Anyone Can Create an App: Beginning iPhone and iPad Programming

Wendy L. Wise

ISBN: 9789386052032

336 pages

INR 499


The book is meant for people who have never written any code or who have coded a little something but definitely not an iOS app. I also assume that you have the patience to read the book, explore examples, and then rework the examples if they didn’t work perfectly the first time. That’s a lot of what coding is: debugging. Even the best developers do miss things, so don’t get discouraged when your code doesn’t work exactly right the first time. Patience, Grasshopper.


1. Getting started

2. Building your first app

3. Your first app, explained

4. Learning more about your development tools: Xcode

5. Capturing users’ actions: adding buttons

6. The button app, explained

7. Capturing user input: adding text boxes

8. Playing on the playground

9. Go with the flow, man! Controlling the flow of your app

10. While you’re doing that…

11. Collections

12. Telling stories with storyboards

13. ViewControllers in depth

14. Put it on my tab: creating tab bars

15. Table views: more than a coffee table picture book

16. Patterns: learning to sew

17. Putting it all together: the LioN app

18. Adding data to your LioN app

19. Displaying details of your LioN

20. Creating the details of the detail view

21. The AddEditView scene

22. Delegates are everywhere

23. Editing LioNs

24. Saving LioNs

25. Making your LioN prettier

26. Working with Auto Layout

27. Search your LioNs

Appendix A: Installing Xcode and Apple developer registration

Appendix B: Running the app on your device 300



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