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  1. Financial Accounting
    Financial Accounting

    B.G. Satyaprasad, Vedananda Murthy, K. Janardhanam, C.S. Anantarm

    INR 325
  2. Cost Accounting: Theory & Practice
    Cost Accounting: Theory & Practice

    R. Palaniappan, N. Hariharan

    INR 725
  3. Cost Accounting: Problems and Solutions
    Cost Accounting: Problems and Solutions

    R. Palaniappan, N. Hariharna

    INR 505
  4. 9788126551262
    Financial Accounting, 7ed, ISV

    Kimmel, Weygandt, Kieso

    INR 999
  5. Cost Accounting
    Cost Accounting

    Renu Bhatia

    INR 495
  6. 9788126564347
    Accounting Principles, 12ed, ISV

    Weygandt, Kimmel, Kieso

    INR 919

9 Items

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