Acupressure & Reflexology for Dummies

Synthia Andrews, Bobbi Dempsey

ISBN: 9788126514359

360 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


As Baby Boomers reach their 60s, they continue to look for an edge on staying healthy, feeling young and living longer. Acupressure & Reflexology For Dummies is the latest addition to successful health line, for those seeking alternative treatments to alleviate pain and improve their quality of life.



Part I: Touching on the Basics of Acupressure and Reflexology

· Acupressure and Reflexology Essentials

· Healing Yourself or a Loved One

· The Terrain: Bones, Muscles, Meridians, and Reflex Zones

· Technique: The Healing Touch

· Professional Help Wanted?

Part II: Promoting Emotional and Physical Wellness

· Maintaining Good Health

· Balancing Emotions for Well_Being

· Treating Emotional Upset

Part III: Where Does It Hurt? Treating Common Aches and Ailments

· Putting Your Best Foot Forward

· Healing the Leg and Hip Regions

· Relieving Backaches

· Relief for Hurting Heads (And Pains in the Neck)

· Lending a Hand (And Arm and Shoulder, Too!)

· Time for a Gut Check

· Chest-Related Care and Considerations

Part IV: Addressing Specific Needs and Concerns

· Age-Related Treatments

· Especially for Women

· Fighting Colds, Preventing Illness, and Relieving Some Chronic Conditions

Part V: The Part of Tens

· Ten Myths and Misconceptions About Acupressure and Reflexology

· Ten Ways Acupressure and Reflexology Can Enrich Your Life

Appendix: Resources




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