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Advanced Google Adwords, 3ed

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Author : Brad Geddes
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ISBN 13 : 9788126557950
Pages : 696
Type : Paperbound
Remarks : Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books

The book provides insight into AdWords' functionality and advanced features, explaining how they work and providing tips, tactics, and hands-on tutorials, which readers can immediately use on their own PPC campaigns. The third edition features more than 50 pages of new material and has been completely revised to cover all the changes to Google's system, including changes to the campaign structure, bid modifiers, new quality score analysis techniques, and the latest ad extension updates. Expert author Brad Geddes gives advanced insight, direction and strategies for every aspect of using AdWords to create and manage a successful pay-per-click marketing campaign, and also shows you the best tools and techniques for keyword research, including negative keywords.





Chapter 1 Understanding Search Theory

  • The Origins of Google AdWords 
  • Google Enters the Arena
  • Google AdWords Select Revolutionizes PPC
  • The Psychology of Search 
  • Turning Concepts into Words
  • Understanding Search Results
  • The Purpose of Ad Copy
  • Landing Pages Lead to New Customers
  • Advertising Is Not Advertising When It Is Information
  • Goal Alignment: Google vs You vs the Searcher
  • Best Practices for Applying Search Theory


Chapter 2 Performing Keyword Research

  • Understanding the Buying Funnel
  • Examining the Buying Funnel Phases
  • How Do Consumers Flow Through Your Buying Funnel?
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Types of Commercial Keywords  
  • Finding Keyword Ideas
  • How Many Keywords Should You Have in Your Account?
  • Creating Keyword Lists
  • Using Long-Tail Keywords
  • Wide vs Deep Keywords
  • Discerning Keyword Match Types 
  • Broad Match
  • Modified Broad Match
  • When Should You Use Broad Match?
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Variation Match
  • Which Match Type Is Best?
  • Using Negative Match
  • Implementing Negative Keywords
  • Negative Broad Match
  • Negative Phrase Match
  • Negative Exact Match
  • Putting Negative and Positive Keywords Together
  • Researching Negative Keywords
  • Using Advanced Organizational Techniques
  • Adding Multiple Match Types to the Same Ad Group
  • Restricting Match Types by Ad Group
  • Restricting Match Types by Campaign
  • Taking Control of Your Ad Display 
  • Best Practices for Conducting Keyword Research


Chapter 3 Keyword Tools: Extracting Valuable Data from Google

  • AdWords Keyword Planner 
  • Generating Keyword Ideas
  • Advanced Options and Filters
  • Ad Group and Keyword Ideas
  • Traffic Estimates
  • AdWords Keyword Planner vs Third-Party Keyword Tools
  • Google Trends
  • What Services Should You Offer?
  • Determining Your Messaging
  • Determining Consumer Interest
  • Bing Ads Intelligence
  • Best Practices for Using Keyword Tools 


Chapter 4 Writing Compelling Ads 93

  • Do Your Ads Reflect the Search Query?
  • Writing Effective Ads 
  • Calls to Action
  • Touching the Emotional Core
  • Following Google's Editorial Guidelines
  • Character Lengths
  • Editorial Requirements
  • Developing Unique Selling Propositions 
  • Distinguishing Features and Benefits
  • Benefits, Features and the Buying Funnel
  • When to Use a Feature vs a Benefit
  • Employing Themes That Get Clicks 
  • Utilizing Numbers in Ads
  • How Strong Is Your Call to Action?
  • Writing Informational Ad Copy
  • Utilizing Negative Ad Copy
  • Do Not Forget the Display URL
  • Controlling Your Mobile Ads 
  • Spicing Up Your Ads with Ad Extensions
  • Site link Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Additional Extensions
  • Limited Betas for New Extensions
  • Showcasing Your Products with PLAs 
  • Following the Law: Trademarks 
  • Trademark Exceptions
  • The Quest for the Holy Grail of Advertising 
  • Best Practices for Writing Compelling Ads


Chapter 5 Creating Landing Pages That Convert Searchers into Buyers

  • Does Your Landing Page Answer the Searcher's Question? 
  • Everything about Destination URLs
  • Using Destination URLs for Tracking
  • Complying with Destination URL Editorial Policies
  • Choosing Landing Pages That Increase Conversion Rates
  • Choosing Landing Pages Based on the Type of Query
  • Differentiating Local Business Queries
  • Using Segmentation Pages
  • Using Forms as Landing Pages
  • Thanking Your Customers  
  • Crafting Perfect Landing Pages
  • Employing Usability, Trust and Web Technology
  • Using Web Technology to Implement Usability and User Security
  • Psychological Factors That Increase Conversion Rates
  • Your Website's Usability Goals
  • Best Practices for Landing Pages


