iOS 6 Programming Pushing The Limits

Part I: What's New?


• The Brand New Stuff

• Getting Comfortable with Xcode 4 and the LLVM Compiler


Part II: Getting the Most Out of Everyday Tools


• Everyday Objective-C

• Hold On Loosely: Cocoa Design Patterns

• Memory Management with Objective-C ARC

• Getting Table Views Right  

• Great at Any Angle: Collection Views and Auto Layout

• Better Drawing

• Layers Like an Onion: Core Animation  

• Tackling Those Pesky Errors

• Location Services: Know Where You Are


Part III: The Right Tool for the Job


• Common UI Paradigms Using Table Views

• Controlling Multitasking

• REST for the Weary

• Batten the Hatches with Security Services

• Running on Multiple iPlatforms and iDevices

• Internationalization and Localization

• Selling Past the Sale with In App Purchases

• Debugging

• Performance Tuning Until It Flies


Part IV: Pushing the Limits


• Storyboards and Custom Transitions

• Cocoa's Biggest Trick: Key-Value Coding and Observing

• Think Different: Blocks and Functional Programming

• Going Offline  

• Data in the Cloud

• Fancy Text Layout

• Building a (Core) Foundation

• Deep Objective-C