray
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHistoricising Gender and Sexuality
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMagnolia
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Romantic Comedy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHollywood Film 1963-1976 - Years of Revolution and Reaction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Mexican History and Culture
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Theodore Roosevelt
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Thomas Jefferson
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Benjamin Franklin
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Richard M. Nixon
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline Book"Sei naiv und mach' ein Experiment" - Feodor Lynen - Biographie des Münchner Bioche mikers und Nobelpreisträgers
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Concise History of the Haitian Revolution
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookASIA - A CONCISE HISTORY
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBartolomé de las Casas and the Conquest of the Americas
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBlackwell Dictionary of Modern European History1789-2000
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHow Food Made History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMexican Immigration to the United States
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRe-Thinking Renaissance Objects - Design, Functionand Meaning
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTales of the Barbarians - Ethnography and Empirein the Roman West
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Last Caudillo - Alvaro Obregón and the Mexican Revolution
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Renaissance Conscience
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLinguistic Anthropology - An Introduction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookNon-Transformational Syntax - A Guide to Current Models
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookResearch Methods in Child Language - A Practical Guide
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookResearch Methods in Second Language Acquisition - A Practical Guide
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Phonological Theory 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Hispanic Sociolinguistics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Language Socialization
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Grammar of Old English - Volume 2 - Morphology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Grammar of Old English V1 - Phonology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFoundations of Voice Studies - An Interdisciplinary Approach to Voice Production and Perception
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe History of English Spelling
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookApplied English Phonology 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLiterary Criticism from Plato to the Present - An Introduction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTheory Toolkit
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to American Literary Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Comparative Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Poetic Genre
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Literature and Culture of the American West
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Sensation Fiction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Seventeenth Century Literature Handbook
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of 18th Century Writers and Writing - 1660-1789
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA History of American Literature 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA History of Modern Drama V1
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Short History of Early Modern England - British Literature in Context
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAfter Globalization
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAfter the Fall - American Literature Since 9/11
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBrief History of American Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFuture of Critical Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading Sixteenth-Century Poetry
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading the American Novel 1865-1914
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTwentieth-Century American Fiction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookVictorian Poetry and Poetics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Relativism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Brief History of the Soul
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAgents and Their Actions
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBlues - Philosophy for Everyone
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBrief History of Justice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCoffee - Philosophy for Everyone: Grounds for Debate
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDante's Deadly Sins
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEnhancing Human Capacities
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFashion-Philosophy for Everyone - Thinking with Style
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFatherhood - Philosophy for Everyone - The Dao of Daddy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGardening - Philosophy for Everyone - Cultivating Wisdom
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHow To Know
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookJust the Arguments - 100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookKant and Applied Ethics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMind Games - 31 Days to Rediscover Your Brain
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMotherhood and Philosophy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookOnce-Told Tales - An Essay In Literary Aesthetics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPutting Information First - Luciano Floridi andthe Philosophy of Information
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookQuantum Non-Locality and Relativity 3e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRancière, Education and the Taming of Democracy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading R. S. Peters Today - Analysis, Ethics, and the Aims of Education
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Admissible Contents of Experience
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Formation of Reason
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Good Life of Teaching - An Ethics of Professional Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWittgenstein
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookYoga - Philosophy for Everyone: Bending Mind and Bodu
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Hegel
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Stress
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIAAP Handbook of Applied Psychology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookQualitative Research Methods in Mental Health and Psychotherapy - A Guide for Students and Practitioners
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookChildren's Testimony - A Handbook of Psychological Research and Forensic Practice 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Child and Adolescent Drug and Substance Abuse: Pharmacological, Developmental, and Clinical Considerations
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Forensic Assessment: Psychological and Psychiatric Perspectives
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookInternational Handbook of Suicide Prevention - Research, Policy and Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMindfulness-integrated CBT - Principles and Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPersonal Construct Methodology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPost-Traumatic Syndromes in Childhood and Adolescence - A Handbook of Research and Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Clinician's Handbook for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Inference-Based Therapy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCritical Neuroscience: A Handbook of the Socialand Cultural Contexts of Neuroscience
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookJohn Bowlby - From Psychoanalysis to Ethology - Unravelling the Roots of Attachment Theory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookUnderstanding Girls' Problem Behavior - How Girls' Delinquency Develops in the Context of Maturity & Health, Co-occurring Problems, and Relationships
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookChildren and Social Exclusion - Morality, Prejudice and Group Identity
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLinguistic Nativism and the Poverty of the Stimulus
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMinnesota Symposia on Child Psychology: The Origins and Organization of Adaptation and Maladaptation, Volume 36
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThriving and Spirituality Among Youth: Research Perspectives and Future Possibilities
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDyslexia - A Complete Guide for Parents and Those Who Help Them 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEmpirical Research in Teaching and Learning - Contributions from Social Psychology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLearning and Attention Disorders in Adolescence and Adulthood: Assessment and Treatment, Second Edition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFreud - A Modern Reader
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookJudgment, Decision-making and Success in Sport
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Theoretical Approaches, Empirical Findings, and Treatments
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWiley-Blackwell Handbook of Individual Differences
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDisorders of Personality: Introducing a DSM/ICD Spectrum from Normal to Abnormal Third Edition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Contemporary Clinical Hypnosis - Theory and Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Child Sexual Abuse:ssessment, and Treatment
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Motivational Counseling - Goal-Based Approaches to Assessment and Intervention with Addiction and Other Problems, 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFilipino American Psychology: A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDisability and Discourse - Analysing Inclusive Conversation with People with Intellectual Disabilities
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookExtremism and the Psychology of Uncertainty
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMarriages and Families in the 21st Century - A Bioecological Approach CourseSmart
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRebels in Groups
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to the Anthropology of the Body
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBlackwell Encyclopedia of Human Evolution
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Paleopathology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to the Anthropology of India
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Cognitive Anthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Medical Anthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to the Anthropology of Education
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSocial Bioarchaeology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBiomolecular Archaeology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGreek Archaeology - A Thematic Approach
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Cultural Resource Management
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Communication and Media Ethics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookChange in Organizations
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookJournalism Today - A Themed History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookManaging Corporate Social Responsibility - A Communication Approach
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookNet Locality - Why Location Matters in a Networked World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPower Performance - Multimedia Storytelling for Journalism and Public Relations
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSocial Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Gender, Sex, and Media
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBlackwell Handbook of Internet Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Media Audiences
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookParticipatory Journalism - Guarding Open Gates at Online Newspaper
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Political Economy of Communications
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Media and Communications Policy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Human Geography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookApplying Theory to Educational Research - An Introductory Approach with Case Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDeveloping Language and Literacy - Effective Intervention in the Early Years
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEducational Neuroscience - Initiatives and Emerging Issues
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSimulation of Complex Systems in GIS
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookModeling Urban Dynamics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGeographical Information and Urban Transport Systems
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Creative Capital of Cities - Interactive Knowledge Creation and the Urbanization Economiesof Innovation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPlace, Exclusion and Mortgage Markets
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLearning the City - Translocal Assemblages and Urban Politics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLocating Neoliberalism in East Asia - Neoliberalizing Spaces in Developmental States
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWorlding Cities
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCapitalism and Conservation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Social Geography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookJuvenile Justice: Advancing Research, Policy, and Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookNegotiating Statehood - Dynamics of Power and Domination in Africa
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookComparative Politics - Principles of Democracy and Democratization
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookParents Who Misuse Drugs and Alcohol - Effective Interventions in Social Work and Child Protection
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBody Work in Health and Social Care - Critical Themes, New Agendas
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReforming Long Term Care in Europe
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookConcise Encyclopedia of Sociology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWiley-Blackwell Companion to Major Social Theorists - Volume 1 - Classical Theorists
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIdentities in Context - Discourse in Action
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe New Blackwell Companion to the City
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookArt Is Not What You Think It Is
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Augustine
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Marcus Aurelius
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Persius and Juvenal
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Roman Love Elegy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Sophocles
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Women in the Ancient World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGreek Drama and the Invention of Rhetoric
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHighways, Byways, and Road Systems in the Pre-Modern World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPlautus and Roman Slavery
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Mediterranean Context of Early Greek History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Greek Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Chinese Cinema
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Early Cinema
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Eastern European Cinemas
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Film Comedy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion To German Cinema
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Literature, Film, and Adaptation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Spanish Cinema
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Werner Herzog
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBlack Sabbath and Philosophy: Mastering Reality
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFilm Noir
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGender and the City before Modernity
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to George Washington
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Harry S. Truman
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to James Madison and James Monroe
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Lyndon B. Johnson
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the French Revolution
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to Tacitus
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLocus Amoenus - Gardens and Horticulture in the Renaissance
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Portuguese Empire in Asia - 1500-1700 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCaliphs and Kings: Spain 796-1031
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Global Environmental History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to World History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Historical Sociolinguistics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Bilingualism and Multilingualism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Conversation Analysis
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Hispanic Linguistics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Intercultural Discourse and Communication
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLanguage Teaching Research and Language Pedagogy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Power In/Of Language
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of English for Specific Purposes
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the American Novel
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Handbook of Romanticism Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA New Companion to the Gothic
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Said Dictionary
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAnglo-Saxon Keywords
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookColonial Voices: The Discourses of Empire
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading Romantic Poetry
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading the American Novel 1780-1865
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading Victorian Poetry
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Global Future of English Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Life of George Eliot - A Critical Biography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Life of William Shakespeare - A Critical Biography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookToni Morrison - Writing the Moral Imagination
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Years
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe British and Irish Short Story Handbook
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAs Free and as Just as Possible: The Theory of Marxian Liberalism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDeveloping Deontology - New Essays in Ethical Theory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookJung and Educational Theory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookResearching Education Through Actor-Network Theory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Schopenhauer
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBioethics for Beginners: 60 Cases and Cautions from the Moral Frontier of Healthcare
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDanto and His Critics, Second Edition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHegel's Philosophy of Right
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLevinas, Subjectivity, Education - Towards an Ethic of Radical Responsibility
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMillikan and her Critics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookProperty-Owning Democracy: Rawls and Beyond
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRethinking Pragmatism: From William James to Contemporary Philosophy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSailing - Philosophy For Everyone: Catching the Drift of Why We Sail
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTattoos - Philosophy for Everyone: I Ink, Therefore I Am
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Aesthetics of Wine
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Art of Comics - A Philosophical Approach
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Pursuit of Philosophy - Some Cambridge Perspectives
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Second Sexism: Discrimination Against Men and Boys
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookInternational Handbook of Workplace Trauma Support
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of the Neuropsychology of Language2VST
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Coaching and Mentoring
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCognitive-Behavioural Therapy for ADHD in Adolescents and Adults - A Psychological Guide to Practice 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPsychopathy and Law - A Practitioner's Guide
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy - Theory, Research and Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookNeuroscience-based Cognitive Therapy - New Methods for Assessment, Treatment and Self-Regulation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Adulthood and Aging
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDevelopmental Psychology in Historical Perspective
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBullying Interventions in Schools: Six Basic Approaches
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading Assessment: Linking Language, Literacy, and Cognition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCyberbullying in the Global Playground - Researchfrom International Perspectives
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHow To Improve Your Mind - Twenty Keys to Unlockthe Modern World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCognitive Behavior Therapy: Core Principles for Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Couples and Family Relationships
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAdieu to God - Why Psychology Leads to Atheism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIntersectionality, Sexuality and Psychological Therapies - Working with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Diversity
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPsychology at the Movies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRestoring Civil Societies: The Psychology of Intervention and Engagement Following Crisis
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Psychological Wealth of Nations - Do Happy People Make a Happy Society?
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRace - Are We So Different?
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Border Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Forensic Anthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Anthropology of Europe
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Moral Anthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Organizational Anthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookConcise Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Folklore
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEntangled: An Archaeology of the Relationshipsbetween Humans and Things
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Rock Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Complete Archaeology of Greece - From Hunter- Gatherers to the 20th Century A.D
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Gender Prehistory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMedia Literacies - A Critical Introduction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Health Communication
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Online Journalism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDigital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Media Research
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGramsci - Space, Nature, Politics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSeen, Heard and Counted - Rethinking Care in a Development Context
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAssessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning - The INPP Developmental Screening Test and Intervention Programme
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSupporting Dyslexic Adults in Higher Education andthe Workplace
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAudel Water Well Pumps and Systems Mini-Ref
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Improvised State - Sovereignty, Performanceand Agency in Dayton Bosnia
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIron Curtains - Gates, Suburbs and Privatizationof Space in the Post-socialist City
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe New Carbon Economy - Constitution, Governanceand Contestation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Economic Geography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFractal Geography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFluvial Remote Sensing for Science and Management
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSubprime Cities - The Political Economy of Mortgage Markets
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Party Line: How The Media Dictates Public Opinion in Modern China
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFreedom of Religion and the Secular State
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe World Economy - Global Trade Policy 2011
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Political Sociology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Sociology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Sociology of Medical Screening - Critical Perspectives, New Directions
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to British Art - 1600 to the Present
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Modern African Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Renaissance and Baroque Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Utopian Globalists - Artists of Worldwide Revolution, 1919-2009
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWestern Art and the Wider World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Ancient Greek Government
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Roman Architecture
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Sport and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Terence
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Archaeology of the Roman Republic
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Neronian Age
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDionysus Resurrected - Performances of Euripides' The Bacchae in a Globalizing World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Gift in Antiquity
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy: A Politico-cultural Transformation and Its Interpretations
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion To Francois Truffaut
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Jean Renoir
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Luis Buñuel
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Pedro Almodovar
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Sport
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Historical Film
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Woody Allen
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGender History Across Epistemologies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Film Noir
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to John Adams and John Quincy Adams
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Antebellum Presidents 1837-1861
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Era of Andrew Jackson
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Woodrow Wilson
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Anglo-Saxon England
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDeath of the Chesapeake: A History of the Military's Role in Polluting the Bay
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to World War II 2VST
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Language Variation and Change 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Spanish Second Language Acquisition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIntercultural Language Teaching and Learning
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLessons from Fort Apache: Beyond Language Endangerment and Maintenance 
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookQuotatives: New Trends and Sociolinguistic Implications
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory5e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA History of American Literature - 1950 to the Present
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading Paradise Lost
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading the American Novel 1920-2010
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWhere is American Literature?
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to American Gothic
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to George Eliot
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Handbook of Middle English Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Handbook of Modernism Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline Book30 Great Myths About Shakespeare
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA History of Old English Literature 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy: More Moments of Zen, More Indecision Theory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWittgenstein's Later Theory of Meaning: Imagination and Calculation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Buddhist Philosophy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Donald Davidson
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Rawls
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Philosophy of Time
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Blackwell Companion to the Problem of Evil
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline Book50 Great Myths About Atheism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Sneetch is a Sneetch and Other Philosophical Discoveries:
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookClassifying Reality
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEducation and the Growth of Knowledge - Perspectives from Social and Virtue Epistemology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEducation Policy - Philosophical Critique
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEnder's Game and Philosophy: The Logic Gate is Down
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHappy-People-Pills For All
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIdentity and Discrimination - Reissued and Updated Edition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLife, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dao: Ancient Chinese Thought in Modern American Life
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMinerva's Night Out - Philosophy, Pop Culture, and Moving Pictures
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPhilosophy as a Way of Life - Ancients and Moderns
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRationality Through Reasoning
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSons of Anarchy and Philosophy: Brains Before Bullets
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSuperman and Philosophy: What Would the Man of Steel Do?
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSupernatural and Philosophy: Metaphysics and Monsters... for Idjits
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Intellectual Powers - A Study of Human Nature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology, and Philosophy of the Human Future
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookVygotsky - Philosophy and Education
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Foucault
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Ultimate South Park and Philosophy: Respect My Philosophah!
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe World's Religions in Figures - An Introductionto International Religious Demography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCoaching Psychology - A Practitioner's Guide
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookOrganizational Fit - Key Issues and New Directions
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Leadership, Change and Organizational Development
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRecovery from Eating Disorders - A Guide for Clinicians and Their Clients
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTreating Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety: A Guide for Caregivers
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookForensic CBT - A Handbook for Clinical Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Addiction Psychopharmacology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Disordered Gambling
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sex Offender Treatment and Management
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Mood Disorders 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of The Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Experimental Phenomenology - Visual Perception of Shape, Space and Appearance
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook on the Development of Children's Memory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Psychoneuroimmunology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookChildren's Moral Lives - An Ethnographic and Psychological Approach
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMinnesota Symposia on Child Psychology: Developing Cognitive Control Processes: Mechanisms, Implications, and Interventions, Volume 37
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Psychology of Retirement - Coping with the Transition from Work
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMeeting the Psychoeducational Needs of Minority Students: Evidence-Based Guidelines for School Psychologists and Other School Personnel
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookG is for Genes: The Impact of Genetics on Education and Achievement
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback - A Step-by-Step Guide for Training and Practice With Mindfulnes
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWomen and Poverty - Psychology, Public Policyand Social Justice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCulture as Embodiment - The social tuning ofbehavior
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFuture Families: Diverse Forms, Rich Possibilities
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPolitical Oratory and Cartooning: An Ethnography of Democratic Processes in Madagascar
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Paleoanthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAnthropology in the Public Arena: Historical and Contemporary Contexts
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Handbook of Practicing Anthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Anthropology of Religion
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBlood Will Out - Essays on Liquid Transfers and Flows
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Chinese Archaeology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to New Media Dynamics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Media Authorship
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGoverning Global Land Deals - The Role of the State
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Down-Deep Delight of Democracy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Cultural Geography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Creative Writing
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookInternational Handbook of Research on Children's Literacy, Learning and Culture
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDeveloping Reading Comprehension
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIntellectual Disability: Ethics, Dehumanization and a New Moral Community
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReconstituting the Curriculum
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Dyslexic Adult: Interventions and Outcomes - An Evidence-based Approach 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPlaces of Possibility - Property, Nature and Community Land Ownership
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSpatial Politics - Essays For Doreen Massey
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBanking Across Boundaries - Placing Finance in Capitalism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFashioning Globalisation - New Zealand Design, Working Women and the Cultural Economy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDunes - Dynamics, Morphology, History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookContesting the Indian City - Global Visions andthe Politics of the Local
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEveryday Moral Economies - Food, Politics and Scale in Cuba
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWorking Lives - Gender, Migration and Employmentin Britain, 1945-2007
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMaterial Politics - Disputes Along the Pipeline
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGeographical Information Retrieval in Textual Corpora
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Companies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Energy Policy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCrime and Social Policy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPandemics and Emerging Infectious Diseases - The Sociological Agenda
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEconomic Theory and the Ancient Mediterranean
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Ancient Egyptian Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Greek Democracy and the Roman Republic
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Plutarch
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Ancient Novel
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Handbook to the Reception of Ovid
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAlexander's Heirs: The Age of the Successors
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGreece: A Short History of a Long Story, 7,000 BCE to the Present
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Classical Tradition - Art, Literature, Thought
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTwo Oxen Ahead - Pre-Mechanized Farming in the Mediterranean
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Jean-Luc Godard
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Horror Film
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWhy Cultural Studies?
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Martin Scorsese
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSex, Gender and the Sacred - Reconfiguring Religion in Gender History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to American Sport History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to John F. Kennedy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Livy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Mediterranean History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Meuse-Argonne Campaign
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Reconstruction Presidents 1865-1881
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the U.S. Civil War
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThinking, Recording, and Writing History in the Ancient World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Global Historical Thought
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Chinese Linguistics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Language, Gender, and Sexuality
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Brief History of Ancient Greek
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Dictionary of Varieties of English
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLanguage and Muslim Immigrant Childhoods: The Politics of Belonging
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTemporality - Universals and Variations
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline Book1611 - Authority, Gender and the Word in Early Modern England
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookNew England Beyond Criticism - In Defense of America's First Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading Postwar British and Irish Poetry
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading the Contemporary Irish Novel 1987-2007
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Life of William Wordsworth - A Critical Biography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to J. R. R. Tolkien
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Modernist Poetry
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Translation Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA New Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookModernism Keywords
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookReading the European Novel to 1900
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Concise Companion to Psychoanalysis, Literature,and Culture
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to British Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Practical Guide to Critical Thinking: Deciding What to Do and Believe, Second Edition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Derrida
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCompanion to W.V.O. Quine
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAvatar and Philosophy: Learning to See
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDungeons & Dragons and Philosophy: Read and Gain Advantage on All Wisdom Checks
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIntelligence Unbound: The Future of Uploaded and Machine Minds
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIrrealism in Ethics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLecture on Ethics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLocke
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPhilosophical Engineering - Toward a Philosophy ofthe Web
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRe-Imagining Relationships In Education - Ethics, Politics And Practices
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Virtues of Captain America: Modern-Day Lessons on Character from a World War II Superhero
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookVeronica Mars and Philosophy: Investigating the Mysteries of Life (Which is a Bitch Until You Die)
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychologyof Training, Development, and Performance Improvement
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMindfulness and Schema Therapy - A Practical Guide
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Good Parenting Food Guide - Managing What Children Eat Without Making Food a Problem
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Schema Therapy Clinician's Guide: A Complete Resource for Building and Delivering Individual, Group and Integrated Schema Mode Treatment Programs
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Behavioral Medicine
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Positive Psychological Interventions
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Social Anxiety Disorder
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley International Handbook of Clinical Supervision
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookUnderstanding hard to maintain behaviour change - A dual process approach 1e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Solitude: Psychological Perspectives on Social Isolation, Social Withdrawal, and Being Alone
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook of Genius
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSexual Attraction in Therapy - Clinical Perspectives on Moving Beyond the Taboo - A Guidefor Training and Practice.
