Mac OS X and iOS Internals: To The Apple's Core

Part I: For Power Users


• Darwinism: The Evolution Of OS X

• E Pluribus Unum: Architecture of OS X and IOS

• On The Shoulders of Giants: OS X

• Parts of the Process: Mach-O

• Non Sequitur

• Alone in the Dark

• The Alpha and the Omega - Launched


Part II: The Kernel


• Some Assembly Required

• From the Cradle to the Grave

• The Medium is the Message: Mach Primitives

• Tempus Fugit -- Mach Scheduling

• Commit to Memory

• BS"D -- The BSD Layer

• Something Old, Something New

• FEE, FI-FO, File: File Systems and the VFS

• To B (-Tree) or not to be

• Adhere to Protocol: The Networking Stack

• Modu(Lu)S Operandi -- Kernel Extensions

• Driving Force -- I/O Kit