Chapter 6 Learning Advanced Optimization Techniques

  • Optimizing for Traffic
  • Exploring Strategies to Show Your Ads More Often
  • Taking Advantage of Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Increasing Page Views
  • Optimizing for Conversions
  • Writing Ad Copy That Sells
  • Creating Landing Pages That Increase Conversions
  • Making Additional Conversions to Increase Your Profits
  • Best Practices for Advanced Optimization Techniques


Chapter 7 Demystifying Quality Score

  • What is Quality Score?
  • How Quality Score Affects Ad Rank
  • Quality Score Factors for Search
  • Viewing Your Quality Score
  • Landing Page Quality: Making Your Pages Relevant 
  • Spider ability
  • Relevance
  • Transparency
  • Navigation
  • Estimating Your First Page Bid
  • Understanding the Display Network Quality Score 
  • Quality Score for Managed Placements
  • Diagnosing Your Quality Scores
  • Ignoring Quality Score
  • Increasing Quality Scores 
  • Creating Highly Relevant Ad Groups
  • Ad Testing to Increase Quality Scores
  • Landing Page Fixes
  • What to Do if Your Quality Score Drops
  • Quality Score FAQs
  • Best Practices for Optimizing Quality Scores


Chapter 8 Beyond Text: Employing Image, Video and Mobile Ads

  • Beyond the Desktop: Creating Mobile Ads
  • Reaching Smartphone Users
  • Smartphone Extensions
  • Reaching Other Mobile Users: WAP Mobile Ads
  • Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool
  • Beyond Static Text: Creating Rich Media Ads 
  • Creating Effective Image Ads
  • Developing Profitable Video Ads
  • AdWords Ad Gallery
  • Best Practices for Employing Image, Video and Mobile Ads


Chapter 9 Understanding the Display Network

  • What is the Display Network? 
  • Advantages of the Display Network
  • Display Targeting Methods
  • Automatic vs Managed Placements
  • Creating Search- and Display-Only Campaigns
  • Managing Ad Group Targeting
  • Creating a Successful Display Network Campaign
  • Creating Keyword-Based Display Ad Groups
  • Display Network Topic Targeting
  • Targeting Ads Based on a User's Interest
  • Placement Targeting: Choose the Actual Sites Where Your Ads Are Displayed  
  • Blocking Your Ads from Being Shown across the Display Network
  • Determining Negative Display Keywords
  • Smart Pricing: Measure Success with Cost per Conversion 
  • Choosing CPM or CPC Bidding
  • Using the Display Planner Tool
  • Best Practices for the Display Network


Chapter 10 Utilizing Advanced Display Network Techniques

  • Remarketing: Bringing Visitors Back to Your Site
  • Define an Audience
  • Place the Script on Your Site
  • Create a Remarketing Ad Group
  • The 100 Cookie Rule
  • Remarketing Strategies
  • Don't Creep Out Your Customers
  • Flexible Targeting: Mixing and Matching Every Display Targeting Option
  • Flexible Targeting Options
  • Bid Modifiers for Display
  • Flexible Bidding Examples
  • Optimizing Your Display Campaigns
  • Organizing Your Display Campaigns
  • Creating Scenarios to Understand and Reach Your Target Audience
  • Writing Effective Display Ads
  • Best Practices for Advanced Display Network Advertising


Chapter 11 Utilizing Advanced Geographic Targeting Techniques

  • What is Geographic Targeting?
  • The Technology behind Location Targeting
  • How Accurate Is Location Targeting?
  • Reaching Users in Specific Locations 
  • Finding Locations to Target
  • Radius Targeting
  • Location Groups and Bid Modifiers
  • Advanced Location Targeting Options
  • Location Targeting Considerations
  • Targeting Multiple Countries
  • Reaching Users in an Area Smaller than a Country
  • Treating Locals and Nonlocals Differently in Your Ad Copy
  • Automatically Inserting Your Address into the Ad Copy
  • A Case Study into Local Belief Systems
  • Viewing Geographic Results
  • Geographic Performance Reports
  • Best Practices for Geographic Targeting


Chapter 12 Saving Time and Scaling Accounts with AdWords Editor

  • AdWords Editor Overview 
  • Choosing Your Viewpoint
  • Viewing Your Account in AdWords Editor
  • Scaling Your Account 
  • Importing Keywords
  • Creating Thousands of Keywords and Ad Groups
  • Easily Creating Thousands of Ads
  • Optimizing Display with AdWords Editor 
  • Best Practices for Using AdWords Editor 