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Barrett-Lennard Relationship Inventory - A Complete Reference and Resource
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Operant and Classical Conditioning
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Urban Anthropology DM
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookModern Environments and Human Health: Revisiting the Second Epidemiologic Transition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Media and Mass Communication Theory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Reality Television
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of International Advertising Research
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe PR Masterclass - How to Develop a Public Relations Strategy That Works
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Development Communication and Social Change
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTransition and Justice - Negotiating the Terms of New Beginnings in Africa
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookChange Leadership in Higher Education: A Practical Guide to Academic Transformation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBeyond the Bubble Test: How Performance Assessments Support 21st Century Learning
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDesigning Teacher Evaluation Systems: New Guidance from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookNext Generation Assessment: Moving Beyond the Bubble Test to Support 21st Century Learning
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Future for Creative Writing
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookParticipatory Mapping
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSpatio-temporal Approaches: Geographic Objects and Change Process
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGeopolitics and Expertise - Knowledge and Authority in European Diplomacy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIn the Nature of Landscape - Cultural Geography onthe Norfolk Broads
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCities in Relations - Trajectories of Urban Development in Hanoi and Ouagadougou
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGuide to the English School in International Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Security Policy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Health Policy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEvidence and Evaluation in Social Policy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Families
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFrom Health Behaviours to Health Practices - Critical Perspectives
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to American Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Chinese Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSignage and Wayfinding Design: A Complete Guide to Creating Environmental Graphic Design Systems, Second Edition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAnalog und Digital 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline Bookdie welt als entwurf 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Ancient Aesthetics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Ancient Education
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Ancient Thrace
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Food in the Ancient World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Greek Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Roman Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Archaeology of Religion in the Ancient World
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGreek Historiography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Celebrity
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Popular Culture
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Contemporary French Cinema
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Hong Kong Cinema
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Robert Altman
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGender, Imperialism and Global Exchanges
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookKeywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Custer and the Little Big Horn Campaign
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Gerald R. Ford and Jimmy Carter
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Intellectual History
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Ronald Reagan
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the History of American Science
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Handbook to the Reception of Thucydides
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to Patristics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookResearch Methods in Language Policy and Planning: A Practical Guide
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Contemporary Semantic Theory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Bilingual and Multilingual Education
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Classroom Discourse and Interaction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Discourse Analysis
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of English Pronunciation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Korean Linguistics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Language Emergence
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Narrative Analysis
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Speech Production
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookLexical-Functional Syntax 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMaking Waves: The Story of Variationist Sociolinguistics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Segment in Phonetics and Phonology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookUncertain Futures: Communication and Culture in Childhood Cancer Treatment
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Modern Chinese Literature 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the English Novel
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Harlem Renaissance
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Concise Companion to the Study of Manuscripts, Printed Books, and the Production of Early Modern Texts
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline Book30 Great Myths about the Romantics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Dictionary of Postmodernism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA History of Modernist Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Room of One's Own
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBreaking the Book - Print Humanities in the Digital Age
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookIs Shakespeare any Good? - And Other Questions on How to Evaluate Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRomanticism - Keywords
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Idea of Anglo-Saxon England 1066-1901 - Remembering, Forgetting, Deciphering, and Renewing the Past
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Postcolonial Studies Dictionary
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to David Lewis
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Kierkegaard
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Locke
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Humanism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBioShock and Philosophy: Irrational Game, Rational Book
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookComprehensive Commentary on Kant's Religion Within the Bounds of Bare Reason
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHouse of Cards and Philosophy - Underwood's Republic
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPhilosophical Perspectives on Teacher Education
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Free Market Existentialist - Capitalismwithout Consumerism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Philosophy of Luck
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Physics of Theism - God, Physics, and the Philosophy of Science
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Possibility of Culture - Pleasure and Moral Development in Kant's Aesthetics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Structure of Perceptual Experience
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Ultimate Star Wars and Philosophy - You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Virtue Ethics of Hume and Nietzsche
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWho Owns You? Science, Innovation, and the Gene Patent Wars 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookWittgenstein: Opening Investigations
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Occupational Safety and Workplace Health
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology and Society
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCultural Adaptation of CBT for Serious Mental Illness - A Guide for Training and Practice
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDialectical Behavior Therapy - A Contemporary Guide for Practitioners
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSchema Therapy with Couples - A Practitioner's Guide to Healing Relationships
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHandbook of Play Therapy, 2nd Edition
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook of Eating Disorders
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscienceof Addiction
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookDetecting Deception - Current Challenges and Cognitive Approaches
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscienceof Memory
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookResearch Methods in Sign Language Studies: A Practical Guide
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology - Methods, Approaches,and New Directions for Social Sciences ces
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookResearch Methods in Clinical Psychology - An Introduction for Students and Practitioners, 3e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookACA A Counselor's Guide to Working With Men
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookACA Eating Disorders and Obesity: A Counselor's Guide to Prevention and Treatment
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookACA Counseling Around the World: An International Handbook
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMindfulness for Therapists - Understanding Mindfulness for Professional Effectiveness and Personal Well-Being
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe ACA Encyclopedia of Counseling
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookACA International Counseling Case Studies Handbook
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Dental Anthropology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Heritage Studies
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Anthropology of the Middle East
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline Book50 Great Myths of Human Sexuality
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Scientific Bases of Human Anatomy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Concise Encyclopedia of Communication
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of the Psychology of Communication Technology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCultural DNA: The Psychology of Globalization
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators, and Learners
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookStudent Learning in College Residence Halls: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to Political Geography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAfrica's Information Revolution - Technical Regimes and Production Networks in South Africaand Tanzania
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookAssembling Export Markets - The Making and Unmaking of Global Food Connections in West Africa
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookEveryday Peace? - Politics, Citizenship and Muslim Lives in India
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGlobal Displacements - The Making of Uneven Development in the Caribbean
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookGlobalised Minds, Roots in the City - Urban Upper- Middle Classes in Europe
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookMetropolitan Preoccupations - The Spatial Politicsof Squatting in Berlin
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookOrigination - The Geographies of Brands and Branding
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookUrban Land Rent - Singapore As A Property State
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPolitical Theory Without Borders
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Science, Technology, and Innovation
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Law and Society
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPublic Participation for 21st Century Democracy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookChildren, Health and Well-being - Policy Debatesand Lived Experience
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookContracting-out Welfare Services - Comparing National Policy Designs for Unemployment Assistance
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookNew Perspectives on Health, Disability, Welfareand the Labour Market
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Etruscans
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Josephus
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Roman Italy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPeace in the Ancient World: Concepts and Theories
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the Flavian Age of Imperial Rome
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Popular Culture
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Wong Kar-wai
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to the History of Science
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookSociolinguistic Styles
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFormalizing Natural Languages: The NooJ Approach
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPractical Corpus Linguistics: An Introduction to Corpus-Based Language Analysis
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookResearch Methods in Intercultural Communication: A Practical Guide
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Virginia Woolf
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Feminist Companion to Shakespeare 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA New Companion to Milton
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Life of D. H. Lawrence
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA New Companion to Digital Humanities 2e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Blackwell Companion to Naturalism
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookPhilosophy East/West - Exploring Intersectionsbetween Educational and Contemplative Practices
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Ayn Rand
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookCitizenship for the Learning Society - Europe, Subjectivity, and Educational Research
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Blackwell Companion to Hermeneutics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFour Arts of Photography
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to European Union Law and International Law
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookScience Fiction and Philosophy: From Time Travel to Superintelligence
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookBlack is Beautiful - A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Ways We Think - From the Straits of Reason tothe Possibilities of Thought
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookTranscending Subjects - Augustine, Hegel, and Theology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to Ancient Israel
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Sociology of Islam - Knowledge, Power and Civility
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to World Christianity
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Primate Origins of Human Nature
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Digital Art
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookFrom World City to the World in One City - Liverpool through Malay Lives
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookArticulations of Capital - Global Production Networks and Regional Transformations
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Wiley Handbook of Learning Technology
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookHow to Succeed in College and Beyond - The Art of Learning
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookNothing Personal? Geographies of Governing and Activism in the British Asylum System
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookRehearsing the State - The Political Practices ofthe Tibetan Government-in-Exile
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Dictionary of Physical Geography 4e
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Education Policy
Humanities & Social SciencesOnline BookA Companion to Dada and Surrealism
LawOnline BookA Contractor's Guide to the FIDIC Conditions of Contract
LawOnline BookA Practical Guide to the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract
LawOnline BookBuilding Contract Claims 5e
LawOnline BookConstruction Claims & Responses - Effective Writing and Presentation
LawOnline BookConstruction Law: An Introduction for Engineers, Architects, and Contractors
LawOnline BookA Practical Guide to the NEC3 Professional Services Contract
LawOnline BookHow to Invent and Protect Your Invention: A Guideto Patents for Scientists and Engineers
LawOnline BookBuilding Contract Casebook
LawOnline BookTwo Hundred Contractual Problems and their Solutions
LawOnline BookAn Employer's and Engineer's Guide to the FIDIC Conditions of Contract
LawOnline BookA Companion to American Legal History
LawOnline BookInternational Construction Contracts - A Handbook
LawOnline BookDesign Liability in the Construction Industry 5e
LawOnline BookHOAI 2013 - Praxisleitfaden für Ingenieure und Architekten
LawOnline BookMining Law & Regulatory Practice in Indonesia: A Primary Reference Source
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LawOnline BookMacRoberts on Scottish Construction Contracts 3e
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LawOnline BookThe FIDIC Contracts - Obligations of the Parties
LawOnline BookThe JCT Standard Building Contract 2011
LawOnline BookThe Handbook of Criminological Theory
LawOnline BookThe Handbook of Deviance
LawOnline BookThe Handbook of Drugs and Society
LawOnline BookThe Handbook of Gangs
LawOnline BookThe Handbook of Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
LawOnline BookPractical Guide to Construction Adjudication
LawOnline BookPractical Guide to Disruption and Productivity Loss on Construction and Engineering Projects
LawOnline BookDelay Analysis in Construction Contracts 2e
LawOnline BookFIDIC Plant and Design-Build Forms of Contract Illustrated
LawOnline BookInternational Construction Contract Law
LawOnline BookThe JCT 2011 Building Sub-contracts 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookForest Products and Wood Science 6e
Life ScienceOnline BookSustaining Soil Productivity in Response to Global Climate Change
Life ScienceOnline BookSoil Genesis and Classification
Life ScienceOnline BookThe molecular basis of nutrient use efficiency incrops
Life ScienceOnline BookCrop Adaptation to Climate Change
Life ScienceOnline BookImmunoassays in Agricultural Biotechnology
Life ScienceOnline BookNext Generation Sequencing and Whole Genome Selection in Aquaculture
Life ScienceOnline BookA History of Aquaculture
Life ScienceOnline BookEcosystem Based Fisheries Management in the Western Pacific
Life ScienceOnline BookLarval Fish Nutrition oBook
Life ScienceOnline BookShellfish Aquaculture and the Environment
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Economics of Salmon Aquaculture
Life ScienceOnline BookRecent Advances and New Species in Aquaculture
Life ScienceOnline BookFish Cognition and Behavior
Life ScienceOnline BookWorld Fisheries - A Social-Ecological Analysis
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Alcoholic Beverages - Technical, Analytical and Nutritional Aspects
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Food Safety Engineering
Life ScienceOnline BookNatural Food Flavors and Colorants
Life ScienceOnline BookDairy Ingredients for Food Processing
Life ScienceOnline BookFunctional Foods, Nutraceuticals and Degenerative Disease Prevention
Life ScienceOnline BookProbiotics and Health Claims
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Processing Handbook 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookComputer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images - An Introduction 4e
Life ScienceOnline BookTime Series Analysis in Meteorology and Climatology - An Introduction
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Atmosphere and Ocean Introduction 3e
Life ScienceOnline BookForecast Verification - A Practioner's Guide in Atmospheric Science 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookNavigating Graduate School and Beyond: A Career Guide for Graduate Students and a Must Read for Every Advisor
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Weather Almanac: A Reference Guide to Weather, Climate, and Related Issues in the United Statesand Its Key Cities, 12th Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookAbrupt Climate Change: Mechanisms, Patterns, and Impacts
Life ScienceOnline BookOpening Space Research: Dreams, Technology, and Discovery
Life ScienceOnline BookEconomic Geology - Principles and Practice
Life ScienceOnline BookMapping the Chemical Environment of Urban Areas
Life ScienceOnline BookField Geophysics 4e
Life ScienceOnline BookThermo-Hydromechanical and Chemical Coupling in Geomaterials and Applications: Proceedings of the3rd International Symposium GeoProc'2008
Life ScienceOnline BookStream Restoration in Dynamic Fluvial Systems: Scientific Approaches, Analyses, and Tools
Life ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Hazards and Disasters - Contexts, Perspectives and Management
Life ScienceOnline BookFlood Risk Science and Management
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Erosion Modelling
Life ScienceOnline BookA Guide to the Economic Removal of Metals from Aqueous Solutions
Life ScienceOnline BookBiophysico-Chemical Processes of Anthropogenic Organic Compounds in Environmental Systems
Life ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Mercury
Life ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Scanning and Sustainable Development
Life ScienceOnline BookChanging Cold Environments - A Canadian Perspective
Life ScienceOnline BookModeling Uncertainty in the Earth Sciences
Life ScienceOnline BookSex, Stress and Reproductive Success
Life ScienceOnline BookAnimal Cell Culture - Essential Methods
Life ScienceOnline BookCancer Risk Evaluation - Methods and Trends
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Biodegradable Polymers - Isolation, Synthesis, Characterization and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Bioplastics and Biocomposites Engineering Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookProtein Purification: Principles, High Resolution Methods, and Applications, 3rd edition
Life ScienceOnline BookCellular Domains
Life ScienceOnline BookPrimary and Stem Cells: Gene Transfer Technologies and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookRenewable Polymers: Synthesis, Processing, and Technology
Life ScienceOnline BookOxidative Stress in Vertebrates and Invertebrates: Molecular Aspects of Cell Signaling
Life ScienceOnline BookImmunology - Mucosal and Body Surface Defences
Life ScienceOnline BookPractical Enzymology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookBiodegradable Polymers in Clinical Development and Use
Life ScienceOnline BookBiopolymers - New Materials for Sustainable Filmsand Coatings
Life ScienceOnline BookBiopolymers: Biomedical and Environmental Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookBSL3 and BSL4 Agents - Antigenicity
Life ScienceOnline BookHormones in Neurodegeneration, Neuroprotection,and Neurogenesis
Life ScienceOnline BookMelanins and Melanosomes - Biosynthesis, Biogenesis, Physiological and Pathological Functions
Life ScienceOnline BookProduction of Membrane Proteins - Strategies for Expression and Isolation
Life ScienceOnline BookApplied Urban Ecology - a global framework
Life ScienceOnline BookConservation of Tropical Birds
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Ecology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookMicrobial Ecology
Life ScienceOnline BookDesertification, Land Degradation and Sustainability - Paradigms, Processed, Principlesand Policies
Life ScienceOnline BookHow to be a Quantitative Ecologist - The 'A to R'of Green Mathematics and Statistics
Life ScienceOnline BookCommunity Ecology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookTropical Rain Forests - An Ecological and Biogeographical Comparison
Life ScienceOnline BookCentral European Stream Ecosystems - The Long Term Study of the Breitenbach
Life ScienceOnline BookPhylogenetics - The Theory and Practice of Phylogenetic Systematics 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookEvo-Devo of Child Growth: Treatise on Child Growth and Human Evolution
Life ScienceOnline BookHuman Bioarchaeology of the Transition to Agriculture
Life ScienceOnline BookResearch Ethics for Scientists - A Companion for Students
Life ScienceOnline BookApicomplexan Parasites - Molecular Approaches Toward Targeted Drug Development
Life ScienceOnline BookEcology and Evolution of Dung Beetles
Life ScienceOnline BookEffective Learning in the Life Sciences - How Students can Achieve their Full Potential
Life ScienceOnline BookEthnobiology
Life ScienceOnline BookForest Entomology - A Global Perspective
Life ScienceOnline BookGetting Published in the Life Sciences
Life ScienceOnline BookRoyal Entomological Society Book of British Insects
Life ScienceOnline BookApplied Statistics for Network Biology - Methodsin System Biology
Life ScienceOnline BookGenome Organization And Function In The Cell Nucleus
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Analysis and Genome Discovery 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookSystems Biology and Livestock Science
Life ScienceOnline BookBreeding for Fruit Quality
Life ScienceOnline BookAnnual Plant Reviews - Biology of Plant Metabolomics V43
Life ScienceOnline BookA Geographic Guide to Infectious Diseases
Life ScienceOnline BookPractical Guide Mechanical Ventilation
Life ScienceOnline BookFundamental Medical Mycology
Life ScienceOnline BookLyme Borrelioss in Europe and North America: Epidemiology and Clinical Practice
Life ScienceOnline BookStudies in Viral Ecology: Animal Host Systems
Life ScienceOnline BookStudies in Viral Ecology: Microbial and Botanical Host Systems
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology I: Metagenomics and Complementary Approaches
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Molecular Microbial Ecology II: Metagenomics in Different Habitats
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Techniques for the Study of Hospital Acquired Infection
Life ScienceOnline BookBacteria: The Benign, The Bad, and The Beautiful
Life ScienceOnline BookWater and Sanitation-Related Diseases and the Environment: Challenges, Interventions, and Preventive Measures
Life ScienceOnline BookFungi - Biology and Applications 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookBuilding Brains - An Introduction to Neural Development
Life ScienceOnline BookFrom DNA to Social Cognition
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Marine Macroalgaie: Biotechnologyand Applied Phycology
Life ScienceOnline BookEcological Aspects of Nitrogen Metabolism in Plants
Life ScienceOnline BookEffectors in Plant-Microbe Interactions
Life ScienceOnline BookForest Growth and Yield Modeling
Life ScienceOnline BookHorticultural Reviews, Volume 39
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Biomass Conversion
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Breeding Reviews, Volume 35
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Polysaccharides
Life ScienceOnline BookMethods in Animal Proteomics
Life ScienceOnline BookOrganic Crop Breeding
Life ScienceOnline BookCrop Post-Harvest - Science and Technology - Perishables
Life ScienceOnline BookFungi and Lignocellulosic Biomass
Life ScienceOnline BookAquaculture Biotechnology
Life ScienceOnline BookFish Pathology
Life ScienceOnline BookAquaculture Production Systems
Life ScienceOnline BookAquaculture Pond Fertilization: Impacts of Nutrient Input on Production
Life ScienceOnline BookFunctional Genomics in Aquaculture
Life ScienceOnline BookAquaculture - Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants2e
Life ScienceOnline BookAquaculture and Behavior
Life ScienceOnline BookProduct Innovation Toolbox: A Field Guide to Consumer Understanding and Research
Life ScienceOnline BookThe BRC Global Standard for Food Safety - A Guideto a Successful Audit
Life ScienceOnline BookCoffee: Emerging Health Effects and Disease Prevention
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Oral Processing - Fundamentals of Eating and Sensory Perception
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Meat, Poultry and Seafood Quality 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Sustainability for the Food Sciences
Life ScienceOnline BookNanotechnology Research Methods for Foods and Bioproducts
Life ScienceOnline BookOrganic Meat Production and Processing
Life ScienceOnline BookDecontamination of Fresh and Minimally Processed Produce
Life ScienceOnline BookAnalysis of Antioxidant-Rich Phytochemicals
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Seafood Industry: Species, Products, Processing, and Safety
Life ScienceOnline BookChemistry of Food Additives and Preservatives
Life ScienceOnline BookAnalytical Methods for Food and Dairy Powders
Life ScienceOnline BookOzone in Food Processing
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Biochemistry and Food Processing, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Materials Science and Engineering
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Irradiation Research and Technology
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Food Process Design
Life ScienceOnline BookGeotrekking in Southeastern Arabia: A Guide to Locations of World-Class Geology
Life ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Geobiology
Life ScienceOnline BookSediments, Morphology and Sedimentary Processes on Continental Shelves - Advances in Technologies, Research and Applications (SP44)
Life ScienceOnline BookWetland Environments - A Global Perspective
