Nise's Control Systems Engineering, Wiley India Ed

Norman S. Nise

ISBN: 9788126571833

940 pages

INR 1039


Once again Nise provides readers with an up-to-date resource for analyzing and designing real-world feedback control systems. Throughout the Fifth Edition, emphasis is placed on the practical application of control systems engineering. It offers a balanced treatment of the hardware and software sides of the development of embedded systems along with in-depth discussions on the embedded systems development lifecycle. Readers will also find an accessible introduction to hardware debugging and testing in the development process.

  • Introduction
  • Modeling in the Frequency Domain
  • Modeling in the Time Domain
  • Time Response
  • Reduction of Multiple Subsystems
  • Stability
  • Steady-State Errors
  • Root Locus Techniques
  • Design via Root Locus
  • Frequency Response Techniques
  • Design via Frequency Response
  • Design via State Space
  • Digital Control Systems



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