Chapter 13 Devising Profitable Bid Strategies

  • Setting Your Marketing Goals 
  • Measuring Results with Google's Conversion-Tracking Code
  • AdWords Conversion-Tracking Code
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Accessing Valuable Conversion Data in AdWords Reports  
  • Tracking Phone Calls
  • Exploring AdWords Bidding Options
  • Focus on Clicks, Option 1
  • Focus on Clicks, Option 2
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • Focus on Impressions
  • Flexible Bidding
  • Profitable Bidding Strategies 
  • ROAS vs Profit
  • Revenue per Click
  • Taking Margins into Account
  • How Can Publishers Determine Revenue per Click?
  • Tracking Long Sales Cycles with Conversion Funnels
  • Calculating Your Max CPC 
  • Setting Bids Based on ROAS
  • Bidding for Exposure
  • Bid Modifiers: Automatically Changing Bids by Time, Geography, Devices and More
  • Location Bid Modifiers
  • Ad Scheduling: Automatically Changing Bids by Time Periods
  • Finding Conversion Information by Time Frames
  • Examples of Ad Scheduling Success
  • Creating Time-Sensitive Offers
  • Device Modifiers
  • Understanding Attribution Management 
  • Examining AdWords Reports to Make ROAS Bid Decisions
  • Best Practices for Utilizing Profitable Bid Strategies


Chapter 14 Organizing Accounts Successfully

  • What is an AdWords Account?
  • What Are the Limits of an AdWords Account?
  • Managing Multiple Accounts the Easy Way
  • Becoming a Google Partner
  • Developing a Successful Campaign Structure
  • Reasons to Create New Campaigns
  • Structuring Campaigns to Achieve Business Goals
  • Organizing an Ad Group to Increase CTR and Conversion Rates
  • Ad Group Organization for Mobile Bid Modifiers
  • Best Practices for Account Organization Strategies 


Chapter 15 Implementing Testing Techniques that will Increase Profits

  • Testing Is Essential to Increasing Profits
  • Testing Ad Copy to Increase Conversions
  • Ad Copy Messages You Should Test
  • Ad Copy Themes to Spark Your Creativity
  • Test Discounts Instead of Prices
  • Creating the Ad Copy Test
  • General Guidelines for Statistical Significance
  • Measuring the Results of Your Ad Test
  • Multi-Ad Group Testing
  • Testing Mobile Ads
  • Testing Landing Pages to Increase Conversions 
  • Testing Where to Send Traffic
  • Landing Page Testing Factors
  • Making Ads and Landing Pages Work Together
  • Essential Items to Test First
  • Creating a Landing Page Test
  • Testing Profit per Click and Profit per Impression 
  • AdWords Campaign Experiments
  • Best Practices for Testing Techniques that will Increase Profits 


Chapter 16 AdWords Reports: Extracting Actionable Information

  • Choosing General AdWords Report Settings 
  • Customizing the Interface
  • Downloading Your Data
  • Using Reports to Optimize Your Account 
  • Campaign Reports
  • Ad Group Performance Report
  • Ad Performance Report
  • Keyword Report
  • Display Network Reports
  • Dimensions Reports
  • Creating Custom Alerts
  • Best Practices for Using AdWords Reports


Chapter 17 Step by Step: Creating and Monitoring Your AdWords Account

  • Before You Create Your Account 
  • Creating Campaigns
  • Creating Search Campaigns
  • Creating Display-Targeted Campaigns
  • Creating Managed Placements Campaigns
  • Other Campaign Types
  • Optimizing Ongoing Campaigns
  • Optimizing Search Campaigns
  • Managing Maximize Clicks Campaigns
  • Optimizing Display Campaigns
  • Optimizing Managed Placements Campaigns
  • Optimizing CPM Campaigns
  • Optimizing Other Campaign Types
  • Creating an Optimization Schedule
  • Best Practices for Creating and Managing Your AdWords Account




AdWords expert Brad Geddes is an internet marketing consultant and the first and only Advanced AdWords Seminar leader that Google selected to conduct seminars for top businesses. He has advised such companies as Amazon, Red Lobster, Encyclopedia Britannica and other Fortune 500 companies. Brad maintains a very popular PPC blog and writes for such top online destinations as Search Engine Land and Web Master World. He is also a popular speaker at such conferences as Search Engine Strategies, ad:tech, SMX Advanced, SMX Local, PubCon and others.


This is the perfect book for 2.5 million advertisers who spend time managing their AdWords PPC account. Marketing managers, internet marketing agencies, small business owners, consultants, PR professionals, web developers, bloggers and others who want to quickly drive targeted traffic to a web site will love this book's deep, detailed instruction on AdWords and advanced PPC techniques.


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