Life ScienceOnline BookHydrology and the Management of Watersheds, Fourth Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookCrystallography and Crystal Defects 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookRiver Conservation and Management
Life ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Environmental Engineering
Life ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Transport Processes, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookBiological Sludge Minimization and Biomaterials/Bioenergy Recovery Technologies
Life ScienceOnline BookElements of Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookBioremediation and Sustainability: Research and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookGlobal Environmental Issues 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookVerhalten und Abbau von Umweltchemikalien 2e - Physikalisch-chemische Grundlagen
Life ScienceOnline BookAtlas of Developmental Field Anomalies of the Human Skeleton: A Paleopathology Perspective
Life ScienceOnline BookIntegrated Endocrinology
Life ScienceOnline BookReplacing Animal Models - A Practical Guide to Creating and Using Culture-based Biomimetic Alternatives
Life ScienceOnline BookAmino Acid Metabolism 3e
Life ScienceOnline BookAntimicrobial Polymers
Life ScienceOnline BookProtein Oxidation and Aging
Life ScienceOnline BookPharmaceutical Biotechnology 2e - Drug Discoveryand Clinical Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookEssentials of Pharmaceutical Preformulation
Life ScienceOnline BookEvolutionary Biology, Cell-Cell Communication, and Complex Disease
Life ScienceOnline BookNMR of Biomolecules - Towards Mechanistic Systems Biology
Life ScienceOnline BookOxidation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins: Kinetics and Mechanism
Life ScienceOnline BookProtein and Peptide Folding, Misfolding, and Non-Folding
Life ScienceOnline BookSynthetic Biology - Industrial and Environmental Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookTherapeutic Proteins - Strategies to Modulate Their Plasma Half-lives
Life ScienceOnline BookReIntroduction Biology: Integrating Science and Management
Life ScienceOnline BookStream and Watershed Restoration - a Guide to Restoring Riverine Processes and Habitats
Life ScienceOnline BookStructured Decision Making - A Practical Guide to Environmental Management Choices
Life ScienceOnline BookWildlife Search and Rescue - A Guide for First Responders
Life ScienceOnline BookEstuarine Ecology, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookPollutants, The Environment and Human Health
Life ScienceOnline BookMetabolic Ecology - A Scaling Approach
Life ScienceOnline BookHuman Population Genetics
Life ScienceOnline BookSystematics: A Course of Lectures
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Evolutionary Strategies that Shape Ecosystems
Life ScienceOnline BookDo Species Exist? Classification
Life ScienceOnline BookEssential Guide to Reading Biomedical Papers - Recognising and Interpreting Best Practice
Life ScienceOnline BookHaving Success with NSF: A Practical Guide
Life ScienceOnline BookA Guide to Academia: Getting Into and Surviving Grad School, Postdocs and a Research Job
Life ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookEcology and Behaviour of the Ladybird Beetles(Coccinellidae)
Life ScienceOnline BookHuman Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookInsect Outbreaks Revisited
Life ScienceOnline BookMicrocirculation Imaging
Life ScienceOnline BookParasitic Helminths - Targets, Screens, Drugs and Vaccines
Life ScienceOnline BookDictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookBiodiversity and Insect Pests: Key Issues for Sustainable Management
Life ScienceOnline BookAlternative pre-mRNA Splicing - Theory and Protocols
Life ScienceOnline BookForward-Time Population Genetics Simulations: Methods, Implementation, and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookDictionary of DNA and Genome Technology 3e
Life ScienceOnline BookLivestock Epigenetics
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular and Cellular Therapeutics
Life ScienceOnline BookStatistical Modelling of Molecular Descriptors in QSAR/QSPR
Life ScienceOnline BookTag-based Next Generation Sequencing
Life ScienceOnline BookBovine Genomics
Life ScienceOnline BookBSL3 and BSL4 Agents - Epidemiology, Microbiologyand Practical Guidelines
Life ScienceOnline BookA Practical Guide to Decontamination in Healthcare
Life ScienceOnline BookAtlas of Human Infectious Diseases
Life ScienceOnline BookBiocomplexity of Plant-Fungal Interactions
Life ScienceOnline BookEvolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes
Life ScienceOnline BookExtremophiles: Sustainable Resources and Biotechnological Implications
Life ScienceOnline BookImmunity to Parasitic Infection
Life ScienceOnline BookLocal Planning for Terror and Disaster: From Bioterrorism to Earthquakes
Life ScienceOnline BookReverse Genetics of RNA Viruses: Applications and Perspectives
Life ScienceOnline BookA Concise Manual of Pathogenic Microbiology
Life ScienceOnline BookMicrobes: Concepts and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookFungal Infection - Diagnosis and Management
Life ScienceOnline BookVaccinology - Principles and Practice
Life ScienceOnline BookCommunicable Disease Control and Health Protection Handbook 3e
Life ScienceOnline BookAnnual Plant Reviews - The Plant Hormone Ethylene Volume 44
Life ScienceOnline BookHorticultural Reviews, Volume 40
Life ScienceOnline BookPhloem: Molecular Cell Biology, Systemic Communication, Biotic Interactions
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Breeding Reviews Volume 36
Life ScienceOnline BookRecent Advances in Polyphenol Research V3
Life ScienceOnline BookRoot Genomics and Soil Interactions
Life ScienceOnline BookPrinciples of Plant Genetics and Breeding 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Gene Containment
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Markers in Plants
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Plant Immunity
Life ScienceOnline BookImproving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stress
Life ScienceOnline BookFeed Efficiency in the Beef Industry
Life ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Physiology of Livestock
Life ScienceOnline BookWeed Anatomy
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Microalgal Culture - Applied Phycology and Biotechnology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookMethods for Study of Marine Benthos 4e
Life ScienceOnline BookAquaculture Engineering
Life ScienceOnline BookGlobal Challenges in Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Life ScienceOnline BookLobsters - Biology, Management, Aquaculture and Fisheries 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookStatistical Methods for Food Science - Introductory procedures for the food practitioner2e
Life ScienceOnline BookFood & Drink - Good Manufacturing Practice - A Guide to its Responsible Management (GMP6)
Life ScienceOnline BookGuide to Foodborne Pathogens 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookGuide to US Food Laws and Regulations 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Food Science and Nutrition, Volume 2
Life ScienceOnline BookDried Fruits: Phytochemicals and Health Effects
Life ScienceOnline BookEncyclopaedia of Brewing
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Paper and Paperboard Packaging Technology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Dairy Ingredients
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Plant Food Phytochemicals - Sources, Stability and Extraction
Life ScienceOnline BookMilk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition - Production, Composition and Health
Life ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Food Science and Technology, Volume 1
Life ScienceOnline BookFire Phenomena and the Earth System - An Interdisciplinary Guide to Fire Science
Life ScienceOnline BookEntropy Theory and its Application in Environmental and Water Engineering
Life ScienceOnline BookClimates, Landscapes and Civilizations
Life ScienceOnline BookOperational Weather Forecasting
Life ScienceOnline BookPhysics and Chemistry of the Deep Earth
Life ScienceOnline BookAirborne Measurements for Environmental Research - Methods and Instruments
Life ScienceOnline BookEcology and Management of Forest Soils 4e
Life ScienceOnline BookClimatic Change and Global Warming of Inland Waters - Impacts and Mitigation for Ecosystems and Societies
Life ScienceOnline BookClimate Adaptation Futures
Life ScienceOnline BookClimate Change Adaptation in Practice - fromstrategy development to implementation
Life ScienceOnline BookTrace Metals in Aquatic Systems
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Climate and Environment Policy
Life ScienceOnline BookOdour Impact Assessment Handbook
Life ScienceOnline BookImpact Assessment: Practical Solutions to Recurrent Problems and Contemporary Challenges, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Trace Analysis - Techniques and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookMALDI MS 2e - A Practical Guide to Instrumentation, Methods and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Biopolymer-Based Materials
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Handbook of Plant Metabolomics
Life ScienceOnline BookExtreme Tissue Engineering
Life ScienceOnline BookPolyploid and Hybrid Genomics
Life ScienceOnline BookStem Cell Therapeutics for Cancer
Life ScienceOnline BookStem Cells in Craniofacial Development and Regeneration
Life ScienceOnline BookInhalation Drug Delivery - Techniques and Products
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Pharmacology - From DNA to Drug Design
Life ScienceOnline BookBiotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals: Transforming Proteins and Genes into Drugs, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookModern Biopharmaceuticals
Life ScienceOnline BookAmyloid Fibrils and Prefibrillar Aggregates - Molecular and Biological Properties
Life ScienceOnline BookAtlas of Living Cell Cultures
Life ScienceOnline BookBio-based Plastics - Materials and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookBiopolymer Nanocomposites: Processing, Properties, and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookFusion Protein Technologies for Biopharmaceuticals: Applications and Challenges
Life ScienceOnline BookMinicircle and Miniplasmid DNA Vectors - The Future of Non-Viral and Viral Gene Transfer
Life ScienceOnline BookPerinatal Stem Cells, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookPharmaceutical Emulsions - A Drug Developer's Toolbag
Life ScienceOnline BookPrimer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism
Life ScienceOnline BookProtein Kinase CK2 (The Wiley-IUBMB Series on Biochemistry and
Life ScienceOnline BookChemical Ecology of Insect Parasitoids
Life ScienceOnline BookBiodiversity Conservation and Poverty Alleviation: Exploring the Evidence for a Link
Life ScienceOnline BookVegetation Ecology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookBiodiversity Monitoring and Conservation - Bridging the Gap Between Global Commitment and Local Action
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Webs and Biodiversity - Foundations, Models, Data
Life ScienceOnline BookEcosystem Services in Agricultural and Urban Landscapes
Life ScienceOnline BookData Analysis in Vegetation Ecology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookConservation Biology - Voices from the Tropics
Life ScienceOnline BookAlternative Ecological Risk Assessment - An Innovative Approach to Understanding Ecological Assessments for Contaminated Sites
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Origins of Modern Humans: Biology Reconsidered
Life ScienceOnline BookFluorescence Microscopy - From Physical Background to Biological Application
Life ScienceOnline BookTrypanosomatid Diseases - Molecular Routes toward Drug Discovery
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Agricultural Entomology
Life ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Network Complexity
Life ScienceOnline BookAnnual Plant Reviews, Volume 45 - The Evolution of Plant Form
Life ScienceOnline BookEquine Genomics
Life ScienceOnline BookPosttranscriptional Gene Regulation - RNA Processing in Eukaryotes
Life ScienceOnline BookStatistical Diagnostics for Cancer - Analyzing High-Dimensional Data
Life ScienceOnline BookTranslational Genomics for Crop Breeding: Biotic Stress
Life ScienceOnline BookTranslational Genomics for Crop Breeding: Abiotic Stress, Yield and Quality
Life ScienceOnline BookWorking in Biosafety Level 3 and 4 Laboratories - A Practical Introduction
Life ScienceOnline BookPrinciples and Practice of Travel Medicine 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookTextbook of Influenza 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookEmerging Epidemics: Management and Control
Life ScienceOnline BookInfectious Disease Surveillance 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookViral Infections and Global Change
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Human Microbiota: How Microbial Communities Affect Health and Disease
Life ScienceOnline BookPrinciples and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation and Sterilization
Life ScienceOnline BookIdentification of Pathogenic Fungi
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Ecological Genomics of Fungi
Life ScienceOnline BookAnnual Plant Reviews, Volume 46 - Plant Nuclear Structure, Genome Architecture and Gene Regulation
Life ScienceOnline BookHorticultural Reviews Volume 41
Life ScienceOnline BookImproving Crop Productivity in Sustainable Agriculture
Life ScienceOnline BookImproving Water and Nutrient-Use Efficiency in Food Production Systems
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Breeding Reviews Volume 37
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Centromere Biology
Life ScienceOnline BookSoil Conditions and Plant Growth
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Transposons and Genome Dynamics in Evolution
Life ScienceOnline BookSeed Genomics
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Fruit Ripening
Life ScienceOnline BookBioenergy Feedstocks:
Life ScienceOnline BookBiofuel Crop Sustainability
Life ScienceOnline BookOocyte Physiology and Development in Domestic Animals
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Science of Meat Quality
Life ScienceOnline BookSustainable Swine Nutrition
Life ScienceOnline BookBiofouling Methods
Life ScienceOnline BookFruit and Vegetables - Harvesting, Handling and Storage - 2 Vol Set
Life ScienceOnline BookSugarcane: Physiology, Biochemistry, and Funcational Biology
Life ScienceOnline BookPesticide Application Methods
Life ScienceOnline BookBiorenewable Resources: Engineering New Products from Agriculture
Life ScienceOnline BookCrop Variety Trials: Data Management and Analysis
Life ScienceOnline BookPesticide Risk Assessment for Pollinators
Life ScienceOnline BookInduced Resistance for Plant Defense - A Sustainable Approach to Crop Protection 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookAquaculture Nutrition - Gut Health, Probioticsand Prebiotics
Life ScienceOnline BookFish Vaccination
Life ScienceOnline BookSymbiosis in Fishes: The Biology of Interspecific Partnerships
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Industry Design, Technology and Innovation
Life ScienceOnline BookGlobal Food Security and Supply
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Perfect Meal - The Multisensory Science of Food and Dining
Life ScienceOnline BookCellulose and Cellulose Derivatives in the Food Industry - Fundamentals and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookDNA Methods in Food Safety - Molecular Typing of Foodborne and Waterborne Bacterial Pathogens
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Processing - Principles and Applications, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookMathematical and Statistical Methods in Food Science and Technology
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Handbook
Life ScienceOnline BookFunctional Foods and Dietary Supplements - Processing Effects and Health Benefits
Life ScienceOnline BookSeafood Processing - Technology, Quality and Safety
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Chemical Hazard Detection - Development and Application of New Technologies
Life ScienceOnline BookMilk and Dairy Products as Functional Foods
Life ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Crystal Growth and Characterization
Life ScienceOnline Book35 Seasons of U.S. Antarctic Meteorites (1976-2010): A Pictorial Guide To The Collection
Life ScienceOnline BookCoastal Environments and Global Change
Life ScienceOnline BookEcosystem Sustainability and Adaptation
Life ScienceOnline BookMarine Coastal and Water Pollutions
Life ScienceOnline BookOcean in the Earth System
Life ScienceOnline BookRock Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy
Life ScienceOnline BookCritical Metals Handbook
Life ScienceOnline BookFuture Earth -- Advancing Civic Understanding of the Anthropocene
Life ScienceOnline BookEarthquakes - Models, Statistics, Testable Forecasts
Life ScienceOnline BookModeling Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Flow: Insights from Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Simulations
Life ScienceOnline BookDesalination: Water from Water
Life ScienceOnline BookLife Cycle Assessment (LCA) - A Guide to Best Practice
Life ScienceOnline BookWater Efficiency in Buildings - Theory and Practice
Life ScienceOnline BookTransformation Products of Emerging Contaminantsin the Environment - Analysis, Processes, Occurrence, Effects and Risks
Life ScienceOnline BookGIS Based Chemical Fate Modeling: Principles and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookAerosol Science - Technology and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookMicrobiology of Drinking Water Production and Distribution
Life ScienceOnline BookWater Pollution Control
Life ScienceOnline BookApplied Studies in Climate Adaptation
Life ScienceOnline BookCementitious Materials for Nuclear Waste Immobilization
Life ScienceOnline BookLandwirtschaft und Naturschutz
Life ScienceOnline BookVulnerability of Land Systems in Asia
Life ScienceOnline BookUltrastructure Atlas Of Human Tissues
Life ScienceOnline BookGlobal New Drug Development - An Introduction
Life ScienceOnline BookA Practical Guide to the Histology of the Mouse
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Therapeutic Antibodies 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Aspects of Aging: Understanding Lung Aging
Life ScienceOnline BookCancer Stem Cells
Life ScienceOnline BookCell and Molecular Biology and Imaging of Stem Cells
Life ScienceOnline BookIndustrial Scale Suspension Culture of Living Cells
Life ScienceOnline BookProteins - Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookRibosome-inactivating Proteins: Ricin and Related Proteins
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Chemistry of Bio-based Polymers
Life ScienceOnline BookCannabinoids
Life ScienceOnline BookEx-vivo and In-vivo Optical Molecular Pathology
Life ScienceOnline BookFrom Physics to Daily Life - Applications in Biology, Medicine and Healthcare
Life ScienceOnline BookOutstanding Marine Molecules - Chemistry, Biology, Analysis
Life ScienceOnline BookProtein Aggregation in Bacteria: Functional and Structural Properties of Inclusion Bodies in Bacterial Cells
Life ScienceOnline BookProtein Families: Relating Protein Sequence, Structure, and Function
Life ScienceOnline BookSustainable Plastics: Environmental Assessments of Biobased, Biodegradable, and Recycled Plastics
Life ScienceOnline BookTherapeutic Fc-Fusion Proteins
Life ScienceOnline BookElephants and Savanna Woodland Ecosystems - A Study from Chobe National Park, Botswana
Life ScienceOnline BookClimate Change:
Life ScienceOnline BookGenotype-by-Environment Interactions and Sexual Selection
Life ScienceOnline BookThin on the Ground: Neandertal Biology, Archeology, and Ecology
Life ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Life ScienceOnline BookForensic Photography - A Practitioner's Guide
Life ScienceOnline BookDevelopmental Genomics of Ascidians
Life ScienceOnline BookImaging Marine Life - Modern Imaging Techniques in Marine Biology
Life ScienceOnline BookInsect Histology - Practical Laboratory Techniques
Life ScienceOnline BookProtein Phosphorylation in Parasites - Novel Targets for Antiparasitic Intervention
Life ScienceOnline BookWnt Signaling in Development and Disease: Molecular Mechanisms and Biological Functions
Life ScienceOnline BookPain Genetics: Basic to Translational Science
Life ScienceOnline BookCytogenetic Abnormalities: Chromosomal, FISH and Microarray-Based Clinical Reporting
Life ScienceOnline BookMicroRNAs in Medicine
Life ScienceOnline BookOmics in Plant Breeding
Life ScienceOnline BookConcepts and Methods in Infectious Disease Sureveillance
Life ScienceOnline BookCyanobacteria - An Economic Perspective
Life ScienceOnline BookEvidence-Based Neonatal Infections
Life ScienceOnline BookMicrosporidia: Pathogens of Opportunity
Life ScienceOnline BookNatural Products: Discourse, Diversity, and Design
Life ScienceOnline BookAnnual Plant Reviews V 47 - Insect-Plant Interactions
Life ScienceOnline BookMycotoxin Reduction in Grain Chains
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Breeding Reviews Volume 38
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Cell Wall Patterning and Cell Shape
Life ScienceOnline BookTemperature and Plant Development
Life ScienceOnline BookRecent Advances in Polyphenol Research Volume 4
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Abiotic Stress, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookHorticultural Reviews Volume 42
Life ScienceOnline BookClimate Change and Plant Abiotic Stress Tolerance
Life ScienceOnline BookEcological Biochemistry - Environmental and Interspecies Interactions
Life ScienceOnline BookXenopus Development
Life ScienceOnline BookPesticides - Health, Safety and the Environment 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookCrop Wild Relatives and Climate Change
Life ScienceOnline BookLegumes under Environmental Stress - Yield, Improvement and Adaptations
Life ScienceOnline BookPhysiological Responses of Plants to Attack
Life ScienceOnline BookQuinoa: Sustainable Production, Variety Improvement, and Nutritive Value in Agroecological Systems
Life ScienceOnline BookScience and the Garden - The Scientific Basis of Horticultural Practice, 3e
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Oil Palm 5e
Life ScienceOnline BookAquaculture Ecosystems - Adaptability and Suistainability
Life ScienceOnline BookDietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health
Life ScienceOnline BookFreshwater Fisheries Ecology
Life ScienceOnline BookThe 10 Principles of Food Industry Sustainability
Life ScienceOnline BookHow Flavor Works? The Science of Taste and Aroma
Life ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Food Biotechnology
Life ScienceOnline BookBiofilms in the Dairy Industry
Life ScienceOnline BookBiofilms in the Food Environment, Second Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookDairy Processing and Quality Assurance 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Food Biotechnology 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Mineral Elements in Food
Life ScienceOnline BookRadiative Transfer in Coupled Environmental Systems - An Introduction to Forward and Inverse Modeling
Life ScienceOnline BookPetrophysics - A Practical Guide
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Seismoelectric Method - Theory and Application
Life ScienceOnline BookTheory and Application of Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Methods
Life ScienceOnline BookClimate Change and Energy - A Framework for a Sustainable Future
Life ScienceOnline BookMeteorological Measurements and Instrumentation
Life ScienceOnline BookProgress in Modern Hydrology - Past, Present and Future
Life ScienceOnline BookSea Ice: Physics and Remote Sensing
Life ScienceOnline BookGlobal Vegetation Dynamics: Concepts and Applications in the MC1 Model
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Sea Level Research
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Oil Spill Science and Technology
Life ScienceOnline BookBioenergy from Dendromass for the Sustainable Development of Rural Areas
Life ScienceOnline BookSeismic Loads
Life ScienceOnline BookSpatial and Spatio-Temporal Geostatistical Modeling and Kriging
Life ScienceOnline BookSustainability Policy: Hastening the Transition to a Cleaner Economy
Life ScienceOnline BookPrinciples of Stem Cell Biology and Cancer - Future Applications and Therapeutics
Life ScienceOnline BookManufacturing of Pharmaceutical Proteins - From Technology to Economy 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookNeural Stem Cell Assays
Life ScienceOnline BookStem Cell Nanoengineering
Life ScienceOnline BookAtherosclerosis: Risks, Mechanisms and Therapies
Life ScienceOnline BookLayer-by-Layer Films for Biomedical Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookMatrix Metalloproteinase Biology
Life ScienceOnline BookPolymers in Regenerative Medicine: Biomedical Applications from Nano- to Macro-Structures
Life ScienceOnline BookSurface Modification of Biopolymers
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Retinoids: Biology, Biochemistry, and Disease
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Road Ecology
Life ScienceOnline BookDictionary of Human Evolution
Life ScienceOnline BookDiscovery-Based Learning in the Life Sciences
Life ScienceOnline BookNetworking for Nerds: Find, Access and Land Hidden Game-Changing Career Opportunities Everywhere
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Braconid and Ichneumonid Parasitoid Wasps - Biology, Systematics, Evolution and Ecology
Life ScienceOnline BookWomen in the Geosciences: Practical, Positive Practices Toward Parity
Life ScienceOnline BookModern Techniques for Pathogen Detection
Life ScienceOnline BookLandscape Genetics - Concepts, Methods, Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookGenetic Disorders and the Fetus: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Genes, Genomes and Genetics
Life ScienceOnline BookVaccinology - An Essential Guide
Life ScienceOnline BookAutophagy, Infection, and the Immune Response
Life ScienceOnline BookBats and Viruses: From Pathogen Discovery to Host Genomics
Life ScienceOnline BookBiological Nitrogen Fixation
Life ScienceOnline BookBio-Nanoparticles:Biosynthesis and Sustainable Biotechnological Implications
Life ScienceOnline BookBone and Joint Infections: From Microbiology to Diagnostics and Treatment
Life ScienceOnline BookEssentials of Travel Medicine
Life ScienceOnline BookFungal Biomolecules - Sources, Applications and Recent Developments
Life ScienceOnline BookVaccines and Autoimmunity
Life ScienceOnline BookBrain Stimulation: Methodologies and Interventions
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Olfaction and Gustation, Third Edition
Life ScienceOnline BookAlternative Respiratory Pathways in Higher Plants
Life ScienceOnline BookAnnual Plant Reviews, Volume 48 - Phosphorus Metabolism in Plants
Life ScienceOnline BookHorticultural Reviews Volume 43
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Mechanisms in Plant Adaptation
Life ScienceOnline BookPhotosynthesis: New Approaches to the Molecular, Cellular, and Organismal Levels
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant Breeding Reviews Volume 39
Life ScienceOnline BookOxidative Stress and Antioxidant Protection: Science of Free Radical Biology & Disease
Life ScienceOnline BookFish Reproductive Biology - Implications forassessment and management
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Common Fisheries Policy - The Quest for Sustainability
Life ScienceOnline BookDiseases of Coral
Life ScienceOnline BookChemistry and Technology of Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices 3e
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Seal Integrity in the Food Industry
Life ScienceOnline BookSustainable Retail Refrigeration
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Food Science and Technology 1: Food Alteration and Food Quality
Life ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Food Science and Technology 2: Food Process Engineering and Packaging
Life ScienceOnline BookCarotenoids - Nutrition, Analysis and Technology
Life ScienceOnline BookEncapsulation and Controlled Release Technologiesin Food Systems 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookChemesthesis - The sensations of eating - hot,cold, tingling, and numbing; and how to use themin food
Life ScienceOnline BookRFID and Sensor Network Automation in the Food Industry - Ensuring Quality and Safety through Supply Chain Visibility
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Safety in the Seafood Industry - A practicalguide for ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 implementation
Life ScienceOnline BookFood Preservation and Biodeterioration 2e
Life ScienceOnline BookPurposely Profitable - Embedding Sustainabilityinto the DNA of Food Processing and other Businesses
Life ScienceOnline BookPaleoecology - Past, Present and Future
Life ScienceOnline BookGround-penetrating Radar for Geoarchaeology
Life ScienceOnline BookSoil Water Measurement in the Field - A Practical Handbook
Life ScienceOnline BookGIS and Geocomputation for Water Resource Scienceand Engineering
Life ScienceOnline BookRiver Science - Research and Management for the21st Century
Life ScienceOnline BookLow-Frequency Waves in Space Plasmas
Life ScienceOnline BookImage Processing and GIS for Remote Sensing - Techniques and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Mathematical and Statistical Techniques in Hydrology - An Examples-based Approach
Life ScienceOnline BookDeep Earth: Physics and Chemistry of the Lower Mantle and Core
Life ScienceOnline BookContributions to Modern and Ancient Tidal Sedimentology - Proceedings of the Tidalites 2012 Conference
Life ScienceOnline BookHydrogeochemistry Fundamentals and Advances: Volume 1; Groundwater Composititon and Chemistry
Life ScienceOnline BookSand Management for Unconsolidated Sandstone Reservoirs
Life ScienceOnline BookYeast 2e - Molecular and Cell Biology
Life ScienceOnline BookBiodegradable and Bio-based Polymers for Environmental and Biomedical Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookElectrophoresis in Practice - A Guide to Methodsand Applications of DNA and Protein Separations 5e
Life ScienceOnline BookBiological Sampling in the Deep Sea
Life ScienceOnline BookNatural Systems - Composition and Structure of Habitats and Communities
Life ScienceOnline BookProtected Areas - Are They Safeguarding Biodiversity
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Neuroethology of Predation and Escape
Life ScienceOnline BookDevelopmental Approaches to Human Evolution
Life ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Mammalian Locomotion: Concepts and Applications
Life ScienceOnline BookA Century of Parasitology - Discoveries, Ideas and Lessons Learned by Scientists Who Published inthe Journal of Parasitology, 1914 - 2014.
