Wiley's Verbal Ability and Reasoning for Competitive Examinations

P.A. Anand, Lalit Singh

ISBN: 9788126554294

452 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 539


Verbal Ability and Reasoning are integral parts of most of the competitive examinations that are based on testing the aptitude of an aspirant. While Verbal Ability measures the ability of a student to effectively comprehend and present the written text, Reasoning measures the ability of an individual to analyse a given situation and logically arrive at a solution. The objective of this book is to effectively guide the students to understand and master the areas of Verbal Ability and Reasoning. The pedagogy of the book is closely aligned with the most effective approach towards developing these two skills.




About the Authors

A Note to the Students


Verbal Ability


Chapter 1: Vocabulary

1.1 Enhancing Vocabulary: Tools and Techniques

1.2 Using Etymology: Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes

1.3 Confusable Words

1.4 Attempting Vocabulary-Based Questions


Chapter 2: Idioms and Phrases

2.1 Idioms

2.2 Phrase


Chapter 3: Usage-Based Questions

3.1 Types of Questions

3.2 Solving Sentence Correction Questions


Chapter 4: Reading Comprehension

4.1 Understanding Texts Through Their Structure

4.2 Following the Author’s Ideas

4.3 Reading Strategies

4.4 Answering RC Questions



Verbal Reasoning


Chapter 5: Para Jumbles

5.1 Question Formats

5.2 Solving Para Jumble Questions


Chapter 6: Paragraph Summary


Chapter 7: Fact, Inference, Judgement

7.1 Identifying Facts

7.2 Identifying Inferences

7.3 Identifying Judgements


Chapter 8: Paragraph Completion


Chapter 9: Critical Reasoning

9.1 A Paragraph Presenting an Argument

9.2 A Paragraph Presenting a Situation


Chapter 10: Deductive Reasoning and Syllogism

10.1 Deductive Reasoning

10.2 Inductive Reasoning

10.3 Syllogism

10.4 Solving Deductive Reasoning Questions


Chapter 11: Logical Consistency

11.1 Logical Consistency Questions


Chapter 12: Cause and Effect

12.1 Concept of Cause and Effect

12.2 Solving Cause and Effect Questions

12.3 Examples of Cause and Effect Questions


Chapter 13: Assertion and Reason


Chapter 14: Courses of Action

14.1 Solving Courses of Action Questions


Chapter 15: Statement Assumptions

15.1 Attempting Statement Assumption Questions


Chapter 16: Statement and Conclusions


Chapter 17: Statement and Arguments


Chapter 18: Degree of Truth and Falsity of Inferences

18.1 Solving Degree of Truth and Falsity Questions

18.2 Example of Truth and Falsity Question


Logical Reasoning


Chapter 19: Linear Arrangement: Deterministic

19.1 Concepts in Linear Arrangement


Chapter 20: Linear Arrangement: Non-Deterministic


Chapter 21: Circular, Vertical and Other Arrangement Types: Deterministic


Answer Key

Answers and Explanations


Chapter 22: Circular, Vertical and Other Arrangement Types: Non-Deterministic


Chapter 23: Tabular- or Grid-Based Arrangement: Deterministic


Chapter 24: Tabular or Grid-Based Arrangement: Non-Deterministic


Chapter 25: Grouping and Team Formation


Chapter 26: Blood Relation

26.1 Type 1: Set-Based Questions

26.2 Type 2: Symbol-Based Questions

26.3 Type 3: Photograph-Based Questions


Chapter 27: Coding–Decoding

27.1 Type 1

27.2 Type 2

27.3 Type 3

27.4 Type 4

27.5 Type 5

27.6 Type 6: Questions on Input and Output

27.7 Some Different Questions of Coding–Decoding


Chapter 28: Direction Sense

28.1 Concepts and Types of Problems


Chapter 29: Series Completion

29.1 Number Series

29.2 Alternating Series

29.3 Miscellaneous

29.4 Letter Series

29.5 Alphanumeric Series


Chapter 30: Mathematical Reasoning


Chapter 31: Miscellaneous Topics

31.1 Cubes

31.2 Taking the Standard Case and Applying the Concept to Specific Cases


Chapter 32: Decision Making


Chapter 33: Data Sufficiency

33.1 Question Structure in a Data Sufficiency Problem


Chapter 34: Puzzles


Chapter 35: Odd One Out


Chapter 36: Order and Ranking Test


Chapter 37: Mathematical Operations, Comparison and Magic Squares


Chapter 38: Sudoku


Mock Tests

Mock Test 1

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 2

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 3

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 4

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 5

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 6

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 7

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 8

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 9

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations

Mock Test 10

Answer Key

Answers and Explanations


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