Life ScienceOnline BookModels and Algorithms for Biomolecules and Molecular Networks
Life ScienceOnline BookThe Genetic Basis of Haematological Cancers
Life ScienceOnline BookGenomic Selection in Animals
Life ScienceOnline BookChronic Pain and HIV - A practical approach
Life ScienceOnline BookHuman Emerging and Re-emerging Infections
Life ScienceOnline BookHost - Pathogen Interaction - Microbial Metabolism Pathogenicity and Antiinfectives
Life ScienceOnline BookAn Introduction to Pain and its relation to Nearvous System Disorders
Life ScienceOnline BookPosttraumatic Stress Disorder: From Neurobiology to Treatment
Life ScienceOnline BookMolecular Neuroendocrinololgy - From Genome to Physiology
Life ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Experience and Plasticity of the Developing Brain
Life ScienceOnline BookPlant-Environment Interaction - Responses and Approaches to Mitigate Stress
Life ScienceOnline BookAnnual Plant Reviews, Volume 49 - The Gibberellins
Life ScienceOnline BookAbiotic Stress Response in Plants
Life ScienceOnline BookSociobiology of Caviomorph Rodents - An Integrative Approach
ManagementOnline BookA Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookAuditing Cloud Computing: A Security and Privacy Guide
ManagementOnline BookAuditing Social Media: A Governance and Risk Guide
ManagementOnline BookInternal Control of Fixed Assets: A Controller and Auditor's Guide
ManagementOnline BookMastering IDEAScript: The Definitive Guide + Website
ManagementOnline BookPractical M&A Execution and Integration - A Stepby Step Guide To Successful Strategy, Risk and Integration Management
ManagementOnline BookPractitioner's Complete Guide to M&As: An All-Inclusive Reference w/website
ManagementOnline BookSecuritization and Structured Finance Post Credit Crunch - A Best Practice Deal Lifecycle Guide
ManagementOnline BookWiley IFRS: Practical Implementation Guide and Workbook, Third Edition
ManagementOnline BookA Reviewer's Handbook to Business Valuation: Practical Guidance to the Use and Abuse of a Business Appraisal
ManagementOnline BookForensic Analytics: Methods and Techniques for Forensic Accounting Investigations
ManagementOnline BookHarnessing the Power of Continuous Auditing: Developing and Implementing a Practical Methodology
ManagementOnline BookVenture Capital Valuation + Website: Case Studiesand Methodology
ManagementOnline BookThe Controller's Function, Fourth Edition: The Work of the Managerial Accountant
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Services Firms: Governance, Regulations, Valuations, Mergers, and Acquisitions
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Statement Fraud Casebook: Baking the Ledgers and Cooking the Books
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Valuation Workbook Third Edition + website: Step-by-Step Exercises and Tests to Help You Master Financial Valuation
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Valuation: Applications and Models, Third Edition + Website
ManagementOnline BookFrequently Asked Questions in Corporate Finance
ManagementOnline BookAn Executive's Guide to Fundraising Operations: Principles, Tools & Trends (AFP Fund Development Series)
ManagementOnline BookExecutive's Guide to Project Management: Organizational Processes and Practices for Supporting Complex Projects
ManagementOnline BookKey Account Management - The Definitive Guide 3e
ManagementOnline BookMarketing Plans for Services - A Complete Guide 3e
ManagementOnline BookNonprofit Financial Management: A Practical Guide
ManagementOnline BookThe Complete Guide to Knowledge Management: A Strategic Plan to Leverage Your Company's Intellectual Capital
ManagementOnline BookThe Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy: How Social Networks Are Radically Transforming Your Business
ManagementOnline BookThe Growth Drivers - The Definitive Guide to Transforming Marketing Capabilities
ManagementOnline BookThe Leading-Edge Manager's Guide to Success: Strategies and Better Practices
ManagementOnline BookThe Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox: A Complete Guide to Program Effectiveness, Performance Measurement, and Results
ManagementOnline BookMultinational Finance, Sixth Edition: Evaluating Opportunities, Costs, and Risks of Operations
ManagementOnline BookFinance Fundamentals for Nonprofits: Building Capacity and Sustainability
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Integrated Risk Management in Global Supply Chains
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management 2e
ManagementOnline BookIndustrial Megaprojects: Concepts, Strategies, and Practices for Success
ManagementOnline BookKnowledge Works - The Handbook of Practical Waysto Identify and Solve Common Organizational Problems for Better Performance
ManagementOnline BookThe Marketer's Handbook - Reassessing Marketing Techniques for Modern Business
ManagementOnline BookThe Sponsorship Handbook - Essential Tools, Tipsand Techniques for Sponsors and Sponsorship Seekers
ManagementOnline BookThe Strategy Pathfinder - Core Concepts and Live Cases 2e
ManagementOnline BookThe Volunteer Management Handbook, Second Edition: Leadership Strategies for Success
ManagementOnline BookOptimization Modeling with Spreadsheets, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookSupply Chain as Strategic Asset: The Key to Reaching Business Goals
ManagementOnline BookAccounting Ethics 2e
ManagementOnline BookAppreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookBecoming a Category of One, 2nd Edition: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison
ManagementOnline BookBeyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage
ManagementOnline BookBeyond the Familiar - Long-Term Growth through Customer Focus and Innovation
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Analysis: Best Practices for Success
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Analytics for Sales and Marketing Managers: How to Compete in the Information Age
ManagementOnline BookEasy Economics: A Visual Guide to What You Need to Know
ManagementOnline BookDynamic Economic Decision Making: Strategies for Financial Risk, Capital Markets, and Monetary Policy
ManagementOnline BookNew Frontiers in Technical Analysis: Effective Tools and Strategies for Trading and Investing
ManagementOnline BookThe World Economy - Global Trade Policy 2010
ManagementOnline BookA Probability Metrics Approach to Financial Risk Measures
ManagementOnline BookAN Introduction TO ISLAMIC FINANCE: Theory AND PRACTICE
ManagementOnline BookAn Introduction to Algorithmic Trading - Basic to Advanced Strategies
ManagementOnline BookAn Introduction to Banking - Liquidity Risk and Asset-Liability Management
ManagementOnline BookAn Introduction to Money Laundering Deterrence
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Markets and Trading: An Introduction to Market Microstructure and Trading Strategies
ManagementOnline BookIntroduction to Islamic Banking and Finance
ManagementOnline BookEncyclopedia of Municipal Bonds: A Reference Guide to Market Events, Structures, Dynamics, and Investment Knowledge
ManagementOnline BookExpected Returns - An Investor's Guide to Harvesting Market Rewards
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Simulation Modeling in Excel + Website: A Step-by-Step Guide
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Statement Analysis, Fourth Edition: A Practitioner's Guide
ManagementOnline BookForeign Exchange Option Pricing - A Practitioner's Guide
ManagementOnline BookHigh-Probability Trade Setups: A Chartist's Guideto Real-Time Trading
ManagementOnline BookInvest in Penny Stocks: A Guide to Profitable Trading
ManagementOnline BookInvestment Project Design: A Guide to Financial and Economic Analysis with Constraints + Web Site
ManagementOnline BookInvestor's Guide to Loss Recovery: Rights, Mediation, Arbitration, and Other Strategies
ManagementOnline BookRegulation of Securities, Markets, and Transactions: A Guide to the New Environment
ManagementOnline BookSurvival Guide for Traders: How to Set up and Organize Your Trading Business
ManagementOnline BookTrading the Fixed Income, Inflation and Credit Markets - A Relative Value Guide
ManagementOnline BookUnderstanding and Managing Model Risk - A Practical Guide for Quants, Traders and Validators
ManagementOnline BookUnderstanding Oil Prices - A Guide to What Drivesthe Price of Oil in Today's Markets
ManagementOnline BookYour Options Handbook: The Practical Reference and Strategy Guide to Trading Options
ManagementOnline BookBanking and Financial Institutions: A Guide for Directors, Investors, and Counterparties
ManagementOnline BookThe Theory and Practice of Investment Management, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookBond Math: The Theory Behind the Formulas
ManagementOnline BookCapital Structure & Corporate Financing Decisions: Theory, Evidence, and Practice
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Risk Forecasting - The Theory and Practice of Forecasting Market Risk with Implementation R and MATLAB
ManagementOnline BookBudgeting Basics and Beyond, Fourth Edition + Website
ManagementOnline BookDynamic Copula Methods in Finance
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Engineering:ion + Companion Website
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Corporate Equity Derivatives and Equity Capital Markets
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Modeling High-Frequency Data in Finance
ManagementOnline BookQuantum Trading: Using Principles from W.D. Gann and Modern Physics To Forecast Financial Markets
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of Convertible Bonds - Pricing, Strategies and Risk Management
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of Equity Market Anomalies: Translating Market Inefficiencies into Effective Investment Strategies
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of News Analytics in Finance
ManagementOnline BookThe Risk Premium Factor + Website: A New Model for Understanding the Volatile Forces that Drive Stock Prices
ManagementOnline BookThe Islamic Banking and Finance Workbook - Step-by-Step Exercises to Help You Master the Fundamentals of Islamic Banking and Finance
ManagementOnline BookCase Studies in Islamic Banking and Finance
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Engineering and Arbitrage in the Financial Markets 2e
ManagementOnline BookTrading Between the Lines: Pattern Recognition and Visualization of Markets
ManagementOnline BookCredit Risk Frontiers: Subprime Crisis, Pricing and Hedging, CVA, MBS, Ratings, and Liquidity
ManagementOnline BookThe Essential Controller, Second Edition: An Introduction to What Every Financial Manager Must Know
ManagementOnline BookAuditor's Guide to IT Auditing, Second Edition + Software Demo
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Ratios and Formulas, Third Edition: A Comprehensive Guide
ManagementOnline BookCFO Fundamentals: Your Quick Guide to Internal Controls, Financial Reporting, IFRS, Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, and More
ManagementOnline BookHealthcare Fraud, Second Edition: Auditing and Detection Guide
ManagementOnline BookManaging Fraud Risk - A Practical Guide for Directors and Managers
ManagementOnline BookThe Professional's Guide to Fair Value: The Future of Financial Reporting
ManagementOnline BookCash Flow Analysis and Forecasting - The Definitive Guide to Understanding and Using Published Cash Flow Data
ManagementOnline BookAccounting and Auditing Research & Databases:ctitioner's Desk Reference
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Budgeting, Sixth Edition
ManagementOnline BookLitigation Services Handbook, Fifth Edition: The Role of the Financial Expert
ManagementOnline BookMergers & Acquisitions Integration Handbook + Website: Helping Companies Realize the Full Value of Acquisitions
ManagementOnline BookThe Complete CPA Reference
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook to IFRS Transition and to IFRS U.S GAAP Dual Reporting
ManagementOnline BookTransfer Pricing Handbook: Guidance for the OECD Regulations
ManagementOnline BookCorporate Fraud and Internal Control + Software Demo: A Framework for Prevention
ManagementOnline BookCorporate Fraud and Internal Control Workbook: A Framework for Prevention
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Statement Fraud + Website: Strategies for Detection and Investigation
ManagementOnline BookHealthcare Business Intelligence + Website: A Guide to Empowering Successful Data Reporting and Analytics
ManagementOnline BookMarketing in the Participation Age: A Guide to Motivating People to Join, Share, Take Part, Connect, and Engage
ManagementOnline BookThe Manager's Guide to Systems Practice - Making Sense of Complex Problems
ManagementOnline BookDesign Like Apple: Seven Principles For Creating Insanely Great Products, Services, and Experiences
ManagementOnline BookEngineering Principles of Combat Modeling and Distributed Simulation
ManagementOnline BookShare This - The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals
ManagementOnline BookThe Financial Services Marketing Handbook, Second Edition: Tactics and Techniques That Produce Results
ManagementOnline BookThe Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to Build and Grow Your Business
ManagementOnline BookEncyclopedia of Human Resource Management: Volume3: Thematic Essays
ManagementOnline BookEncyclopedia of Human Resource Management: Volume2: HR Forms & Job Aids
ManagementOnline BookEncyclopedia of Human Resource Management: Volume One: Short Entries
ManagementOnline Book50 Digital Team-Building Games: Fast, Fun Meeting Openers, Group Activities,and Adventures using Social Media, Smart Phones, GPS, Tablets, and More
ManagementOnline BookA Primer on Property Tax - Administration and Policy
ManagementOnline BookBenefits Management - How to Increase the Business Value of your IT Projects 2e
ManagementOnline BookBenford's Law: Applications for Forensic Accounting, Auditing, and Fraud Detection
ManagementOnline BookBig Data Analytics: Turning Big Data into Big Money
ManagementOnline BookBricks Matter: The Role of Supply Chains in Building Market-Driven Differentiation
ManagementOnline BookBRICs and Beyond - Executive Lessons on Emerging Markets
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Intelligence Applied: Implementing an Effective Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure
ManagementOnline BookThe Blackwell Companion to Maritime Economics
ManagementOnline BookAn Introduction to Equity Derivatives - Theory and Practice 2e
ManagementOnline BookBONDS: AN Introduction TO THE CORE Concepts
ManagementOnline BookBloomberg Visual Guide to Candlestick Charting
ManagementOnline BookBloomberg Visual Guide to Municipal Bonds
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Risk Management, Second Edition + Website: A Practitioner's Guide to Managing Market and Credit Risk
ManagementOnline BookHedge Fund Analysis: An In-Depth Guide to Evaluating Return Potential and Assessing Risks
ManagementOnline BookHow Markets Really Work, Second Edition: A Quantitative Guide to Stock Market Behavior
ManagementOnline BookThe Complete Guide to Portfolio Construction and Management
ManagementOnline BookThe Janus Factor: Trend Follower's Guide to Market Dialectics
ManagementOnline BookThe Post-Reform Guide to Derivatives and Futures
ManagementOnline BookThe Sensible Guide to Forex: Safer, Smarter Ways to Survive and Prosper from the Start
ManagementOnline BookThe Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators, Third Edition
ManagementOnline BookUsing Excel for Business Analysis + Website: A Guide to Financial Modelling Fundamentals
ManagementOnline BookVisual Guide to Chart Patterns
ManagementOnline BookVisual Guide to Financial Markets
ManagementOnline BookInvestment Theory and Risk Management + Website
ManagementOnline BookFundamental Analysis and Position Trading: Evolution of a Trader
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Volatility Models and Their Applications
ManagementOnline BookMastering Elliott Wave Principle: Elementary Concepts, Wave Patterns, and Practice Exercises
ManagementOnline BookThe Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of Credit Risk Management: Originating, Assessing, and Managing Credit Exposures
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of Energy Trading
ManagementOnline BookThe Securitization Markets Handbook, Second Edition: Structures and Dynamics of Mortgage- and Asset- Backed Securities
ManagementOnline BookTrading Basics: Evolution of a Trader
ManagementOnline BookSocially Responsible Finance and Investing: Financial Institutions, Corporations, Investors, and Activists
ManagementOnline BookInvestigative Computer Forensics: The Practical Guide for Lawyers, Accountants, Investigators, and Business Executives
ManagementOnline BookExecutive's Guide to COSO Internal Controls: Understanding and Implementing the New Framework
ManagementOnline BookMaximizing Corporate Value through Mergers and Acquisitions: A Strategic Growth Guide
ManagementOnline BookStandards of Value, Second Edition: Theory and Applications
ManagementOnline BookM&A Information Technology Best Practices + Website
ManagementOnline BookTaxation for Universities and Colleges: Six Stepsto a Successful Tax Compliance Program
ManagementOnline BookFraud Analytics: Strategies and Methods for Detection and Prevention
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of Global Corporate Treasury + Website
ManagementOnline BookUnderstanding and Conducting Information Systems Auditing + Website
ManagementOnline BookAccounting Best Practices, Seventh Edition
ManagementOnline BookDetecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques, Tools, and Resources
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Fraud Prevention and Detection: Governance and Effective Practices
ManagementOnline BookAudit and Assurance Essentials for Professional Accountancy Exams + Website
ManagementOnline BookFrequently Asked Questions in IFRS
ManagementOnline BookGame Theory: An Introduction, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookExecutive's Guide to IT Governance: Improving Systems Processes with Service Management, COBIT, and ITIL
ManagementOnline BookNonprofit Fundraising Strategy: A Guide to Ethical Decision Making and Regulation for Nonprofit Organizations (AFP Fund Development Series)
ManagementOnline BookOperational Risk Management: A Complete Guide to a Successful Operational Risk Framework
ManagementOnline BookStarting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization, Sixth Edition: A Legal Guide
ManagementOnline BookDecoding the IT Value Problem: An Executive Guidefor Achieving Optimal ROI on Critical IT Investments
ManagementOnline BookDelivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice
ManagementOnline BookEnterprise in Action - A Guide To Entrepreneurship
ManagementOnline BookNonprofit Investment and Development Solutions: Guide to Thriving in Today's Economy
ManagementOnline BookRetail Marketing and Branding - A Definitive Guideto Maximizing ROI 2e
ManagementOnline BookSetting Profitable Prices + Website: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pricing Strategy--Without Hiring a Consultant
ManagementOnline BookStartup CEO + Website: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business
ManagementOnline BookStewardship Essentials: The Donor Relations Guide
ManagementOnline BookStrategy in Practice - A Practitioner's Guide to Strategic Thinking 2e
ManagementOnline BookThe Sustainable MBA - A Business Guide to Sustainability 2e
ManagementOnline BookVisual Guide to Options
ManagementOnline BookMulticriteria Decision Aid and Artificial Intelligence - Links, Theory and Applications
ManagementOnline BookProspect Research for Fundraisers: The Essential Handbook (AFP Fund Development Series)
ManagementOnline BookArchitects of Electronic Trading: Technology Leaders Who Are Shaping Today's Financial Markets
ManagementOnline BookBig Data, Big Analytics: Emerging Business Intelligence and Analytic Trends for Today's Businesses
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Models for the Social Mobile Cloud: Transform Your Business Using Social Media, Mobile Internet, and Cloud Computing
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Risk Management - Models and Analysis
ManagementOnline BookCompetitive Quality Strategy
ManagementOnline BookDemand-Driven Forecasting, Second Edition: A Structured Approach to Forecasting
ManagementOnline BookDiversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion
ManagementOnline BookEnterprise Performance Management Done Right: An Operating System for Your Organization
ManagementOnline BookGlobal Fundraising: How the World Is Changing the Rules of Philanthropy
ManagementOnline BookHealth Analytics: Gaining the Insights to Transform Health Care
ManagementOnline BookHealthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement
ManagementOnline BookHow to Be a Global Nonprofit: Legal Guidance for International Activities
ManagementOnline BookInnovation Engine: Driving Execution for Breakthrough Results
ManagementOnline BookManaging Project Stakeholders: Building a Foundation to Achieve Project Goals
ManagementOnline BookOffice Markets & Public Policy
ManagementOnline BookPatent Strategy for Researchers and Research Managers 3e
ManagementOnline BookReconstructing Project Management
ManagementOnline BookTools for Collaborative Decision-Making
ManagementOnline BookUnleashing the Power of IT, Second Edition: Bringing People, Business, and Technology Together
ManagementOnline BookWorkforce Asset Management Book of Knowledge
ManagementOnline BookFundraising for Beginners: Essential Procedures
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Decision Analysis
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace- Volumes 1 - 3 Set
ManagementOnline BookMajor Gift Essentials: Everything You Need to Know to Secure Big Gifts
ManagementOnline BookProspect Research Fundamentals 4th Edition: Proven Methods to Help Charities Realize More Major Gifts
ManagementOnline BookThe Entrepreneur's Growth Startup Handbook: 7 Secrets to Venture Funding and Successful Growth
ManagementOnline BookVolunteer Training Primer: Principles, Proceduresand Ideas for Training
ManagementOnline BookNetwork and Discrete Location: Models, Algorithms, and Applications, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookCorporate Performance Management Best Practices: A Case Study Approach to Accelerating CPM Results
ManagementOnline BookStraight to the Top, Second Edition: CIO Leadership in a Mobile, Social, and Cloud-based World
ManagementOnline BookCorporate Governance Regulation: How Poor Management Is Destroying the Global Economy
ManagementOnline BookBasics of Nonprofit Publicity: Winning Strategiesfor News Releases, Press Conferences
ManagementOnline Book109 Ways to Retain Volunteers and Members
ManagementOnline Book128 Recognition Ideas for Donors, Volunteers and Members, 2nd Edition
ManagementOnline Book138 Ways to Generate New, First-time Gifts
ManagementOnline Book63 Winning Fundraising Strategies: Terrific Ideasfor Meeting Your Goal
ManagementOnline Book7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don't--Revised and Updated Edition
ManagementOnline Book76 Ways to Increase Special Event Attendance
ManagementOnline Book87 Ways to Make Your Website More Volunteer-Friendly
ManagementOnline Book90 Great Publicity Ideas for Nonprofits, 2nd Edition
ManagementOnline Book92 Strategies for Marketing Planned Gifts
ManagementOnline Book93 Ways to Make Your Website More Member-Friendly
ManagementOnline Book94 Terrific Ways to Recruit Volunteers 2nd Edition
ManagementOnline Book96 Ways to Make Your Website More Donor, Member Volunteer Friendly
ManagementOnline BookAll About Sponorships, 2nd Edition
ManagementOnline BookAnnual Giving Primer, 2010 Edition: How to Boost Annual Giving Results
ManagementOnline BookAttention-Grabbing Events: Nonprofit Events That Draw Interest and Support to Your Cause
ManagementOnline BookBest-Ever Directory of Special Events, 5th Edition
ManagementOnline BookBuilding Your Board: How to Attract Financially-capable Board Members
ManagementOnline BookCelebrating Your Nonprofit's Milestones: 81 Great Ideas for Planning
ManagementOnline BookChallenge Gifts and Grants: 76 Ways to Multiply Your Fundraising Dollars
ManagementOnline BookChange Lessons from the CEO - Real People, Real Change
ManagementOnline BookChina Catalyst: Powering Global Growth by Reaching the Fastest-Growing Consumer Markets in the World
ManagementOnline BookThe World Economy - Global Trade Policy 2012
ManagementOnline BookThe End of Ethics and A Way Back: How To Fix A Fundamentally Broken Global Financial System
ManagementOnline BookThe Economics of Commodity Markets
ManagementOnline BookPricing and Hedging Financial Derivatives - An Introductory Guide for Practitioners
ManagementOnline BookAn Introduction to Value-at-Risk 5e
ManagementOnline BookIntroduction to Private Equity - Venture, Growth, LBO & Turn-Around Capital 2e
ManagementOnline BookStrategic Risk Management: A Practical Guide to Portfolio Risk Management (o-book)
ManagementOnline BookTreasury Finance and Development Banking + Website: A Guide to Credit, Debt, and Risk
ManagementOnline BookBest-Practice EVA: The Definitive Guide to Measuring and Maximizing Shareholder Value
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Independence (Getting to Point X): An Advisor's Guide to Comprehensive Wealth Management
ManagementOnline BookGuide to the Census + Website
ManagementOnline BookHigh-Frequency Trading + Website, Second Edition: A Practical Guide to Algorithmic Strategies and Trading Systems
ManagementOnline BookInside the Black Box, Second Edition: A Simple Guide to Quantitative and High-Frequency Trading
ManagementOnline BookStart-Up Guide for the Technopreneur: Financial Planning, Decision Making, and Negotiating from Incubation to Exit + website
ManagementOnline BookThe Mechanics of Securitization: A Practical Guide to Structuring and Closing Asset-Backed Security Transactions
ManagementOnline BookThe Trader's Guide to the Euro Area: Economic Indicators, the ECB and the Euro Crisis
ManagementOnline BookVisual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading
ManagementOnline BookVisual Guide to ETFs
ManagementOnline BookProfessional Automated Trading: Theory and Practice
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Modelling - Theory, Implementation and Practice with MATLAB Source
ManagementOnline BookIslamic Capital Markets: Theory and Practice
ManagementOnline BookCycle Analytics for Traders + Downloadable Software: Advanced Technical Trading Concepts
ManagementOnline BookMathematical Methods for Finance: Tools for Assetand Risk Management
ManagementOnline BookSelling Professional and Financial Services Handbook
ManagementOnline BookAlgorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and Their Rationale
ManagementOnline BookAlternative Investments: Instruments, Performance, Benchmarks, and Strategies
ManagementOnline BookCredit Securitizations and Derivatives - Challenges for the Global Markets
ManagementOnline BookForeign Exchange Operations: Master Trading Agreements, Settlement, and Collateral
ManagementOnline BookMathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookMathematics of the Financial Markets - Financial Instruments and Derivatives Modeling, Valuationand Risk Issues
ManagementOnline BookMeasuring and Managing Liquidity Risk
ManagementOnline BookThe Value of Debt: How to Manage Both Sides of a Balance Sheet to Maximize Wealth
ManagementOnline BookVolatility Trading, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookAdvanced Charting Techniques for High Probability Trading: The Most Accurate and Predicitive Charting Method Ever Created
ManagementOnline BookFundamentals of Islamic Money and Capital Markets
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Financial Risk Management: Simulations and Case Studies
ManagementOnline BookSuccessful Stock Signals for Traders and Portfolio Managers + Website: Integrating Technical Analysis with Fundamentals to Improve Performance
ManagementOnline BookThe Master Trader + Website: Birinyi's Secrets to Understanding the Market
ManagementOnline BookTrades About to Happen: A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method
ManagementOnline BookTrading Systems and Methods, 5th Edition + Website
ManagementOnline BookAdvanced Credit Risk Analysis And Management
ManagementOnline BookIslamic Finance, Second Edition: The New Regulatory Challenge
ManagementOnline BookThe Wealth Code 2.0: How the Rich Stay Rich in Good Times and Bad
ManagementOnline BookContemporary Islamic Finance: Innovations, Applications, and Best Practices
ManagementOnline BookWay of the Trade: Tactical Applications of Underground Trading Methods for Traders + Video
ManagementOnline BookFamily Enterprise + Online Assessment Tool: Understanding Families in Business and Families of Wealth
ManagementOnline BookVaR Methodology for Non-Gaussian Finance
ManagementOnline BookActionable Intelligence: A Guide to Delivering Business Results with Big Data Fast!
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Expert Witness Communication + Website: A Practical Guide to Reporting and Testimony
ManagementOnline BookManaging the Transition to IFRS-Based Financial Reporting: A Practical Guide to Planning and Implementing a Transition to IFRS or National GAAP
ManagementOnline BookAdvanced Excel Reporting for Management Accountants + Website
ManagementOnline BookFraud and Fraud Detection + Website: A Data Analytics Approach
ManagementOnline BookInternal Audit Quality: Developing a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program
ManagementOnline BookWiley CIAexcel Exam Review 2014: Part 1, Internal Audit Basics
ManagementOnline BookWiley GAAP 2015 - Interpretation and Applicationof Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
ManagementOnline BookWiley Not-for-Profit GAAP 2014: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
ManagementOnline BookWiley Not-for-Profit GAAP 2015 - Interpretationand Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
ManagementOnline BookWILEY IFRS 2014: Interpretation and Application of International Financial Reporting Standards
ManagementOnline BookWiley GAAP for Governments 2014: Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for State and Local Governments
ManagementOnline BookCore Auditing Standards for Practitioners + Website
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Intelligence and the Cloud: Strategic Implementation Guide
ManagementOnline BookManaging Risk and Performance: A Guide for Government Decision Makers
ManagementOnline BookA Practical Guide to Needs Assessment, Third Edition (co-published with ASTD)
ManagementOnline BookAlliances - An Executive Guide to Designing Successful Strategic Partnerships
ManagementOnline BookAnalytics in a Big Data World: The Essential Guide to Data Science and its Applications
ManagementOnline BookGuide to CFO Success: Leadership Strategies for Corporate Financial Professionals
ManagementOnline BookThe Social Media MBA Guide to ROI - How to measureand improve your return on investment
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Human Resource Development
ManagementOnline BookUnderstanding the Predictive Analytics Lifecycle
ManagementOnline BookAdvancing Human Resource Project Management
ManagementOnline BookAnalytics and Dynamic Customer Strategy: Big Profits from Big Data
ManagementOnline BookBank Fraud: Using Technology to Combat Losses
ManagementOnline BookBig Data, Big Innovation: Enabling Competitive Differentiation through Business Analytics
ManagementOnline BookBig Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Strategy: Plan, Execute, Win!
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Transformation: A Roadmap for Maximizing Organizational Insights
ManagementOnline BookCreating Business Agility: How Convergence of Cloud, Social, Mobile, Video, and Big Data Enables Competitive Advantage
ManagementOnline BookDeveloping Human Capital: Using Analytics to Planand Optimize Your Learning and Development Investments
ManagementOnline BookImplement, Improve and Expand Your Statewide Longitudinal Data System: Creating a Culture of Data in Education
ManagementOnline BookPredictive Analytics for Human Resources
ManagementOnline BookReal Estate Finance in the New Economy
ManagementOnline BookService Science: The Foundations of Service Engineering and Management
ManagementOnline BookThe Analytics Revolution: How to Improve Your Business by Making Analytics Operational in the Big Data Era
ManagementOnline BookThe Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups
ManagementOnline BookTransfer and Management of Knowledge
ManagementOnline BookUsing Experience to Develop Leadership Talent: How Organizations Leverage On-the-Job Development
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Strategic Account Management - A Comprehensive Resource
ManagementOnline BookInformation Governance: Concepts, Strategies and Best Practices
ManagementOnline BookThe Compensation Committee Handbook, Fourth Edition
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of Market Intelligence 2e - Understand, Compete and Grow in Global Markets
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of Mobile Market Research - Tools and Techniques for Market Researchers
ManagementOnline BookThe Marketing Pathfinder - Key Concepts and casesfor marketing strategy and decision making
ManagementOnline BookThe NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives, Second Edition
ManagementOnline BookThe Wiley Blackwell Companion to Tourism
ManagementOnline BookMastering Mobile Learning: Tips and Techniques for Success
ManagementOnline BookBalanced Scorecard Evolution: A Dynamic Approach to Strategy Execution
ManagementOnline BookBranding for the Public Sector - Creating, Building and Managing Brands People Will Value
ManagementOnline BookIntroductory Mathematics and Statistics for Islamic Finance
ManagementOnline BookHarness Oil and Gas Big Data with Analytics: Optimize Exploration and Production with Data Driven Models
ManagementOnline BookA Collection of Surveys on Market Experiments
ManagementOnline BookTrading Economics: A Guide to the use of economicstatistics for traders & practitioners
ManagementOnline BookA Guide to Asian High Yield Bonds, Second Edition+ Website: Financing Growth Enterprises
ManagementOnline BookAlts Democratized: A Practical Guide to Alternative Mutual Funds and ETFs for Financial Advisors
ManagementOnline BookBanker's Guide to New Small Business Finance: Venture Deals, Crowdfunding, Private Equity, and Technology
ManagementOnline BookCommodity Option Pricing - A Practitioner's Guide
ManagementOnline BookCorrelation Risk Modeling and Management + WS: An Applied Guide including the Basel III Correlation Framework With Interactive Models in Excel/VBA
ManagementOnline BookCrowdfunding: A Guide to Raising Capital on the Internet
ManagementOnline BookInvesting in India + Website: A Value Investor's Guide to the Biggest Untapped Opportunity in the World
ManagementOnline BookRisk Management at the Top - A Guide to Risk andits Governance in Financial Institutions
ManagementOnline BookStudy Guide for The New Trading for a Living
ManagementOnline BookThe Art of Company Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis - A Value Investor's Guide with Real-Life Case Studies
ManagementOnline BookThe Family Office Handbook: A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisers Who Serve Them
ManagementOnline BookThe Liquidity Risk Management Guide - From Policyto Pitfalls
ManagementOnline BookThe Islamic Finance Handbook: A Practitioner's Guide to the Global Markets
ManagementOnline BookAsset Rotation: The Demise of Modern Portfolio Theory and the Birth of an Investment Renaissance
ManagementOnline BookCorporate and Project Finance Modeling: Theory and Practice
ManagementOnline BookCorporate Finance - Theory and Practice 4e
ManagementOnline BookThe Mathematics of Financial Models + Website: Solving Real-World Problems with Quantitative Methods
ManagementOnline BookERM - Enterprise Risk Management - Issues and Cases
ManagementOnline BookFixed Income Markets, Second Edition: Management, Trading and Hedging
ManagementOnline BookFunds - Private Equity, Hedge & all Core Structures
ManagementOnline BookHedge Fund Modelling and Analysis using MATLAB
ManagementOnline BookInternational Finance Regulation: The Quest for Financial Stability
ManagementOnline BookMastering Strategic Risk: A Framework for Leadingand Transforming Organizations
ManagementOnline BookProblems and Solutions in Mathematical Finance Volume I - Stochastic Calculus
ManagementOnline BookProperty Finance - An International Approach
ManagementOnline BookRisk Management in Trading: Techniques to Drive Profitability of Hedge Funds and Trading Desks
ManagementOnline BookTrading Options: Using Technical Analysis to Design Winning Trades
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Anti Money Laundering
ManagementOnline BookMerger Arbitrage - A Fundamental Approach to Event-Driven Investing
ManagementOnline BookThe Complete Book of Option Spreads and Combinations: Moves, and Risk Reduction
ManagementOnline BookThe Crowd Funding Services Handbook: Raising the Money You Need To Fund Your Business, Project, or Invention
ManagementOnline BookThe Handbook of Hybrid Securities - Convertible Bonds, CoCo Bonds and Bail-in
ManagementOnline BookUnderstanding Bitcoin - Cryptography, Engineeringand Economics
ManagementOnline BookBetter Banking - Understanding and Addressing the Failures in Risk Management, Governance and Regulation
ManagementOnline BookInvesting Psychology + Website: The Effects of Behavioral Finance on Investment Choice and Bias
ManagementOnline BookEnterprise Risk Management, Second Edition: From Incentives to Controls
ManagementOnline BookThe Basics of Financial Econometrics: Tools, Concepts, Asset Management Applications
ManagementOnline BookValuation - The Market Approach
ManagementOnline BookInternal Control/Anti-Fraud Program Design for the Small Business: A Guide for Companies NOT Subject to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
ManagementOnline BookStudy on the Auditing Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Revised Edition
ManagementOnline BookThe Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist Handbook
ManagementOnline BookLean Auditing - Driving Added Value and Efficiency in Internal Audit
ManagementOnline BookPrinciples of Group Accounting under IFRS
ManagementOnline BookWiley GAAP 2016 - Interpretation and Applicationof Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
ManagementOnline BookExposing Fraud - Skills, Process and Practicalities
ManagementOnline BookAgile by Design: An Implementation Guide to Analytic Lifecycle Management
ManagementOnline BookBayesian Risk Management: A Guide to Model Risk and Sequential Learning in Financial Markets
ManagementOnline BookCircle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guidefor Innovators and Meaning Makers
ManagementOnline BookEngaged Ownership: A Guide for Owners of Family Businesses
ManagementOnline BookExercising Influence: A Guide for Making Things Happen at Work, at Home, and in Your Community, Third Edition
ManagementOnline BookFanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide to Opening Sales Conversations and Filling the Pipeline by Leveraging Social Selling, Telephone, EMail, Tex
ManagementOnline BookMaximizing the Value of Consulting: A Guide for Internal and External Consultants
ManagementOnline BookMisplaced Talent: A Guide to Better People Decisions
ManagementOnline BookService Design for Business: A Practical Guide to Optimizing the Customer Experience
ManagementOnline BookStrategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations, Third Edition: A Practical Guide and Workbook
ManagementOnline BookThe Consultant's Handbook - A practical Guide todelivering high-value and differentiatedservices in a competitive marketplace
ManagementOnline BookThe Discover Your True North Fieldbook, Revised and Updated: A Personal Guide to Becoming an Authentic Leader
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Institution Advantage & the Optimization of Information Processing
ManagementOnline BookActive Training: A Handbook of Techniques, Designs, Case Examples and Tips, Fourth Edition
ManagementOnline BookBridging the Soft Skills Gap: How to Teach the Missing Basics to Today's Young Talent
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Practical Program Evaluation, 4th Edition
ManagementOnline BookOrganization 2e - Contemporary Principles and Practice
ManagementOnline BookThe CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations
ManagementOnline BookThe Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence
ManagementOnline BookThe Trainer's Handbook, Fourth Edition
ManagementOnline Book101 More Ways to Make Training Active
ManagementOnline Book101 Ways to Make Learning Active Beyond the Classroom
ManagementOnline Book5 Gears: How to Be Present and Productive When There's Never Enough Time
ManagementOnline BookA Higher Bid: How to Transform Special Event Fundraising with Strategic Benefit Auctions
ManagementOnline BookA/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers
ManagementOnline BookBecoming A Top Manager - Tools and lessons intransitioning to general management
ManagementOnline BookBecoming Agile: How the SEAM Approach to Management Builds Adaptability
ManagementOnline BookBehavioral Marketing: Delivering Personalized Experiences At Scale
ManagementOnline BookBeyond Compliance: Making Compliance Work for the Business
ManagementOnline BookBridging Organization Design and Performance: Five Ways to Activate a Global Operating Model
ManagementOnline BookBusiness Forecasting: Practical Issues and Solutions
ManagementOnline BookCan't Not Do: The Compelling Social Drive that Changes Our World
ManagementOnline BookChief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine
ManagementOnline BookA Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund
ManagementOnline BookA Trader's Guide to Financial Astrology: Forecasting Market Cycles Using Planetary and Lunar Movements
ManagementOnline BookEquity Crowdfunding for Investors: A Guide to Risks, Returns, Regulations, Funding Portals, Due Diligence, and Deal Terms
ManagementOnline BookFamily Trusts: A Guide for Beneficiaries, Trustees, Trust Protectors, and Trust Creators
ManagementOnline BookThe Advanced Fixed Income and Derivatives Management Guide
ManagementOnline BookThe Essential Retirement Guide: A Contrarian's Perspective
ManagementOnline BookThe Forex Trading Course, Second Edition: A Self-Study Guide To Becoming a Successful Currency Trader
ManagementOnline BookUsing Excel for Business Analysis A Guide to Financial Modelling Fundamentals, Edition Revised for Excel 2013 + Website
ManagementOnline BookQuantitative Financial Risk Management: Theory and Practice
ManagementOnline BookAccounting for Derivatives - Advanced Hedgingunder IFRS 9 2e
ManagementOnline BookFinancial Forecasting, Analysis and Modelling - A Framework for Long-Term Forecasting
ManagementOnline BookHow to Implement Market Models Using VBA
ManagementOnline BookDay Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market, Third Edition: Technical and Fundamental Strategies to Profit from Market Moves
ManagementOnline BookHandbook of Multi-Commodity Markets and Products - Structuring, Trading and Risk Management
ManagementOnline BookLiquidity Management - A Funding Risk Handbook
ManagementOnline BookThe Value of Debt in Retirement: Why Everything You Have Been Told Is Wrong
ManagementOnline BookTrading as a Business: The Methods and Rules I've Used To Beat the Markets for 40 Years
ManagementOnline BookValue and Capital Management - A Handbook for the Finance and Risk Functions of Financial Institutions
MedicalOnline BookAnticholinesterase Pesticides: Metabolism, Neurotoxicity, and Epidemiology
MedicalOnline BookSolid State Characterization of Pharmaceuticals
MedicalOnline BookAntiviral Drugs: From Basic Discovery Through Clinical Trials
MedicalOnline BookOral Bioavailability: Basic Principles, Advanced Concepts, and Applications
MedicalOnline BookAntibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance
MedicalOnline BookProtein Kinases as Drug Targets
MedicalOnline BookAntiviral Drug Strategies
MedicalOnline BookApplications of Microdialysis in Pharmaceutical Science
MedicalOnline BookApplications of Toxicogenomics in Safety Evaluation and Risk Assessment
MedicalOnline BookBioinorganic Medicinal Chemistry
MedicalOnline BookChiral Drugs: Chemistry and Biological Action
MedicalOnline BookCigarette Smoke Toxicity - Linking Individual Chemicals to Human Diseases
MedicalOnline BookCost-Contained Regulatory Compliance: For the Pharmaceutical, Biologics, and Medical Device Industries
MedicalOnline BookCyclodextrins in Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, and Biomedicine: Current and Future Industrial Applications
MedicalOnline BookDetection and Quantification of Antibodies to Biopharmaceuticals: Practical and Applied Considerations
MedicalOnline BookDevelopment of Vaccines: From Discovery to Clinical Testing
MedicalOnline BookDrug Discrimination: Applications to Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Studies
MedicalOnline BookGenotoxic Impurities: Strategies for Identification and Control
MedicalOnline BookHerbal Supplements: Efficacy, Toxicity, Interactions with Western Drugs, and Effects on Clinical Laboratory Tests
MedicalOnline BookHIV-1 Integrase: Mechanism and Inhibitor Design
MedicalOnline BookInnate Immune System of Skin and Oral Mucosa: Properties and Impact in Pharmaceutics, Cosmetics, and Personal Care Products
MedicalOnline BookLabel-Free Technologies For Drug Discovery
MedicalOnline BookMedicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids
MedicalOnline BookMetabolic Syndrome: Underlying Mechanisms and Drug Therapies
MedicalOnline BookPeptide Drug Discovery and Development - Translational Research in Academia and Industry
MedicalOnline BookPharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting: Combating the Real Danger from Fake Drugs
MedicalOnline BookProdrugs and Targeted Delivery - Towards Better ADME Properties
MedicalOnline BookProtein and Peptide Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery
MedicalOnline BookRisk Assessment of Phytochemicals in Food - Novel Approaches
MedicalOnline BookRNA Interference: Application to Drug Discovery and Challenges to Pharmaceutical Development
MedicalOnline BookSingle-Use Technology in Biopharmaceutical Manufacture
MedicalOnline BookSystems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development
MedicalOnline BookThe AH Receptor in Biology and Toxicology
MedicalOnline BookInflammation and Allergy Drug Design
MedicalOnline BookAAGBI Core Topics
MedicalOnline BookEvidence-Based Interventional Pain Medicine
MedicalOnline BookHow to Survive in Anaesthesia 4e
MedicalOnline BookConcise Guide to Pediatric Arrhythmias
MedicalOnline BookInterventional Cardiology - Principles and Practice
MedicalOnline BookBritish Association of Dermatologists Management Guidelines
MedicalOnline BookDiagnostic Dermoscopy - The Illustrated Guide
MedicalOnline BookTextbook of Pediatric Dermatology
MedicalOnline BookAdvanced Paediatric Life Support - The Practical Approach 5e
MedicalOnline BookCardiovascular Problems in Emergency Medicine - A Discussion-based Review
MedicalOnline BookChallenging and Emerging Conditions in the Emergency Department
MedicalOnline BookOccupational Emergency Medicine
MedicalOnline BookVisual Diagnosis in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
MedicalOnline BookDiagnostic Tests Toolkit
MedicalOnline BookThe Philosophy of Evidence-based Medicine
MedicalOnline BookPersonal Health Records - A Guide for Clinicians
MedicalOnline BookThe Knowledgeable Patient - Communication and Participation in Health - A Cochrane Handbook
MedicalOnline BookHow to Manage Your GP Practice
MedicalOnline BookInpatient Anticoagulation
MedicalOnline BookDiabetic Foot Care - Case Studies in Clinical Management
MedicalOnline BookGetting Started in Health Research
MedicalOnline BookHow to Present at Meetings 3e
MedicalOnline BookPatient and Public Involvement Toolkit
MedicalOnline BookRossi's Principles of Transfusion Medicine 5e
MedicalOnline BookMalignant Hematology a Pract Guide
MedicalOnline BookVon Willebrand's Disease - Basic and Clinical Aspects
MedicalOnline BookEuropean Handbook of Neurological Management V2
MedicalOnline BookAdult Epilepsy
MedicalOnline BookCerebrovascular Ultrasound in Stroke Preventionand Treatment
MedicalOnline BookCo-Morbidity in Migraine
MedicalOnline BookNeuromuscular Disorders
MedicalOnline BookNon-Motor and Non-Dopaminergic Features of Parkinson's Disease
MedicalOnline BookLabor and Delivery - The Hands-on Guide
MedicalOnline BookBonney's Gynaecological Surgery 11e
MedicalOnline BookChronic Pelvic Pain
MedicalOnline BookContraception
MedicalOnline BookDisorders of Menstruation
MedicalOnline BookInfertility
MedicalOnline BookPregnancy in the Obese Woman - Clinical Management
MedicalOnline BookStillbirth
MedicalOnline BookThe Placenta - From Development to Disease
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Psychotherapy in Cancer Care
MedicalOnline BookCancer Epigenetics: Biomolecular Therapeutics in Human Cancer
MedicalOnline BookCounseling About Cancer: Strategies for Geneticounseling, Third Edition
MedicalOnline BookGynecologic Oncology: Evidence-Based Perioperative and Supportive Care, 2nd edition
MedicalOnline BookNeurodegeneration - The Molecular Pathology of Dementia and Movement Disorders
MedicalOnline BookSalivary Gland Cytology: A Color Atlas
MedicalOnline BookSoft Tissue Tumors: A Multidisciplinary, Decisional Diagnostic Approach
MedicalOnline BookNeonatal Formulary 6e
MedicalOnline BookStephens' Detection and Evaluation of Adverse Drug Reactions - Principles and Practice 6e
MedicalOnline BookStandard Electroencephalography in Clinical Psychiatry - A Practical Handbook
MedicalOnline BookTextbook of Psychiatric Epidemiology 3e
MedicalOnline BookSusceptibility Weighted Imaging in MRI: Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications
MedicalOnline BookAdvances in Combination Therapy for Asthma and COPD
MedicalOnline BookEndobronchial Ultrasonography
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Paralympic Sports
MedicalOnline BookEvidence-based Orthopedics
MedicalOnline BookGenetic and Molecular Aspects of Sports Performance
MedicalOnline BookManual Of Perioperative Care In Adult Cardiac Surgery, 5e
MedicalOnline BookAST Handbook of Transplant Infections
MedicalOnline BookAST Textbook of Transplantation
MedicalOnline BookAdvanced Methods of Biomedical Signal Processing
MedicalOnline BookPharmacogenetics and Individualized Therapy
MedicalOnline BookCase Studies in Modern Drug Discovery and Development
MedicalOnline BookFlavonoid Pharmacokinetics: Methods of Analysis, Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Toxicology
MedicalOnline BookMetabolism of Drugs and Other Xenobiotics
MedicalOnline BookPharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Design 3e
MedicalOnline BookA History of a cGMP Medical Event Investigation
MedicalOnline BookAbsorption and Drug Development: Solubility, Permeability, and Charge State, Second Edition
MedicalOnline BookAnalysis of Aggregates and Particles in Protein Pharmaceuticals
MedicalOnline BookAntibacterial Agents - Chemistry, Mode of Action, Mechanisms of Resistance and Clinical Applications
MedicalOnline BookApplications of Ion Chromatography for Pharmaceutical and Biological Products
MedicalOnline BookApplications of Transition Metal Catalysis in Drug Discovery and Development: An Industrial Perspective
MedicalOnline BookBioisosteres in Medicinal Chemistry
MedicalOnline BookChitosan-Based Systems for Biopharmaceuticals - Delivery, Targeting and Polymer Therapeutics
MedicalOnline BookComparative Pathophysiology and Toxicology of Cyclooxygenases
MedicalOnline BookDevalued and Distrusted: Can the Pharmaceutical Industry Restore Its Broken Image?
MedicalOnline BookDioxins and Health: Including Other Persistent Organic Pollutants and Endocrine Disruptors, Third Edition
MedicalOnline BookDrug Repositioning: Bringing New Life to Shelved Assets and Existing Drugs
MedicalOnline BookGreen Techniques for Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry
MedicalOnline BookHot-Melt Extrusion - Pharmaceutical Applications
MedicalOnline BookLead Optimization for Medicinal Chemists
MedicalOnline BookManagement of Chemical and Biological Samples for Screening Applications
MedicalOnline BookMicrowaves in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry 2e
MedicalOnline BookPharmaceutical Lifecycle Management: Making the Most of Each and Every Brand
MedicalOnline BookPolypharmacology in Drug Discovery
MedicalOnline BookPredictive Approaches in Drug Discovery and Development: Biomarkers and In Vitro / In Vivo Correlations
MedicalOnline BookProduction of Plasma Proteins for Therapeutic Use
MedicalOnline BookProtein-Ligand Interactions
MedicalOnline BookReactive Drug Metabolites
MedicalOnline BookRetrometabolic Drug Design and Targeting
MedicalOnline BookSources of Contamination in Medicinal Products and Medical Devices
MedicalOnline BookTargets and Emerging Therapies for Schizophrenia
MedicalOnline BookTherapeutic Targets: Modulation, Inhibition, and Activation
MedicalOnline BookToxicology and Epigenetics
MedicalOnline BookPain-Relieving Procedures: The Illustrated Guide
MedicalOnline BookGregory's Pediatric Anesthesia 5e
MedicalOnline BookECG Interpretation for Everyone - An on the Spot Guide
MedicalOnline BookPediatric Heart Disease - A Practical Guide
MedicalOnline BookPocket Guide to Echocardiography
MedicalOnline BookSuccessful Accreditation in Echocardiography - A Self-Assessment Guide
MedicalOnline BookClinical Electrocardiography - A Textbook
MedicalOnline BookDermatologic Surgery: Step by Step
MedicalOnline BookEthical Problems in Emergency Medicine - A Discussion-based Review
MedicalOnline BookMajor Incident Medical Management and Support - The Practical Approach at the Scene Command 3e
MedicalOnline BookPractical Teaching in Emergency Medicine 2e
MedicalOnline BookUrgent Care Emergencies - Avoiding the Pitfallsand Improving the Outcomes
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology
MedicalOnline BookDiabetes Chronic Complications 3e
MedicalOnline BookAlcohol and Drug Misuse - A Cochrane Handbook
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Gastrointestinal Cancer
MedicalOnline BookNatural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery(NOTES) - Textbook and Video Atlas
MedicalOnline BookTextbook of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2e
MedicalOnline BookBecoming a Consummate Clinician: What Every Student, House Officer and Hospital Practitioner Needs to Know
MedicalOnline BookHospital Images: A Clinical Atlas
MedicalOnline BookPerioperative Medicine: Medical Consultation and Co-Management
MedicalOnline BookSurgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery - Clinical Questions and Answers
MedicalOnline BookThe IOC Manual of Sports Injuries
MedicalOnline BookMedical Ethics Today - The BMA's Handbook of Ethics and Law 3e
MedicalOnline BookClinical Research and the Law
MedicalOnline BookHow to Succeed at e-learning
MedicalOnline BookHow to Write a Paper, 5th edition
MedicalOnline BookMedical Toxicology of Drug Abuse: Synthesized Chemicals and Psychoactive Plants
MedicalOnline BookSynthesising Qualitative Research - Choosing the Right Approach
MedicalOnline BookEvidence-Based Geriatric Medicine - A Practical Clinical Guide
MedicalOnline BookPathy's Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine 5e
MedicalOnline BookSarcopenia
MedicalOnline BookTissue and Cell Clinical Use - An Essential Guide
MedicalOnline BookTissue and Cell Processing - An Essential Guide
MedicalOnline BookBasics of Blood Management
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology - Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland 2e
MedicalOnline BookDepression in Neurologic Disorders - Diagnosis and Management
MedicalOnline BookEmergency Management in Neurocritical Care
MedicalOnline BookEpilepsy in Children and Adolescents
MedicalOnline BookHyperkinetic Movement Disorders - Differential Diagnosis and Treatment
MedicalOnline BookMultiple Sclerosis - Diagnosis and Therapy
MedicalOnline BookMuscle Aging, Inclusion-Body Myositis and Myopathies
MedicalOnline BookNeuro-oncology
MedicalOnline BookDewhurst's Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 8e
MedicalOnline BookAssisted Reproduction Techniques - Challenges & Management Options
MedicalOnline BookEndometriosis - Science and Practice
MedicalOnline BookQueenan's Management of High-Risk Pregnancy - An Evidence-Based Approach 6e
MedicalOnline BookSexually Transmitted Diseases
MedicalOnline BookCancer and Aging Handbook
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Palliative Care, Third Edition
MedicalOnline BookTextbook of Uncommon Cancer, 4e
MedicalOnline BookCancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer
MedicalOnline BookClinical Psycho-oncology - An International Perspective
MedicalOnline BookPediatric Psycho-oncology - Psychosocial Aspectsand Clinical Interventions 2e
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Retinal Screening in Diabetes - Diagnosis and Management
MedicalOnline BookClinical Orthoptics 3e
MedicalOnline BookBladder Pathology
MedicalOnline BookNon-Neoplastic Hematopathology and Infections
MedicalOnline BookPharmacovigilance Medical Writing - A Good Practice Guide
MedicalOnline BookMicroneedle-mediated Transdermal and Intradermal Drug Delivery
MedicalOnline BookPharmacoepidemiology 5e
MedicalOnline BookPharmacogenomics in Clinical Therapeutics
MedicalOnline BookHow to Succeed in Psychiatry - A Guide to Training and Practice
MedicalOnline BookA Handbook for the Assessment of Children's Behaviours
MedicalOnline BookImaging Musculoskeletal Trauma: Interpretation and Reporting
MedicalOnline BookFlexible Bronchoscopy 3e
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Sports Medicine and Science: Sports Therapy Services: Organization and Operations
MedicalOnline BookPediatric Robotic and Reconstructive Urology - A Comprehensive Guide
MedicalOnline BookHaimovici's Vascular Surgery 6e
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Renal and Pancreatic Transplantation
MedicalOnline BookImmunotherapy in Transplantation - Principles and Practice
MedicalOnline BookSmith's Textbook of Endourology 3e
MedicalOnline BookBio-Glasses: An Introduction
MedicalOnline BookBiomimetic, Bioresponsive, and Bioactive Materials: An Introduction to Integrating Materials with Tissues
MedicalOnline BookOrofacial Pain: A Guide to Medications and Management
MedicalOnline BookThe Dentist's Drug and Prescription Guide
MedicalOnline BookMineralized Tissues in Oral and Craniofacial Science: Biological Principles and Clinical Correlates
MedicalOnline BookThe Science and Practice of Stuttering Treatment - A Symposium
MedicalOnline BookManual of Psychosocial Rehabilitation
MedicalOnline BookInitial Management of Acute Medical Patients - A Guide for Nurses and Healthcare Practitioners 2e
MedicalOnline BookManual of Perioperative Care - An Essential Guide
MedicalOnline BookPaediatric Advanced Life Support - A Practical Guide for Nurses 2e
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Service User Involvement in Nursingand Healthcare Research
MedicalOnline BookNutrition for Sport and Exercise - A Practical Guide
MedicalOnline BookWeight Management - A Practitioner's Guide
MedicalOnline BookBiomedical Imaging: Principles and Applications
MedicalOnline BookPractical Guide to Equine Colic
MedicalOnline BookVeterinary Euthanasia Techniques: A Practical Guide
MedicalOnline BookClostridial Diseases of Animals
MedicalOnline BookInfectious Diseases of Wild Mammals and Birds in Europe
MedicalOnline BookKirkbride's Diagnosis of Abortion and Neonatal Loss in Animals
MedicalOnline BookRisk Management Applications in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
MedicalOnline BookAntimicrobial Peptides
MedicalOnline BookAntibiotics - Targets, Mechanisms and Resistance
MedicalOnline BookMarine Microbiology Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnological Applications
MedicalOnline BookAdvanced Delivery and Therapeutic Applications of RNAi
MedicalOnline BookAnalogue-based Drug Discovery III
MedicalOnline BookData Mining in Drug Discovery V 57
MedicalOnline BookDe novo Molecular Design
MedicalOnline BookDrug Delivery Applications of Noninvasive Imaging: Validation from Biodistribution to Sites of Action
MedicalOnline BookDrug Delivery Strategies for Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs
MedicalOnline BookmicroRNAs in Toxicology and Medicine
MedicalOnline BookMolecular Basis of Oxidative Stress: Chemistry, Mechanisms, and Disease Pathogenesis
MedicalOnline BookProtein-Protein Interactions in Drug Discovery V 56
MedicalOnline BookAnatomy for Anaesthetists, 9e
MedicalOnline BookAnesthesia and the Fetus
MedicalOnline BookField Guide to the Arrhythmias
MedicalOnline BookPractical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology - Tips and Tricks 4e
MedicalOnline BookEthnic Dermatology - Principles and Practice
MedicalOnline BookHuman Factors in the Healthcare Setting: a Pocket Guide for Clinical Instructors
MedicalOnline BookEmergency Medicine Simulation Workbook - A Toolfor Bringing the Curriculum to Life
MedicalOnline BookThe ECG in Prehospital Emergency Care
MedicalOnline BookImaging in Endocrinology
MedicalOnline BookPractical Manual of Clinical Obesity
MedicalOnline BookEvidence-Based Emergency Care - Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules 2e
MedicalOnline BookEvidence-Based Pediatric Oncology
MedicalOnline BookKnowledge Translation in Health Care - Moving from Evidence to Practice 2e
MedicalOnline BookNon-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - A Practical Guide
MedicalOnline BookYamada's Handbook of Gastroenterology 3e
MedicalOnline BookHospitalists' Guide to the Care of Older Patients
MedicalOnline BookClinical Care Conundrums: Challenging Diagnoses in Hospital Medicine
MedicalOnline BookHow to Manage Dementia in General Practice
MedicalOnline BookMedical Decision Making
MedicalOnline BookUnderstanding Medical Education - Evidence, Theory and Practice
MedicalOnline BookRegression Methods for Medical Research
MedicalOnline BookEssential Simulation in Clinical Education
MedicalOnline BookEveryday Medical Ethics and Law
MedicalOnline BookHow to Assess Doctors and Health Professionals
MedicalOnline BookHow to Succeed at the Medical Interview 2e
MedicalOnline BookImproving Patient Care - The Implementation of Change in Health Care
MedicalOnline BookMentorship in Academic Medicine
MedicalOnline BookPrevention of Diabetes
MedicalOnline BookSustainable Healthcare
MedicalOnline BookCardiovascular Disease and Health in the Older Patient - Expanded from 'Pathy's Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine, Fifth Edition'
MedicalOnline BookDesigning and Delivering Dementia Services
MedicalOnline BookEssential Guide to Blood Coagulation 2e
MedicalOnline BookEssential Guide to Blood Groups
MedicalOnline BookLysosomal Storage Disorders: A Practical Guide
MedicalOnline BookNeurostimulation - Principles and Practice
MedicalOnline BookEpilepsy in Women
MedicalOnline BookHeadache
MedicalOnline BookMuscle Disease - Pathology and Genetics
MedicalOnline BookNeurological Disorders due to Systemic Disease
MedicalOnline BookNeurovascular Examination - The Rapid Evaluationof Stroke Patients Using Ultrasound Waveform Interpretation
MedicalOnline BookSleep Medicine in Neurology
MedicalOnline BookStroke
MedicalOnline BookFibroids
MedicalOnline BookOsteoporosis - Diagnosis and Management
MedicalOnline BookPractical Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
MedicalOnline BookRadiation Oncology in Palliative Cancer Care
MedicalOnline BookPediatric Drug Development 2e - Concepts and Applications
MedicalOnline BookTextbook of Pharmacoepidemiology 2e
MedicalOnline BookThe Textbook of Pharmaceutical Medicine 7e
MedicalOnline BookPharmacogenomics of Human Drug Transporters: Clinical Impacts
MedicalOnline BookBasic Family Therapy
MedicalOnline BookClinical Handbook of Adolescent Addiction
MedicalOnline BookDiagnostic Imaging of Infections and Inflammatory Diseases: A Multidisciplinary Approach
MedicalOnline BookEssentials of Nuclear Medicine Physics and Instrumentation 3e
MedicalOnline BookHealth Care Reform in Radiology
MedicalOnline BookMedical Imaging: Essentials for Physicians
MedicalOnline BookEncyclopaedia of Sports Medicine: Sports Nutrition
MedicalOnline BookHandbook of Sports Medicine and Science - Gymnastics
MedicalOnline BookThyroid Surgery: Preventing and Managing Complications
MedicalOnline BookBusiness Basics for Dentists
MedicalOnline BookThe Orthodontics Mini Implant Clinical Handbook
MedicalOnline BookContinuing Professional Development in Health and Social Care - Strategies for Lifelong Learning 2e
MedicalOnline BookTheory of Addiction 2e
MedicalOnline BookCaring for Children with Special Healthcare Needsand Their Families: A Handbook for Healthcare Professionals
MedicalOnline BookIntroduction to Neural Engineering for Motor Rehabilitation
MedicalOnline BookMRI Techniques
MedicalOnline BookThe Engineering of Human Joint Replacements
MedicalOnline BookCBT for Schizophrenia - Evidence-Based Interventions and Future Directions
MedicalOnline BookCognitive Therapy for Addiction - Motivation and Change
MedicalOnline BookContemporary Issues in Family Studies - Global Perspectives on Partnerships, Parenting and Support in a Changing World
MedicalOnline BookPsychological Therapies for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
MedicalOnline BookClinical Endocrinology of Companion Animals
MedicalOnline BookCancer and Inflammation Mechanisms: Chemical, Biological, and Clinical Aspects
MedicalOnline BookNovel Antimicrobial Agents and Strategies
MedicalOnline BookNatural Products in Medicinal Chemistry
MedicalOnline BookMedicinal Chemistry Approaches to Personalized Medicine
MedicalOnline BookCollaborative Innovation in Drug Discovery: Strategies for Public and Private Partnerships
MedicalOnline BookCyclic-Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases in the Central Nervous System: From Biology to Drug Discovery
MedicalOnline BookDrug Discovery for the Treatment of Addiction: Medicinal Chemistry Strategies
MedicalOnline BookDrug Metabolism Prediction
MedicalOnline BookDrug Transporters: Molecular Characterization and Role in Drug Disposition, Second Edition
MedicalOnline BookIn vivo Models for Drug Discovery
MedicalOnline BookMolecular Immunotoxicology
MedicalOnline BookMucoadhesive Materials and Drug Delivery Systems
MedicalOnline BookPhosphodiesterases and Their Inhibitors
MedicalOnline BookPredictive ADMET: Integrated Approaches in Drug Discovery and Development
MedicalOnline BookScaffold Hopping in Medicinal Chemistry
MedicalOnline BookStrategies for Reducing Drug and Chemical Residues in Food Animals: International Approaches to Residue Avoidance, Management, and Testing
MedicalOnline BookStructure-based Design of Drugs and Other Bioactive Molecules - Tools and Strategies
MedicalOnline BookThe Role of the Study Director in Nonclinical Studies: Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Medical Devices,and Pesticides
MedicalOnline BookTherapeutic Delivery Solutions
MedicalOnline BookFood Allergy: Adverse Reaction to Foods and Food Additives
MedicalOnline BookA Guide to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - For Patients, Their Families and Interested Physicians
MedicalOnline BookPediatric Cardiology: The Essential Pocket Guide
MedicalOnline BookECGs for Beginners
MedicalOnline BookSkin Lymphoma - The Illustrated Guide 4e
MedicalOnline BookCosmeceuticals and Cosmetic Practice
MedicalOnline BookEvidence-Based Dermatology 3e
MedicalOnline BookEmergency Triage
MedicalOnline BookManaging Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes
MedicalOnline BookAchieving High Quality Care - Practical Experiencefrom NICE
MedicalOnline BookSearching Skills Toolkit - Finding the Evidence
MedicalOnline BookMount Sinai Expert Guides - Hepatology
MedicalOnline BookPocket Guide to GastrointestinaI Drugs
MedicalOnline BookGI Epidemiology - Diseases and Clinical Methodology 2e
MedicalOnline BookSimulated Patient Methodology - Theory, Evidenceand Practice
MedicalOnline BookInpatient Cardiovascular Medicine
MedicalOnline BookNeuromotor Immaturity in Children and Adults - The INPP Screening Test for Clinicians and Health Practitioners
MedicalOnline BookGuidelines for Reporting Health Research - A Users Manual
MedicalOnline BookHow to Teach in Clinical Settings 1e
MedicalOnline BookSubstance Use and Older People
MedicalOnline BookHemostasis and Thrombosis - Practical Guidelinesin Clinical Management
MedicalOnline BookHaematology in Critical Care - A Practical Handbook
MedicalOnline BookTextbook of Hemophilia
MedicalOnline BookDementia
MedicalOnline BookEpilepsy (Neurology in Practice Series)
MedicalOnline BookGeriatric Neurology
MedicalOnline BookMultiple Sclerosis and CNS Inflammatory Disorders
MedicalOnline BookPeripheral Nerve Disorders - Pathology and Genetics
MedicalOnline BookRecurrent Pregnancy Loss
MedicalOnline BookSinger & Monaghan's Cervical and Lower Genital Tract Precancer - Diagnosis and Treatment 3e
MedicalOnline BookUncommon Gynecologic Cancers
MedicalOnline BookClinical Problems in Oncology: A Practical Guide to Management
MedicalOnline BookCancer and its Management 7e
MedicalOnline BookCancer Consult: Expertise for Clinical Practice
MedicalOnline BookCancer Gene Therapy by Viral and Non-viral Vectors
MedicalOnline BookDermatology and the Cancer Patient: Conditions ofthe Skin, Hair, and Nails During Cancer Treatment
MedicalOnline BookLung Cancer 4e
MedicalOnline BookTNM Atlas 6e
MedicalOnline BookDiagnosis and Management of Ocular Motility Disorders
MedicalOnline BookBone Marrow Diagnosis - An Illustrated Guide 3e
MedicalOnline BookThe Melanocytic Proliferations: A Comprehensive Textbook of Pigmented Lesions
MedicalOnline BookNeonatal Formulary - Drug Use in Pregnancy and the First Year of Life 7e
MedicalOnline BookMann's Pharmacovigilance
MedicalOnline BookStatistical Thinking for Non-Statisticians in Drug Regulation, 2e
MedicalOnline BookPartnering for Recovery in Mental Health - A Practical Guide to Person-Centered Planning
MedicalOnline BookEarly Intervention in Psychiatry -Everything for better mental health
MedicalOnline BookMagnetic Resonance Imaging: Physical Principles and Sequence Design
MedicalOnline BookVascular Imaging of the Central Nervous System: Physical Principles, Clinical Applications, and Emergency Techniques
MedicalOnline BookRadiobiology of Medical Imaging
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MedicalOnline BookEmergency Triage Telephone triage and advice
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MedicalOnline BookResearching Medical Education
MedicalOnline BookClinical Trials in Older Adults
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MedicalOnline BookTraumatic Brain Injury
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MedicalOnline BookThe ADA Practical Guide to Substance Use Disorders and Safe Prescribing
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MedicalOnline BookSmall Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guide
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MedicalOnline BookAdvanced Paediatric Life Support - A Practical Approach to Emergencies 6e with Wiley E-Text
MedicalOnline BookThomas' Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation - Stem Cell Transplantation 5e
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MedicalOnline BookClinical Communication in Medicine
MedicalOnline BookGynecologic and Obstetric Surgery - Challenges and Management Options
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ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Integral Calculus: Systematic Studies with Engineering Applications for Beginners
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ScienceOnline BookStatistics for Compensation: A Practical Guide to Compensation Analysis
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ScienceOnline BookStatistics for Earth and Environmental Scientists
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ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Nonresponse in Household Surveys
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Statistical Data Editing and Imputation
ScienceOnline BookAnalyzing the Large Number of Variables in Biomedical and Satellite Imagery
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ScienceOnline BookComparing Groups: Randomization and Bootstrap Methods Using R
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ScienceOnline BookNonparametric Tests for Complete Data
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ScienceOnline BookStatistics in Psychology Using R and SPSS
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ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Biostatistics
ScienceOnline BookOnshore and Offshore Wind Energy: An Introduction
ScienceOnline BookGrid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems
ScienceOnline BookElectric Distribution Systems
ScienceOnline BookHigh Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering
ScienceOnline BookPower Conversion and Control of Wind Energy Systems
ScienceOnline BookIntegration of Distributed Generation in the Power System
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ScienceOnline BookPorous Polymers
ScienceOnline BookEnergy Materials
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Structural Ceramics
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ScienceOnline BookElectrochemical Technologies for Energy Storageand Conversion
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ScienceOnline BookAtomic Layer Deposition of Nanostructured Materials
ScienceOnline BookSurface Modification of Nanotube Fillers
ScienceOnline BookHigh Temperature Plasmas - Theory and Mathematical Tools for Laser and Fusion Plasmas
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ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular Biology V002
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ScienceOnline BookDiscovering Chemistry With Natural Bond Orbitals
ScienceOnline BookZero Waste Engineering
ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Water Desalination
ScienceOnline BookThe Role of Green Chemistry in Biomass Processingand Conversion
ScienceOnline BookFuel Cells Science and Engineering - Materials, Processes , Systems and Technologies
ScienceOnline BookExperiment! - Planning, Implementing and Interpreting
ScienceOnline BookGreat Inventions that Changed the World
ScienceOnline BookIonic Interactions in Natural and Synthetic Macromolecules
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ScienceOnline BookEnzyme Catalysis in Organic Synthesis 3e
ScienceOnline BookHeterocyclic Chemistry at a Glance 2e
ScienceOnline BookInnovative Catalysis in Organic Synthesis - Oxidation, Hydrogenation,and C-X Bond Forming Reactions
ScienceOnline BookIonic Liquids in Biotransformations and Organocatalysis: Solvents and Beyond
ScienceOnline BookIonic Liquids UnCOILed: Critical Expert Overviews
ScienceOnline BookIsocyanide Chemistryand Material Science
ScienceOnline BookModern Gold Catalyzed Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookNew Strategies in Chemical Synthesis and Catalysis
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Chemistry - Breakthroughs and Perspectives
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Synthesis Using Transition Metals 2e
ScienceOnline BookSelf-Assembled Supramolecular Architectures: Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
ScienceOnline BookSolid-Phase Organic Syntheses, Volume 2: Solid-Phase Palladium Chemistry
ScienceOnline BookSteroid Dimers - Chemistry and Applications in Drug Design and Delivery
ScienceOnline BookSupramolecular Chemistry of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes
ScienceOnline BookSupramolecular Polymer Chemistry
ScienceOnline BookSystems Biology for Traditional Chinese Medicine
ScienceOnline BookThe Pauson-Khand Reaction - Scope, Variations and Applications
ScienceOnline BookBioactive Heterocyclic Compound Classes
ScienceOnline BookStructural Glasses and Supercooled Liquids: Theory, Experiment, and Applications
ScienceOnline BookElectrical Phenomena at Interfaces and Biointerfaces: Fundamentals and Applications in Nano-, Bio-,and Environmental Sciences
ScienceOnline BookSurfactants and Interfacial Phenomena, Fourth Edition
ScienceOnline BookMethods in Physical Chemistry
ScienceOnline BookMolecular Fluorescence 2e - Principles and Applications
ScienceOnline BookDiffusion in Nanoporous Materials
ScienceOnline BookA Classical Introduction to Galois Theory
ScienceOnline BookFibonacci and Catalan Numbers: An Introduction
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to the Explicit Finite Element Method for Nonlinear Transient Dynamics
ScienceOnline BookQuantitative Value + Website: A Practitioner's Guide to Automating Intelligent Investment and Eliminating Behavioral Errors
ScienceOnline BookThe Mathematics of Infinity: A Guide to Great Ideas, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookGalois Theory, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookTheory of Computation
ScienceOnline BookDie Finite-Elemente-Methode für Anfänger 4e
ScienceOnline BookRasch Related Models and Methods for Health Science
ScienceOnline BookStochastic Methods for Pension Funds
ScienceOnline BookMathematical Finance
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Real-World Applications in Modeling and Simulation
ScienceOnline BookA First Course in Applied Mathematics
ScienceOnline BookMathematical Modeling with Multidisciplinary Applications
ScienceOnline BookFinite Element Method
ScienceOnline BookModelling Under Risk and Uncertainty - An Introduction to Statistical, Phenomenological and Computational Methods
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes with Applications
ScienceOnline BookA Practical Guide to Cluster Randomised Trials in Health Services Research
ScienceOnline BookBayesian Estimation and Tracking: A Practical Guide
ScienceOnline BookGuidebook to R Graphics Using Microsoft(R) Windows
ScienceOnline BookStatistical and Managerial Techniques for Six Sigma Methodology - Theory and Application
ScienceOnline BookBasic and Advanced Structural Equation Modeling: With Applications in the Medical and Behavioral Sciences
ScienceOnline BookClinical Trials Handbook: Design and Conduct
ScienceOnline BookFinancial Statistics and Mathematical Finance - Methods, Models and Applications
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Exchange Rates
ScienceOnline BookSpatial Analysis Along Networks - Statistical and Computational Methods
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Methods in Healthcare
ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Statistical Monitoring of Complex Multivariate Processes - With Applications in Industrial Process Control
ScienceOnline BookBayesian Analysis of Stochastic Process Models
ScienceOnline BookGeostatistics: Modeling Spatial Uncertainty, Second Edition
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ScienceOnline BookStatistics for Censored Environmental Data Using Minitab and R, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookSampling, Third Edition
ScienceOnline BookProbability, Statistics, and Stochastic Processes, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookDesign and Analysis of Experiments in the Health Sciences
ScienceOnline BookSurvival Analysis - Models and Applications
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Inference: A Short Course
ScienceOnline BookClassic Problems of Probability
ScienceOnline BookClinical Trials Dictionary: Terminology and Usage Recommendations, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Business Research
ScienceOnline BookApplied Regression Modeling, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Methods in Customer Relationship Management
ScienceOnline BookCommon Errors in Statistics (and How to Avoid Them), Fourth Edition
ScienceOnline BookIndustrial Statistics with Minitab
ScienceOnline BookMethods of Multivariate Analysis, Third Edition
ScienceOnline BookLog-Linear Modeling: Concepts, Interpretation, and Application
ScienceOnline BookCase Studies in Bayesian Statistical Modelling and Analysis
ScienceOnline BookSpatio-temporal Design - Advances in Efficient Data Acquisition
ScienceOnline BookThe R Book
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Regression Analysis
ScienceOnline BookComputational Statistics, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding and Applying Research Design
ScienceOnline BookBayesian Biostatistics
ScienceOnline BookCausality - Statistical Perspectives and Applications
ScienceOnline BookWind Resource Assessment: A Practical Guide to Developing a Wind Project
ScienceOnline BookReactive Power Compensation - A Practical Guide
ScienceOnline BookBiogas Production: Pretreatment Methods in Anaerobic Digestion
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of the Petrophysics of Oil and Gas Reservoirs
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Power Systems Engineering with Power Electronics Applications, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookSmart Grid: Fundamentals of Design and Analysis
ScienceOnline BookSystemic Design Methodologies for Electrical Energy Systems: Analysis, synthesis and management
ScienceOnline BookBioremediation of Petroleum and Petroleum Products
ScienceOnline BookSolar Energy at Urban Scale
ScienceOnline BookMarine Renewable Energy Handbook
ScienceOnline BookWind Power in Power Systems 2e
ScienceOnline BookSmart Grid - Technology and Applications
ScienceOnline BookPhotovoltaics - System Design and Practice
ScienceOnline BookElectrical Energy Efficiency - Technologies and Applications
ScienceOnline BookLinear and Nonlinear Rotordynamics
ScienceOnline BookRenewable Energy
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Industrial Polypropylene: Properties, Catalysts Processes
ScienceOnline BookFunctional Polymers by Post-Polymerization Modification - Concepts, Guidelines and Applications
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Thermoforming: Methods, Machines and Materials, Applications and Automation
ScienceOnline BookDynamics at Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces Volume 2 - Fundamentals
ScienceOnline BookFatigue of Materials II: Advances and Emergences in Understanding
ScienceOnline BookIntegrative Computational Materials Engineering - Concepts and Applications of a Modular Simulation Platform
ScienceOnline BookIntelligent Surfaces in Biotechnology: Scientificand Engineering Concepts, Enabling Technologies, and Translation to Bio-Oriented Applications
ScienceOnline BookPolymers in Industry from A to Z - A Concise Encyclopedia
ScienceOnline BookPrinciples and Applications of Lithium Secondary Batteries
ScienceOnline BookSoft Matter Gradient Surfaces: Methods and Applications
ScienceOnline BookMicro/Nano Replication: Processes and Applications
ScienceOnline BookCeramics and Composites Processing Methods
ScienceOnline BookNanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology VI: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume33 Issue 7
ScienceOnline BookGlass-Ceramic Technology, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookElectrometallurgy 2012
ScienceOnline BookAntioxidant Polymers: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Materials Science for Environmental and Energy Technologies: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 236
ScienceOnline BookCarbon Nanotubes and Nanosensors: Vibration, Buckling and Balistic Impact
ScienceOnline BookArtificial Materials
ScienceOnline BookMaterials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy II: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 239
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Interconnects for ULSI Technology
ScienceOnline BookTransparent Oxide Electronics - From Materials to Devices
ScienceOnline BookMechanical Properties of Solid Polymers 3e
ScienceOnline BookPolymer Composites V1
ScienceOnline BookThe Plasma Chemistry of Polymer Surfaces Techniques for Surface Design
ScienceOnline BookPolymer Composites with Carbonaceous Nanofillers- Properties and Applications
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Wafer Bonding
ScienceOnline BookNanotechnologies / Concepts, Production and Applications
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding the Nanotechnology Revolution
ScienceOnline BookWhat is What in the Nanoworld - A Handbook on Nanoscience 3e
ScienceOnline BookNanoparticulate Materials:ation, and Processing
ScienceOnline BookSemiconducting Polymer Composites - Principles, Morphologies, Properties and Applications
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Methods in Radiation Physics
ScienceOnline BookExploring Quantum Physics through Hands-on Projects
ScienceOnline BookVibrations and Waves
ScienceOnline BookPractical Raman Spectroscopy - An Introduction
ScienceOnline BookHydrophilic Interaction Chromatography: A Guide for Practitioners
ScienceOnline BookMass Spectrometry for Drug Discovery and Drug Development
ScienceOnline BookBasics of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Equilibria
ScienceOnline BookPitfalls and Errors of HPLC in Pictures 3e
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Diabetes: A Biochemical Perspective
ScienceOnline BookMetabolomics in Practice - Successful Strategiesto Generate and Analyze Metabolic Data
ScienceOnline BookNanomaterials - Novel Approaches
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Wood and Natural Fiber Composites
ScienceOnline BookAeration Control System Design: A Practical Guideto Energy and Process Optimization
ScienceOnline BookGreen Chemistry and Engineering: A Pathway to Sustainability
ScienceOnline BookEndocrine Disrupters: Hazard Testing and Assessment Methods
ScienceOnline BookAir Pollution Prevention and Control - Bioreactorsand Bioenergy
ScienceOnline BookAnimal Manure Recycling - Treatment and Management
ScienceOnline BookEffects of Persistent and Bioactive Organic Pollutants on Human Health
ScienceOnline BookResponsible Innovation - Managing the Responsible Emergence of Science and Innovation in Society
ScienceOnline BookThe Chemistry of Beer: The Science in the Suds
ScienceOnline BookThe Coloration of Wool and Other Keratin Fibres
ScienceOnline BookCoordination Chemistry in Protein Cages: Principles, Design, and Applications
ScienceOnline BookGraphene - Synthesis, Properties and Phenomena
ScienceOnline BookHigh Temperature Experiments in Chemistry and Materials Science
ScienceOnline BookOrdered Mesoporous Materials
ScienceOnline BookSpin-Crossover Materials - Properties and Applications
ScienceOnline BookDiversity-Oriented Synthesis: Basics and Applications in Organic Synthesis, Drug Discovery, and Chemical Biology
ScienceOnline BookModern Methods in Stereoselective Aldol Reactions
ScienceOnline BookModern Synthetic Methods in Carbohydrate Chemistry- From Monosaccharides to Complex Glycoconjugates
ScienceOnline BookStereoselective Organocatalysis: Bond Formation Methodologies and Activation Modes
ScienceOnline BookSynthetic Methods for Biologically Active Molecules Exploring the Potential of Bioreductions
ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis: The Silver/Gold Jublilee International Conferenceon Organometallic Chemistry Celebratory Book
ScienceOnline BookAlkynes in Cycloadditions
ScienceOnline BookCarbohydrates - Tools for Stereoselective Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookCatalytic Cascade Reactions
ScienceOnline BookComprehensive Enantioselective Organocatalysis - Catalysts, Reactions and Applications
ScienceOnline BookContemporary Carbene Chemistry
ScienceOnline BookCopper-Mediated Cross-Coupling Reactions
ScienceOnline BookGreener Fischer-Tropsch Processes - For Fuels and Feedstocks
ScienceOnline BookHypervalent Iodine Chemistry - Preparation, Structure and Synthetic Applications of Polyvalent Iodine Compounds
ScienceOnline BookLiquid Phase Oxidation via Heterogeneous Catalysis: Organic Synthesis and Industrial Applications
ScienceOnline BookMetallofoldamers - Supramolecular Architecturesfrom Helicates to Biomimetics
ScienceOnline BookMicroreactors in Organic Chemistry and Catalysis2e
ScienceOnline BookMicrowaves in Organic Synthesis 3e
ScienceOnline BookModern Fluoroorganic Chemistry 2e Reactivity, Applications
ScienceOnline BookModern Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution
ScienceOnline BookMore Dead Ends and Detours En Route to Successful Total Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookNatural Lactones and Lactams - Synthesis, Occurrence and Biological Activity
ScienceOnline BookNitrenes and Nitrenium Ions
ScienceOnline BookOrbital Interactions in Chemistry, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Device Applications
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Reaction Mechanisms 2010
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Synthesis and Molecular Engineering
ScienceOnline BookOrganometallics in Synthesis, Fourth Manual
ScienceOnline BookOrganometallics in Synthesis, Third Manual
ScienceOnline BookPalladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions - Practical Aspects and Future Developments
ScienceOnline BookPhotochemically-Generated Intermediates in Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookTransition-Metal-Mediated Aromatic Ring Construction
ScienceOnline BookFörster Resonance Energy Transfer - From Theory to Applications
ScienceOnline BookStress Corrosion Cracking of Pipelines
ScienceOnline BookAggregation-Induced Emission - Fundamentals and Applications, Volumes 1 and 2
ScienceOnline BookLiquid-State Physical Chemistry Fundamentals, Modelling, and Applications
ScienceOnline BookProteins in Solution and at Interfaces: Methods and Applications in Biotechnology and Materials Science
ScienceOnline BookNuclear and Radiochemistry - Fundamentals and Applications 3e
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Topology and Geometry, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookPublic Key Cryptography: Applications and Attacks
ScienceOnline BookBehavioral Finance: Understanding the Social, Cognitive, and Economic Debates
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Models and Methods for Reliability and Survival Analysis
ScienceOnline BookStochastic Structural Dynamics - Application of Finite Element Methods
ScienceOnline BookTime-Dependent Problems and Difference Methods, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookThe Elements of Cantor Sets: With Applications
ScienceOnline BookNonlinear Physical Systems: Spectral Analysis, Stability and Bifurcations
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Logistics Systems Management 2e
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Statistics Through Resampling Methods and R, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Probability and Statistics for Eco-system Managers - Simulation and Resampling
ScienceOnline BookAn Introduction to Statistical Computing - Asimulation-based Approach
ScienceOnline BookProblem Solving and Data Analysis using Minitab - A Clear and Easy Guide to Six Sigma Methodology
ScienceOnline BookDifference and Differential Equations with Applications in Queueing Theory
ScienceOnline BookMixed Models: Theory and Applications with R, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookQuantile Regression - Theory and Applications
ScienceOnline BookData Mining and Business Analytics with R
ScienceOnline BookFinancial Risk Modelling and Portfolio Optimization with R
ScienceOnline BookComputational and Statistical Methods for Protein Quantification by Mass Spectrometry
ScienceOnline BookFast Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Countingand Optimization
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Market Risk
ScienceOnline BookMulti-Criteria Decision Analysis: Methods and Software
ScienceOnline BookNonparametric Statistical Methods, Third Edition
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Methods for Hospital Monitoring with R
ScienceOnline BookThe Art of Data Analysis: How to Answer Almost Any Question Using Basic Statistics
ScienceOnline BookSample Size Determination and Power
ScienceOnline BookDesign and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Concepts and Methodologies, Third Edition
ScienceOnline BookA First Course in Probability and Markov Chains
ScienceOnline BookApplied Logistic Regression, Third Edition
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Probability
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding and Conducting Research
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Uncertainty, Revised Edition
ScienceOnline BookBiostatistics Decoded
ScienceOnline BookSocial Media, Sociality, and Survey Research
ScienceOnline BookMagnetic Processes in Astrophysics - Geophysicaland Astrophysical Dynamo Theory
ScienceOnline BookCelestial Dynamics - Chaoticity and Dynamics of Celestial Systems
ScienceOnline BookPlasma Formulary for Physics, Astronomy, and Technology 2e
ScienceOnline BookElectricity from Wave and Tide - An Introductionto Marine Energy
ScienceOnline BookMethodology and Technology for Power System Grounding
ScienceOnline BookElectrical Energy Conversion and Transport: An Interactive Computer-Based Approach, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Electrical Power System Dynamics: Modeling, Stability, and Control
ScienceOnline BookAnalysis of Electric Machinery and Drive Systems, Third Edition
ScienceOnline BookGrid Integration of Electric Vehicles in Open Electricity Markets
ScienceOnline BookWind Power: Turbine Design, Selection, and Optimization
ScienceOnline BookCoal-Fired Power Generation Handbook
ScienceOnline BookFracking: The Operations and Environmental Consequences of Hydraulic Fracturing
ScienceOnline BookLithium Batteries and other Electrochemical Storage Systems
ScienceOnline BookBiofuels Production
ScienceOnline BookTransition to Renewable Energy Systems
ScienceOnline BookMaterials Characterization - Introduction to Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods 2e
ScienceOnline BookFatigue Limit in Metals
ScienceOnline BookAtomic Layer Deposition: Principles, Characteristics, and Nanotechnology Applications, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookFatigue of Materials: Advances and Emergences in Understanding
ScienceOnline BookHydrometallurgy: Fundamentals and Applications
ScienceOnline BookNitride Semiconductor Devices - Fundamentals and Applications
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Electronics - Emerging Concepts and Technologies
ScienceOnline BookPhotocatalysis and Water Purification From Fundamentals to Recent Applications
ScienceOnline BookResponsive Materials and Methods: State-of-the-Art Stimuli-Responsive Materials and Their Applications
ScienceOnline BookSelf-Healing Polymers From Principles to Applications
ScienceOnline BookShape-Memory Alloys Handbook
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Polymer Synthesis, Characterization, and Processing
ScienceOnline BookPolymer Adhesion, Friction, and Lubrication
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Polymer Crystallization
ScienceOnline BookLithium Batteries: Advanced Technologies and Applications
ScienceOnline BookCharacterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2013
ScienceOnline BookMaterials Processing Fundamentals
ScienceOnline Book4th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing
ScienceOnline BookMetal Failures: Mechanisms, Analysis, Prevention, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookCrystals and Crystallinity in Polymers: Diffraction Analysis of Ordered and Disordered Crystals
ScienceOnline BookPlastics Additives and Testing
ScienceOnline BookPolymers for Energy Storage and Conversion
ScienceOnline BookAtmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment of Polymers: Relevance to Adhesion
ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Materials Science for Environmental and Energy Technologies II: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 241
ScienceOnline BookNanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology VII: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 34 Issue 7
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Processing and Manufacturing Technologies for Structural and Multifunctional Materials VII: CESP, Volume 34 Issue 8
ScienceOnline BookSolar Cell Nanotechnology
ScienceOnline BookPolymer Composites V2
ScienceOnline BookGraphene and Carbon Nanotubes - Ultrafest Relaxation Dynamics and Optics
ScienceOnline BookPolymer Composites Volume 3
ScienceOnline BookBulk Nanostructured Materials: Fundamentals and Applications
ScienceOnline BookConjugated Polyelectrolytes - Fundamentals and Applications
ScienceOnline BookMicrowaves in Nanoparticle Synthesis - Fundamentals and Applications
ScienceOnline BookOne-Dimensional Nanostructures: Principles and Applications
ScienceOnline BookAtomistic Computer Simulations - A Practical Guide
ScienceOnline BookData Analysis in High Energy Physics - A Practical Guide to Statistical Methods
ScienceOnline BookDistribution Theory - With Applications in Engineering and Physics
ScienceOnline BookElementary Particle Physics Volume 2 - Foundationsof the Standard Model
ScienceOnline BookPlasma Medicine
ScienceOnline BookA Course in Theoretical Physics
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Physics - An Entropic Approach
ScienceOnline BookNonequilibrium Statistical Physics
ScienceOnline BookFusion Plasma Diagnostics with mm-Waves
ScienceOnline BookAn Introduction to High Content Screening: Imaging Technology, Assay Development, and Data Analysisin Biology and Drug Discovery
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Soil Chemistry: Analysis and Instrumentation, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookSecondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: An Introduction to Principles and Practices
ScienceOnline BookChemometrics in Excel
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Spectroscopy 2e
ScienceOnline BookConcepts and Case Studies in Chemical Biology
ScienceOnline BookModern Biophysical Chemistry 2e - Detection and Analysis of Biomolecules
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of RNA Biochemistry 2e
ScienceOnline BookInorganic Chemical Biology - Principles, Techniques and Applications
ScienceOnline BookPlant Chemical Biology
ScienceOnline BookPrinted Electronics: Materials, Technologies and Applications
ScienceOnline BookSustainable Water Engineering - Theory and Practice
ScienceOnline BookTransformation of Biomass - Theory to Practice
ScienceOnline BookBiorefineries and Chemical Processes - Design, Integration and Sustainability Analysis
ScienceOnline BookHydrogen Generation, Storage, and Utilization
ScienceOnline BookMeasuring ROI in Environment, Health, and Safety
ScienceOnline BookAcid Mine Drainage, Rock Drainage and Acid Sulfate Soils: Causes, Assessment, Prediction, Prevention, and Remediation
ScienceOnline BookEndocrine Disruptors in the Environment
ScienceOnline BookSeparation of Enantiomers - Synthetic Methods
ScienceOnline BookLabormanagement - Handbuch für Laborleiter und Berufseinsteiger
ScienceOnline BookSustainable Value Creation in the Fine and Speciality Chemicals Industry
ScienceOnline BookThe Remarkable Life and Career of Ellen Swallow Richards: Pioneer in Science and Technology
ScienceOnline BookWiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English Chemistry Dictionary, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookNanocellulose Polymer Nanocomposites: Fundamentals and Applications
ScienceOnline BookChemistry of Metalloproteins: Problems and Solutions in Bioinorganic Chemistry
ScienceOnline BookArrow Pushing in Inorganic Chemistry: A Logical Approach to the Chemistry of the Main-Group Elements
ScienceOnline BookBioinspired Catalysis - Metal-Sulfur Complexes
ScienceOnline BookInorganic Hydrazine Derivatives - Synthesis, Properties and Applications
ScienceOnline BookInorganic Syntheses, Volume 36
ScienceOnline BookLigand Design in Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry
ScienceOnline BookLuminescence of Lanthanide Ions in Coordination Compounds and Nanomaterials
ScienceOnline BookProgress in Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 58
ScienceOnline BookProgress in Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 59
ScienceOnline BookThe Chemistry of Molecular Imaging
ScienceOnline BookOlefin Metathesis: Theory and Practice
ScienceOnline BookGreene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis, Fifth Edition
ScienceOnline BookCompendium of Organic Synthetic Methods, Volume 13
ScienceOnline BookDomino Reactions - Concepts for Efficient Organic Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookLithium Compounds in Organic Synthesis From Fundamentals to Applications
ScienceOnline BookMethods and Applications of Cycloaddition Reactions in Organic Syntheses
ScienceOnline BookNatural Products Analysis: Instrumentation, Methods, and Applications
ScienceOnline BookSupported Ionic Liquids - Fundamentals and Applications
ScienceOnline BookTautomerism - Methods and Theories
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Organometallic Reaction Mechanismsand Catalysis - Computational and Experimental Tools
ScienceOnline BookCascade Biocatalysis - Integrating Stereoselectiveand Environmentally Friendly Reactions
ScienceOnline BookCopper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookDiscovering the Future of Molecular Sciences
ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Impact of Polymers
ScienceOnline BookHomogeneous Catalysis for Unreactive Bond Activation
ScienceOnline BookIodine Chemistry and Applications
ScienceOnline BookIonic Liquids Further UnCOILed: Critical Expert Overviews
ScienceOnline BookLigand Platforms in Homogenous Catalytic Reactions with Metals: Practice and Applications for Green Organic Transformations
ScienceOnline BookMetal Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions and More
ScienceOnline BookMulticatalyst System in Asymmetric Catalysis
ScienceOnline BookN-Heterocyclic Carbenes - Effective Tools for Organometallic Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Reaction Mechanisms 2011
ScienceOnline BookPincer and Pincer-Type Complexes - Applications in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis
ScienceOnline BookThe Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals, Sixth Edition
ScienceOnline BookComputational Organic Chemistry, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookSide Reactions in Organic Synthesis II - Aromatic Substitutions
ScienceOnline BookRelativistic Quantum Chemistry 2e Theory of Molecular Science
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals and Applications of Organic Electrochemistry - Synthesis, Materials, Devices
ScienceOnline BookSurface Chemistry of Surfactants and Polymers
ScienceOnline BookOil Spill Remediation: Colloid Chemistry-Based Principles and Solutions
ScienceOnline BookThe Chemical Bond - Fundamental Aspects of Chemical Bonding
ScienceOnline BookFunctionalization of Graphene
ScienceOnline BookTheory of Computational Complexity, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookIntegral and Measure
ScienceOnline BookConcepts of Combinatorial Optimization, 2nd Edition
ScienceOnline BookDifferential Equation Analysis in Biomedical Science and Engineering: Ordinary Differential Equation Applications with R
ScienceOnline BookDifferential Equation Analysis in Biomedical Science and Engineering: Partial Differential Equation Applications with R
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Imprecise Probabilities
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Mixed Modelling - Beyond Regression and Analysis of Variance, 2e
ScienceOnline BookMaking Sense of Data I: A Practical Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookA Practical Guide to Designing Phase II Trials in Oncology
ScienceOnline BookClinical Trials with Missing Data - Guide for Practitioners
ScienceOnline BookA Practical Guide to Data Mining for Business and Industry
ScienceOnline BookGrowth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications
ScienceOnline BookApplied Bayesian Modelling 2e
ScienceOnline BookProbabilistic Design for Optimization and Robustness for Engineers
ScienceOnline BookCognitive Interviewing Methodology
ScienceOnline BookHandbook in Monte Carlo Simulation: Applications in Financial Engineering, Risk Management, and Economics
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Health Survey Methods
ScienceOnline BookMethods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 1:and Designs
ScienceOnline BookNonparametric Hypothesis Testing - Rank and Permutation Methods with Applications in R
ScienceOnline BookPropagation Dynamics on Complex Networks - Models, Methods and Stability Analysis
ScienceOnline BookRegister-based Statistics: Statistical Methods for Administrative Data, 2e
ScienceOnline BookUncertainty in Risk Assessment - The Representation and Treatment of Uncertainties by Probabilistic and Non-Probabilistic Methods
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Large Temporal Networks and Spatial Networks - Exploration, Pattern Searching, Visualization and Network Evolution
ScienceOnline BookBasic Data Analysis for Time Series with R
ScienceOnline BookMethods and Applications of Statistics in Clinical Trials, Volume 2:ntial Methods
ScienceOnline BookDesign, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires for Survey Research, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookPanel Data Analysis using EViews
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Hypothesis Testing with SAS and R
ScienceOnline BookModern Industrial Statistics - With applicationsin R, MINITAB and JMP, 2e
ScienceOnline BookManaging Energy Risk 2e - A Practical Guide for Risk Management in Power, Gas and Other Energy Markets
ScienceOnline BookUnderstanding Wind Power Technology - Theory, Deployment and Optimisation
ScienceOnline BookEnergy Efficient Buildings with Solar and Geothermal Resources
ScienceOnline BookMicrogrids - Architectures and Control
ScienceOnline BookOffshore Wind Energy Generation - Control, Protection, and Integration to Electrical Systems
ScienceOnline BookTidal Power: Harnessing Energy from Water Currents
ScienceOnline BookCritical Reflections on Nuclear and Renewable Energy: Environmental Protection and Safety in the Wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
ScienceOnline BookSmart Grid - Communication-Enabled Intelligencefor the Electric Power Grid
ScienceOnline BookFormation Testing: Pressure, Transient, and Contamination Analysis
ScienceOnline BookMeasurement While Drilling (MWD) Signal Analysis, Optimization and Design
ScienceOnline BookElectromagnetic Well Logging: Models for MWD/LWD Interpretation and Tool Design
ScienceOnline BookRisk Assessment of Power Systems: Models, Methods, and Applications, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookPower System Monitoring and Control
ScienceOnline BookThe Selection Process of Biomass Materials for the Production of Bio-fuels and Co-firing
ScienceOnline BookEnzymatic Fuel Cells: From Fundamentals to Applications
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Electric Drives: Analysis, Control, and Modeling Using MATLAB/Simulink(R)
ScienceOnline BookPractical Power System Operation
ScienceOnline BookEnvironmental Management of Energy from Biofuels and Biofeedstocks
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Electric Power Engineering: From Electromagnetics to Power Systems
ScienceOnline BookThe Economic Competitiveness of Renewable Energy: Pathways to 100% Global Coverage
ScienceOnline BookPower System Engineering 2e - Planning, Designand, Operation of Power Systems and Equipment
ScienceOnline BookMachinability of Advanced Materials
ScienceOnline BookWelding Metallurgy and Weldability
ScienceOnline BookConcise Encyclopedia of High Performance Silicones
ScienceOnline BookFatigue of Materials III: Advances and Emergencesin Understanding
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Strength: Principles, Experiment,and Applications of an Internal State Variable Constitutive Formulation
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Fluoropolymer Science and Technology
ScienceOnline BookInteratomic Bonding in Solids - Fundamentals, Simulation, Applications
ScienceOnline BookModerne Methoden der Werkstoffprüfung
ScienceOnline BookPolymers and Electromagnetic Radiation - Fundamentals and Practical Applications
ScienceOnline BookPolyoxymethylene Handbook: Structure, Properties, Applications, and Their Nanocomposites
ScienceOnline BookPrinciples of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica 3.3: A Cyber-Physical Approach, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookStructure from Diffraction Methods - Inorganic Materials Series
ScienceOnline BookPolymer Extrusion
ScienceOnline BookSynthesis and Applications of Copolymers
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Composites for Aerospace, Marine, and Land Applications
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Carbon Materials and Technology
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Energy Materials
ScienceOnline BookHigh Temperature Performance of Polymer Composites
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Hierarchical Nanostructured Materials
ScienceOnline BookKinetics in Nanoscale Materials
ScienceOnline BookSynthesis Techniques for Polymer Nanocomposites
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of 3D Integration Volume 3 - 3D Process Technology
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Sensor and Detection Materials
ScienceOnline BookAdvanced Healthcare Materials
ScienceOnline BookStochastic Numerical Methods - An Introductionfor Scientists
ScienceOnline BookFundamental Math and Physics for Scientists and Engineers
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Biophysics
ScienceOnline BookBeyond the Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics
ScienceOnline BookCompact Quantum Dot-based Ultrafast Lasers - Physics, Engineering & Applications to Biophotonics
ScienceOnline BookFoundations of Classical and Quantum Electrodynamics
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data
ScienceOnline BookA Guide to Zona Pellucida Domain Proteins
ScienceOnline BookDNA Engineered Noble Metal Nanoparticles: Fundamentals and State-of-the-Art-of Nanobiotechnology
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Chemicals from Biomass, 2e
ScienceOnline BookThe Biology and Troubleshooting of Facultative Lagoons
ScienceOnline BookChemistry Education- Best Practices, Opportunities and Trends
ScienceOnline BookA Life of Magic Chemistry: Autobiographical Reflections Including Post-Nobel Prize Years and the Methanol Economy, Second Updated Edition
ScienceOnline BookChemiker im "Dritten Reich" - Die Deutsche Chemische Chesellschaft und der Verein Deutscher Chemiker im NS-Herrschaftsapparat
ScienceOnline BookFachenglisch für Laborberufe
ScienceOnline BookSolvent Effects in Chemistry, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Molecular Magnetism - From Transition Metals to Lanthanides
ScienceOnline BookElectrochemistry of Metal Complexes - Applicationsfrom Electroplating to Oxide Layer Formation
ScienceOnline BookLanthanides and Actinides in Molecular Magnetism
ScienceOnline BookMolecular Metal-Metal Bonds - Compounds, Synthesis, Properties
ScienceOnline BookNitride Ceramics - Combustion Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
ScienceOnline BookSpin States in Biochemistry and Inorganic Chemistry - Influence on Structure and Reactivity
ScienceOnline BookHow To Solve Organic Reaction Mechanisms - A Stepwise Approach
ScienceOnline BookArene Chemistry: Reaction Mechanisms and Methods for Aromatic Compounds
ScienceOnline BookCatalytic Arylation Methods From the Academic Labto Industrial Processes
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Metathesis 2e
ScienceOnline BookMulticomponent Reactions: Concepts and Applications for Design and Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Hydraulic Fracturing
ScienceOnline BookBioorganometallic Chemistry - Applications in Drug Discovery, Biocatalysis and Imaging
ScienceOnline BookBiosynthesis of Heterocycles: From Isolation to Gene Cluster
ScienceOnline BookChemistry of Organo-Hybrids: Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Nano-Objects
ScienceOnline BookCyclopropanes in Organic Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookDNA in Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanotechnology
ScienceOnline BookInnovative Drug Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookModern Alkyne Chemistry - Catalytic and Aton-Economic Transformations
ScienceOnline BookMolecular Rearrangements in Organic Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookMulticomponent Reactions in Organic Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Reaction Mechanisms 2012
ScienceOnline BookOrganic Redox Systems: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
ScienceOnline BookPhytotherapies: Efficacy, Safety, and Regulation
ScienceOnline BookPolycyclic Arenes and Heteroarenes - Synthesis, Properties and Applications
ScienceOnline BookSemiconductor Photocatalysis - Applications
ScienceOnline BookStereoselective Multiple Bond-Forming Transformations in Organic Synthesis
ScienceOnline BookStructure Elucidation in Organic Chemistry - The Search for the Right Tools
ScienceOnline BookSymmetry, Spectroscopy, and Crystallography - The Structural Nexus
ScienceOnline BookCorrosion Failures: Theory, Case Studies, and Solutions
ScienceOnline BookAn Introduction to SAGE Programming: With Applications to SAGE Interacts for Numerical Methods
ScienceOnline BookStorytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals
ScienceOnline BookBasic Stochastic Processes
ScienceOnline BookVariational Methods for Engineers with Matlab
ScienceOnline BookA Practical Introduction to Index Numbers
ScienceOnline BookAn Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Third Edition
ScienceOnline BookTheoretical Foundations of Functional Data Analysis, with an Introduction to Linear Operators
ScienceOnline BookAutomated Data Collection with R - A Practical Guide to Web Scraping and Text Mining
ScienceOnline BookHealthcare Simulation: A Guide for Operations Specialists
ScienceOnline BookModeling and Analysis of Compositional Data
ScienceOnline BookProbabilities: The Little Numbers That Rule Our Lives, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookAdvances in Heavy Tailed Risk Modeling: A Handbook of Operational Risk
ScienceOnline BookBeyond Basic Statistics: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Every Data Analyst Should Know
ScienceOnline BookCost Estimation: Methods and Tools
ScienceOnline BookFundamental Aspects of Operational Risk and Insurance Analytics: A Handbook of Operational Risk
ScienceOnline BookMethodological Developments in Data Linkage
ScienceOnline BookStatistical Methods for Evaluating Safety in Medical Product Development
ScienceOnline BookMeteorology for Wind Energy - An Introduction
ScienceOnline BookElectrochemical Energy Storage
ScienceOnline BookOptimization of Power System Operation, Second Edition
ScienceOnline BookSmart Grid Standards
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals and Applications of Lithium-ion Batteries in Electric Drive Vehicles
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Sustainable Drilling Engineering
ScienceOnline BookHydraulic Fracturing Operations : Handbook of Environmental Management Practices
ScienceOnline BookElectronic Processes in Organic Semiconductors - An Introduction
ScienceOnline BookGraphene: An Introduction to the Fundamentals and Industrial Applications
ScienceOnline BookElectrochemical Power Sources: Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Supercapacitors
ScienceOnline BookPlastics and Environmental Sustainability
ScienceOnline BookFunctional Polymer Coatings: Principles, Methods,and Applications
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Conjugated Polymer Blends, Copolymers and Composites: Synthesis, Properties and Applications
ScienceOnline BookFundamentals of Plastic Optical Fibers
ScienceOnline BookGraphene Materials: Fundamentals and Emerging Applications
ScienceOnline BookHandbook of Mechanical Nanostructuring
ScienceOnline BookIn-vitro Materials Design - Modern Atomistic Simulation Methods for Engineers
ScienceOnline BookTopological Insulators - Fundamentals and Perspectives
ScienceOnline BookThe Sol-Gel Handbookand Applications
ScienceOnline BookIntroduction to Nonlinear Oscillations
ScienceOnline BookIntroductory Quantum Mechanics for Applied Nanotechnology

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